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Sweets Table at Wedding | Cupcake Stands

Updated on March 28, 2013

Design a Sweets Table for Wedding

One of the keys to a memorable sweets table at weddings or events is to use an eyecatching centerpiece. This could be anything -- like cupcake stands -- depending on your theme, colors or the sweets you choose to offer your guests.

But, you need to decide on the overall design, look of the table before going further. Will it be symmetrical, asymmetrical? What do you need in serving pieces to pull off your design.

Let's look at a few ideas...

Image Source:

Beautiful Cupcake Stand

If you are going with cupcakes, there are a number of ways to display them that will be remembered by your guests. One way is to use a cupcake stand like the one shown here.

At 20.5" tall, it makes a beautiful statement. This style would be perfect for most weddings and for vintage or elegant themed events as well. It is made of a combination of iron and polyresin and will hold up to 12 couture cupcakes in style!

You can display the rest of your cupcakes on platters around the bottom or just refill as needed, depending on the number of guests you have.

Design of Your Sweets Table

Symmetry or Asymmetry

Before you buy or make that first cupcake, before you buy that first container or riser to showcase your sweets, have a design in mind.

By that, I mean sketch out what you want the overall design to look like. Will you use one centerpiece item such as a cupcake stand? two? Hve you pictured assorted heights? What order will you use in your design.

Remember, just because we call it a "Centerpiece", doesn't mean it has to be in the center of the table.

A centerpiece, most definitely, can be in the center of a table and you can build around it. Height, texture and color being factors you consider while designing. But, for a different look, consider other symmetrical and asymmetrical balanced designs.

13 Cupcake Stand

This wire stand is dressed up considerably once you add your decorated cupcakes. Very simple but perfect for making the cupcakes the center of attention.

Tiered Stands as Cupcake Stands

This black, set of 3 stands is dripping with glass beads and will definitely make a statement -- almost like a chandelier. Group them close together to create a stair step effect for your cupcakes or spread them farther out to make a large impression. Limitless options with this set of stands.

Symmetrical Balance - for your Sweets Table

Symmetry or symmetrical balance is about creating "like" or even mirrored effects with your design (like the image above). Everything is counterbalanced -- what you do to one side of the table, you repeat on the other. This creates a traditional effect to your design. A very simple and elegant option.

Image Source: Mandee Sears/DecoratingforEvents

Asymmetrical Balance - Jazz up your Sweets Table

The term "Asymmetrical balance" may feel like an oxmoron -- since nothing is "balanced" in the traditional sense -- by an exact opposite.

But, it is a very common practice in decorating to achieve an eye catching and unique display or design. As illustrated in the image above, you could use your main centerpiece on one side of the table or the other, and build down from there. This is one way to create an asymmetrical design.

Image Source: Mandee Sears/DecoratingforEvents

Which do you prefer?

Vote for your favorite and leave a comment about why!

Do you prefer symmetry or asymmetry?

See results

Traditional Dessert Table

Traditional Dessert Table
Traditional Dessert Table

Modern Style Dessert Buffet

Modern Style Dessert Buffet
Modern Style Dessert Buffet

Black Cupcake Stand

Make a statement with this black, dripping with beads and glass jewels. Made of polyresin and iron, it holds 12 cupcakes majestically. It even breaks down for easy storage. This one's a keeper!

Design Tips for a Sweets Table at Wedding

Below are some ideas, suggestions and tips you can use when designing your sweets table for your wedding. Use what you want, throw out the rest and make a unique and different showcase of sweets for your wedding or event that guest will remember!

  1. Using all white platters, serving dishes and cake stands will give a sleek and modern look to your sweets table. This idea can be combined with a vintage theme as well and will give a Vintage-Mod feel to your table.
  2. Choose your highest/tallest display, whether it is a cake or a cupcake stand or a floral arrangement and work down from there. Try placing it to one side of the table and add shorter serving pieces until you work your way down to a platter directly on the table. This is a classic asymmetrical design.
  3. Mirror your items. Use two floral arrangements on either end of the table and fill in the middle with mirror items for a traditional look and feel.
  4. For a vintage look, borrow some of grandma's Depression glass cake stands, platters, candle holders and vases. Pink Depression glass looks fabulous on rich chocolate linens for a classic color scheme.

    Think Fostoria, the family silver, Carnival glass, Jewel Tea and any other collection of dishes your family may have. It's a great way to include family members and make your sweets table that much more memorable.

  5. Place your tallest item in the center working your way down on either side. This is the most tradition form or symmetrical design.
  6. Add silk greenery at the base of cake stands, vases and platters. This is a great way to give a homey feel to a garden, country or shabby chic theme. Try trailing silk ivy down a topiary or tall décor item on your table too.
  7. If you have a theme, add décor items to the table that reflect that theme. Not every item on the table has to be for serving purposes. Sometimes it's just for look or fun. For instance:

    Beach theme - Add a sandcastle figurine, mini beach chairs, mini umbrellas, etc...

    Paris theme - Eiffel Towers, red geraniums, berets, wine bottles, etc...

    Garden theme - Small wire wheelbarrow, planters, gloves (new) draped over garden tools, shovel scoops or servers, watering cans, etc...

Dessert Table Set Up

Quick 4 minute or so video to give you ideas for designing your sweets table. Though this video is about holiday sweets tables, the ideas can be adapted very easily!

Mix and Match Possibilities for Cupcakes Stands - Eco-Friendly Option by Re-Using!

Build your own unique cupcake stands by using similar style or color cake plates and stack them. By re-using vintage items, you reduce waste and are eco friendly!

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Sweets Table at Wedding

Cupcake Stands

Now you have the tools to decide what you want the design to look like for your sweets table at a wedding and where to put the cupcake stands! Yum!

Would you make a Sweets Table for a Wedding or event?

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    • BuckHawkcenter profile image


      5 years ago

      What great ideas for a dessert table. Now that my daughter has set the date, I'm looking for plenty of suggestions for her!

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 

      6 years ago from Ormoc City

      I'm getting hungry, love desserts more than the actual food, hmm...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the cupcake stand for these cupcakes. These are essential tips to provide wedding cupcakes a stunning looks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Amazing cupcake stands that catch the eye, they certainly make the sweets more sweeter.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Before I could comment above the screen "flipped" and couldn't get it back. So I will say that I like arrangements to be different and not symmetrical. That fits my personality lol. Another great way to use a simple cupcake stands.

    • DecoratingEvents profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @AngryBaker: You are so right! Any event or home party is an opportunity! Thanks for the kind words. :D

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Love this lens.. your tips work for more than just weddings...I am bookmarking it.


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