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Updated on June 3, 2009

To find a perfect Filipina wife you must first understand the Philippine Culture and know what real Filipina women are like.  If you have the typical American misperceptions of a Filipina, then you need to make sure you can deal with certain issues once the marriage is official.

Filipina women prefer western men to Filipino men.

Filipinas are just like any other woman when looking for a man, they want a stable lasting relationship. Considering the double standards in the Philippines and the fact that there is no legal divorce, Filipina women have a lot to contemplate when considering marrying a Filipino man. Western men are perceived as being more modern and loving than Filipinos so it is no surprise they are considered more desirable for a life companion.

Filipina women prefer older men.

Statistically, Western men who are looking for a foreign spouse are above the age of 35. What makes them desirable is that they are perceived by Filipinas as more mature, less promiscuous, and financially stable. Such men have a better than average income, a college education and most have been divorced once and are seeking a stable lasting life-long relationship.

Filipinas are submissive and sex addicts.

Now here is the inconsistency. Many western men want their future Filipina wife to be a virgin, and yet they are unwilling to accept the limitations that such virtue implies.  They wish for a wife with no sexual history, yet hope that she has nothing else on her mind other than to please his sexual desire.

In reality many Filipinas have advanced degrees of education and professional lives.  It could hardly be presumed that their only purpose in life is to fulfill some man's wildest dreams.  What you do get when marrying a Filipina is woman dedicated to her family and striving to keep her marriage successful.

Can you handle being a part of a big family?

Family will always remain a great priority for Filipino women.  When marrying a Filipina, you are not just a family consisting of a husband and wife, instead you become a part of her extended family.  You must ask yourself if you can handle being a part of a big family and if you want children because you can be sure that any Filipina does.

Are you ready to accept your wife's family as your own?

You should be prepared to provide financial assistance to your new, extended family in the Philippines.  When the need for medical attention, or things like schooling or food are needed for her relatives and if you are capable and refuse to help them, your lack of generosity would be inexplicable to your Filipina wife and though she may not say anything, she will neither respect you or understand your unwillingness to help.

Are You Religious?

There are three primary religions in the Philippines: 83% Roman Catholic, 9% Protestant and 5% Muslim.  It is common amongst Filipino society to raise the family in the church, so be prepared for some soul-searching on this matter since she is probably more devoted to her religion than you are to yours.  Your perspective Filipina bride would most likely dream of a church wedding, and some families even forbid their daughters to get married without one.

These are just some basic guides you should know before deciding whether a Filipina wife is right for you. If you can handle these issues, and there are many more than just these few, I think you have made a great decision by choosing a Filipina for your life companion and I can only wish you luck in finding the perfect Filipina bride!


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I don't think that everything here was true....

      Those who came from well let say poor family they really want foreigner than filipino man. But those who came from an average family well definietly they will choose those who came from the same country they came.

      Not sure anyway...

    • profile image

      james 4 years ago

      look I wish some one will tell the truth a Filipino wife are not all sex machines, plus that just want money and nothing else, that will own the home, the car the bank account, and if you divorce its not 50 50 its 75 the wife 25 the man its only 50 50 if both are Filipinos, there are two laws in the Philippines one for the Filipino and one for the foreigners, so please help your self and keep out of the Philippines, unless you want to lose everything you may have,,,,this is the truth

    • profile image

      peter thompson 4 years ago

      Perfect deal beautiful young woman happy to give an old bloke a go . works for me . half my age half my weight twice my wealth 2 out of 3 is not bad .

    • profile image

      SpaceRat 4 years ago

      I was first married to an American Woman, and then to a Filipina. Most of the years I was with the Filipina were the happiest of my life. However, it did not work out, and we are now divorced. I am now seeing another Filipina. Why not date another American, you might ask - well, having been married to both, I can honestly say that Filipinas are about 100X better that American women when it comes to marriage.

    • profile image

      Lost Fiance 4 years ago

      Yeah people are people so just be very careful because not all people are honest and will do the right thing... I am a 45 year old healthy never married man from the U.S. My 25 year old Filipina fiancé left me for a 65 year old American. because he had more money.. after she accepted my engagement, ring and I was accepted by her whole family.. little did I know she had this old man lined up all along not even her family knew About him. I courted her for 3 years paid for her college, met her family asked for her hand from her father. I never been married so I wanted to take my time and make this right. when I started to see the warning signs I had fallen in love and began to over look things...

      well...3 weeks after she broke off the engagement this 65 year old man was already there in the Phils visiting her while she bragged to everyone about her new BF. A year later she got her self a free ride to the U.S...

      My immigration attorney was so angry for me that she wants to report this as a fraudulent marriage. She said I have so much proof of our relationship that it shows she did not marry him for love rather for a free ticket in the game of life. While now she lives in a huge house with a new BMW .... :(

      Despite this I do not have anything against Filipinas since I grew up with them and have always Filipinos as friends.. I have many wonderful Filipina friends that where absolutely disgusted and ashamed of what this young lady did. She took advantage of a good man who just wanted to find love...but she had a good act and just wanted to get her sugar daddy. And she did, good for her......

      I truly loved her and though I would have spend the rest of my life with her. In the end I know this was a blessing in disguise for me, but it hurts just the same...

      So be careful!!!!!

    • profile image

      Cebu_Socialite 5 years ago

      45 years old, actively courting 23 year old filipina......and loving it! Funny, caring, sweet, and we get along wonderfullt. She is a blessing to my life. Doesn't ask for anything, works, and is an overall great person. People are people, so let everyoine be happy, and do what they want! Good Luck!!!

    • profile image

      lucillegolloso 5 years ago

      i like american husband

    • khayM profile image

      khayM 5 years ago

      here are my personal tips for those foreigners who want to marry a filipina.

    • profile image

      Fred 6 years ago

      That chick making those comments sounds like a typical American or white fat chick with BIG thighs I mean come on. When in old times you married peope you fell in love with. Relationship have become over rated and I have married two women around my age both Money hungry bitches an white too. so I say live live to the max and be wise. we are all marry for our needs and way back when, many men married young women it is just America is stupid when it comes to marrying. mary for love and reasonable age. I thinkg a 20 year old girl and a 40 year old man is okay. but when you get older what do you talk about???? well we all have free choice just try to remember the kids need a father and ifyou are too old then are you around for your kids when they need you? so be reasonable..but i say go for it and I wish all white chicks would shut up and stick more food in their mouth so they would shut up and let us 40+ man find love and hot sex! supply and demain bitches!

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      @Always one foot on the ground

      I wonder when you reach your 40's, AND YOU WILL, if then you will think of yourself as fat and disgusting, or just as someone who has gained lots of life experience, and suffered many bad times, and relished in many good ones. There are disgusting, fat YOUNG people as well you know. You are just showing your naiveness, and ignorance. Maybe allow each person to do as they please, and worry about your own life, and not be the community policeman.

    • profile image

      Jimmy 6 years ago

      Why is it that Filipinas expect all foreigners to adapt to their culture and customs. Marriage is a two way street and maybe the filipina should investigate how American culture is before marrying and immigrating here. After all I have read and experienced, most Filipinas want to continue living, eating, and socializing like they are back home. And disregarding their new surroundings and their husbands customs and way of life, and in social situations with her husbands friends, are very uninterested and quiet and sit and text on the cell phone. If YOU want to marry an American maybe YOU better be prepared for what you are getting yourself into and prepare to adapt!

    • profile image

      Always one foot on the ground 6 years ago

      Young Filipinas marrying some 40-up white dude sickens me! Come on, there is none but one reason for that! You look up gold diggers in the dictionary and you'll see their picture on there! I married an American that is 3 years YOUNGER than I am yet he acts and thinks like 50, he courted me for several months, visited and came back again 2 months after and since then lived with my family for more than a year. He loved my family. Bottom line is, you do not need a disgusting fat wealthy old man to be happy in life. Find someone that you really love and loves you back and respects you and someone that you can be proud of and not disgusted with!

    • profile image

      Craig 6 years ago

      I would advise not getting married to a Filipina. I would advise living in the Philippines for a few years. There are many nice islands where lovely girls can be found. I have met many men from many countries while I lived there from 1999-2004 who met girls working in the "entertainment industry" and married them despite only knowing them for as little as a week or two. I also kept in touch with many of these guys since they often sought my advise on certain things. I have a basic understanding of how things work and more often than not don't work over there. I would say that at least 70% of these guys who married girls from either the entertainment industry or on the internet (many girls on the internet also work in bars) were divorced or separated within 4 years after arriving in their husband's home country. I both enjoyed the Philippines and became very upset with the Philippines. There is not perfect place to retire, but I had to leave after 5 years. I had some nice girlfriends and my share of gold diggers. You'll have to experience the Philippines for yourself. Good Luck 2 all.

    • profile image

      witheld with good reason 7 years ago

      I just married a real sweetheart of a filippina....however she is a collossal pain in the azz!!

      Just make sure her family is very small cause she will listen to their "good" advise whether it is good or not. Blood is thicker than Love in this case. Remember You are the foreigner Siggy, Ok. Unless they know real english for a good number of years there willalways be misunderstandings. If you can get by the wonderful courtship (which by the way is very wonderful) and the misunderstanding you will have a woman that is outta this world wonderful. Go to the Pi. an visit for 6 months or so first.

    • profile image

      ken 7 years ago

      I do not advice to marry flipina if money alone predominant at al timer n it is up down that life is n no way life wil be up side at al times

    • profile image

      krispymacaroni 7 years ago

      It's better to hire an introduction agency if you want to find a perfect Filipina wife. Introduction agencies can help you to find women that are matched to you much faster than you can by yourself. - Philippine Bride

    • J@ps profile image

      J@ps 8 years ago from Southern California

      Good points.

      Great job.

    • profile image

      sweetgiftsphilippines 8 years ago

      Filipina girl prefer older men coz they want to have responsible husband... And also they are family orriented so that is the reason why they said if you are willing to accept the Filipina family.


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