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Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Updated on January 20, 2017

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

If you are planning a Super Mario theme wedding you will find a large assortment of Super Mario Wedding Cake ideas and supplies here.

There are custom made Super Mario and Princess Peach cake toppers available that would make a wonderful addition to your Super Mario Wedding Cake. The Super Mario cake toppers feature Mario and Princess Peach and they are embellished with beautiful wedding designs such as a shimmering heart, a castle and more. There is even a handmade polymer clay Mario and Princess Peach cake topper for your wedding cake.

Other Super Mario wedding supplies you will find here include engraved wedding glasses, custom made garter belts, engraved cake knives and server sets, personalized invitations, RSVP cards, wedding favor labels, bridal shower invitations and save the date wedding announcements. I have also included wedding cake supplies such as fondant, edible pearls, wood wedding cupcake stands and more.

Please take a moment to view the gorgeous Super Mario wedding cake creations I have featured. These wedding cakes are truly unique and absolutely stunning! If you are a gaming Geek, these Super Mario wedding cakes may be just what you are looking for to make your wedding day one to remember.

If you are hosting a Super Mario Birthday Party, please visit my Super Mario Birthday Cake page for edible cake images, birthday cake toppers and many other Mario birthday cake decorating ideas.

A BIG thank you to all of the talented cake artists and photographers who have granted me permission to display their gorgeous Super Mario Wedding Cakes on my page!

Save the Date

Invitations and Other Wedding Stationery

Super Mario Wedding Invitations

There is a large selection of wedding invitations, save the date cards, thank you cards and RSVP cards for your celebration. They all feature fun Mario video game designs and images.

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Mario Wedding Cakes
Mario Wedding Cakes | Source

Are you planning a Super Mario theme wedding?

See results

Super Mario Wedding - unique theme wedding

Mario Wedding Cake Topper
Mario Wedding Cake Topper | Source

Custom Super Mario Wedding Cake Toppers

gorgeous cake toppers for your Super Mario wedding cake

Seller Wedding Cake Toppers and Décor offers custom made Super Mario wedding cake toppers.

The Super Mario wedding cake toppers feature Mario PVC figures. These Mario wedding cake toppers are embellished with a shimmering moon backdrop, heart backdrop, castle gateway or beautiful white column.

You can also purchase coordinating Super Mario wedding supplies including engraved flutes, server & knife sets and a satin and lace garter with Mario charm.

These Super Mario wedding supplies would make a wonderful addition to your Super Mario Wedding!

Now You May Kiss the Bride!
Now You May Kiss the Bride!

Handmade Super Mario Wedding Cake Toppers

beautiful Mario wedding cake topper made from polymer clay

Seller hildoomarts offers these gorgeous, handmade Super Mario & Princess Peach wedding cake toppers.

The Mario cake toppers are made using polymer clay and foam as the base. Cake toppers are detailed using acrylic paints. The castle is casted from a mold with poly resin and is painted over with acrylic paint. The topper contains power flowers; red, green and blue mushrooms and little bushes with faces on them just like in the game. Princess peach's bouquet is 3 power flowers. the total height is about 9 inches.

You can also have the option of purchasing just the Mario and Princess Peach cake toppers without the base and castle.

These Super Mario wedding cake toppers are so unique! You will love them.

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake | Source

Cutting the Super Mario Wedding Cake!

Cutting the Cake
Cutting the Cake | Source

Super Mario Wedding Proposal

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Mario Wedding Table
Mario Wedding Table | Source

Beautiful Wedding Cake with Mario & Peach Topper


Super Mario Cake Ideas & Supplies

fondant ~ toppers ~ edible cake images

I have another Super Mario cake page that has some great Mario cake decorating ideas & supplies that you could incorporate into your Super Mario wedding cake.

Some of the supplies include fondant, fondant cloud cutters, edible brick design cake image, Super Mario cake pan and more.

You will also find instructions on how to make a Super Mario mushroom cakes & cupcakes, 1UP cakes plus a fun Super Mario cupcake cake.

Please visit my Super Mario Cake page for all of these cake ideas and supplies.

Mario and Peach Wedding

Mario and Princess Peach Wedding
Mario and Princess Peach Wedding | Source

Super Mario Room Décor

Bedding ~ Accessories ~ Décor

My Super Mario Room Décor page features a large selection of Super Mario bedding and room accessories.

Some of the Super Mario room decorating items include comforters, bedding, drapes, valances, flannel fabric, wall clocks, personalized room signs, light switch covers, custom made quilts, wallpaper, handmade wall murals, vinyl wall decals, posters, pillows and more.

Super Mario Room Decor

Super Mario Wedding Cake Chat

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    • Spiderlily321 profile image

      Spiderlily321 5 years ago

      Wow. These are awesome! I featured your lens on "Finally Met the Man of My Dreams" Thank you for sharing

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Beautiful cakes. I especially loved the Super Mario Wedding Cupcakes!

    • andreaberrios lm profile image

      andreaberrios lm 5 years ago

      This is an awesome idea. I love Super Mario, so cute!

    • MakingYourOwnWe profile image

      MakingYourOwnWe 6 years ago

      I never thought that Super Mario can be the theme of a wedding cake. I have always thought that it is a great theme for birthdays. But you proved me wrong, the colorful Super Mario wedding cakes look sweet and colorful, which are perfect for weddings. The Super Mario cake toppers are adorable. I also like Super Mario Wedding Cupcakes.

    • Paula Atwell profile image

      Paula Atwell 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      A fun and funny lens. Amazing cake ideas. :)

    • KANEsUgAr profile image

      KANEsUgAr 6 years ago

      i don't think id do a mario wedding cake. but these cakes look so cool. i love it.

    • Gerald McConway profile image

      Gerald McConway 6 years ago

      Interesting lens. Would have never thought about a Mario wedding, but would not surprise me to see fans do something like this. I used to be a banquet manager and the themes that people would choose for their weddings were pretty amazing. Nice job and great information!

    • profile image

      Sarasota 6 years ago

      I love this lens, but I am going to have to hide it from my fiancé! We are planning to elope, but if he sees this he might change our plans! lol! :-) It is amazing how creative people can be with their cake designs! I am jealous!

    • itsmuzza2011 profile image

      itsmuzza2011 6 years ago

      i love this Mario cake janet , i was married in Cyprus and it was fantastic, the only thing it lacked was a good cake and this would have been right up my street, well done i love it

    • profile image

      dizzydesign 6 years ago

      Thanks for the feature of my invitations. I love your lens theme. Great compilation of Mario items!*

    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 6 years ago from Quezon City

      Awesome theme for a wedding! You did an amazing job compiling all these resource materials for a Super Mario Wedding too. ~Blessed!

    • puzzlerpaige profile image

      puzzlerpaige 6 years ago

      These are awesome. Perfect for the Super Mario fan. My dd is one, but won't be married for a while. She will LOVE these!