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Bring Back the Sweetness Into Your Marriage

Updated on June 6, 2018
Greenlily profile image

Morning Girl has found the faith that gave her the assurance of living eternally in heaven and she wants to share this to all of you.

Marriage Should Be Sweeter As the Years Go By

A sweet couple is such a beautiful sight to behold especially when traces of age such as wrinkles and gray hair are already apparent. Growing old with the person you promised you will love and cherish till death do you part is truly a wonderful thing. But it is even more wonderful if the relationship becomes sweeter as the years go by.

How is the status of your marriage? Is the fire still burning or the it is already frozen cold?

Losing the Air of Romance

Sadly, there are those who are into very cold stage of marriage. After some years of saying "I do", many married couples don't even mind if their relationship turns too ordinary with no more sugar and spice and all things nice. Not that they have fallen out of love and are set to separate but rather they have unwittingly gone to the point of losing excitement for each other. There is no third party here and the fact is they still do still love each other. However the air of romance just disappears and they seem to not even mind at all.

Busyness Kills The Sweetness of Marriage

Busyness is actually the chief culprit. Being so busy in performing their respective tasks as father and mother of the family is killing the romance. They could hardly feel that this busyness is putting off the fire in their relationship.

Take the case of the Santos couple. Mrs. Santos, a stay- home Mom serves her family diligently as ever. Mr. Santos on the other hand works just as hard for the finances of the family. They are both committed in performing their respective roles in the family. At a glance, their life seems smooth-sailing and working well.

But this couple has actually forgotten to keep the fire burning in their relationship. At home after a heavy day’s work, both are still busy with their own thing. The wife with preparing dinner while the husband with watching the evening news. So, when they are in bed they are already too tired and too sleepy to make love or even engage in sweet talk.To them, sex is just once in a while habit. It is done only when anyone of them feels the urge.

True enough, many couples are too busy to express love and thoughtfulness to each other. Even if the love is still there, they are too busy to even express this love to each other. It is as if their marriage is enough to keep them together and no need to keep the love growing and glowing. IN fact, a lot of married couples don't even celebrate Valentine's Day or even their own wedding anniversary for they find them not at all necessary.

Many couples look okay but a deeper look into their privacy would reveal one sad reality: Their love is almost dead. And sadder still is they seem to be contented with this kind of setup. They seem to have forgotten that being married is not just being together in one roof, or sleeping in the same room and in one bed. It is giving each other some quality time to feel that the love and sweetness is still there.

Make the First Move To Ignite the Fire Anew

Many couples are into this kind of cold as dead relationship and yet they’ve been contented with this set-up and many made this last till death in fact. But this is not an ideal relationship. Getting married does not mean turning off the fire of romance. It is sad when a couple has forgotten to get into passionate hugging and kissing or even just plain whispers of sweet nothing.

Wives, are you happy with cold marriage? If not, then do the first move to start the fire burning again. Do something to bring back sweetness even if your husband does not seem to bother. Once you ignite the fire, it will surely contaminate him. Find time to restore the romantic link between you and him and see how it will grow stronger day by day

Your husband may be physically present but if the air of romance between the two of you is no longer felt, then it is nothing different with being a widow or living without a husband for one reason or another. Being a mother is not a reason to set aside your obligation to him. Taking care of your kids is one huge task but that is no excuse. If you only try to find time for him then you will find him reciprocating unless he is already busy with another woman.

Steps to Bring Back the Sweetness

Bring back the sweetness and here is how:

  • Be the first to show sweetness. In the morning before going out of bed,make it a daily habit to embrace your husband tightly. Make him feel you are thankful you have him. Kiss him and tell him how much you love him and how important he is to you. Give him tender strokes and caresses and make him feel you are so in love with him. Also don't forget to whisper to him the words "I love you".
  • Be fresh, clean and fragrant for him every day. Make sure that once you come near your husband he will notice your freshness and he will be enticed to hold you. Most men are fascinated with fragrance. Make sure you are the most fragrant thing your husband will ever smell each day.
  • Find a special time with him each day. Men are usually preoccupied with their own thing but who can resist a fresh-smelling woman? When your husband is watching TV, serve him with his favorite drink along with any finger food that he will enjoy. Sit beside him, hold his hand lovingly, enjoy the show with him and make him feel your sweet presence.
  • Give him sweet hugs and kisses when you are at home . Kissing and caressing his arms are sweet gestures and he will mostly likely return the sweetness too. You can also give him some gentle back massage at night while he is watching TV. This will make him feel pampered and soon you will find him doing the same to you.
  • Kiss him goodnight and find time to encourage intimate moment with him before you sleep. Never turn your back from your husband. Always make him feel you your warmth and your loving embrace..
  • Treat him like a King. Your husband deserves to be the King of your household because you are the Queen. God designed the husband to be the head of the family so his authority has to be respected. If you do, he will love and honor you.
  • Be thoughtful. . During special occasions, buy him something that will make him feel special and well loved. If you don’t have the financial capacity, a handwritten love letter will always make a difference.
  • Don’t ever nag. Some women start the day nagging. It is a very bad habit. It is in fact most disliked by men so avoid nagging by all means. Indeed there are problems at home that can ruin your day but nagging won't help at all. You can always solve the issue without too much talking. Instead of nagging, just deal with the issue in a more tactful manner.

If you wives can do the above, then your husband will find you very attractive again. A husband becomes cold because his wife is also cold. You wives should not be contented in living like a frozen piece of cake that remains untouched inside a fridge shelf. How can you expect anyone to pick up and eat such kind of cake?

Wives, learn to add warmth and let your sweetness melt in your husband's mouth anew. Light up your fire and let your husband catch that fire as well. Keep the fire burning and see how it will bring more sweetness in your relationship.

Put God In the Center of Your Marriage

Before you ever think the above are enough there are two more things you have to do to make your marriage even more blissful:

  1. First, pray for your husband. This is one thing most women forget. They are too busy and they could not even pray. Delight in the Lord and see how He will give you the desire of your heart.
  2. Second, pray with your husband.. A praying couple makes a big difference! Do the first move so that the two of you could pray together before you go to sleep!

But before you do, please examine yourself first whether you really are in the right faith. Have you already recognized that you are a sinner and have repented and asked God’s forgiveness for your sinful condition? Have you already accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and have since them find the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life? If not, then do it today.

A godly husband makes a big difference! But make sure you are also a godly wife. Be a good example in everything so that you will become the living witness that will lead him to Christ. Let your good examples convince him that Christ is really alive in your life.

A godly wife is a precious possession your husband will ever have and a godly husband is the best thing your heart will ever see.


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    • alaamiahclean profile image

      العالمية كلين 

      21 months ago from Saudi Arabia

      hey Greenlily

      I value the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What an inspiring article!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice one

    • Greenlily profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Philippines

      mia, yes you are right, that last part should never be missed. Thank you for reading my hub. Also many thanks to Josie Yu, Deborah and Nina. My God bless you.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i cried when i read the last part...that is the 2 secret ways why marriage last.. PRAYER..AMEN

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      wow.very inspiring..

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very good tips. I found this really helpful.

    • profile image

      Josie Yu 

      8 years ago

      You've given me good idea! I need to act right now. Thanks!


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