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Symptoms Of A Breakup

Updated on April 30, 2013

Before a Breakup a couple possess certain symptoms that indicates that their relationship is imminently about to end. The perfect storm for a breakup is caused by losing the will or interest to continue on with someone. One or the other or maybe simultaneously both involved in this relationship starts to drift away. Communication is either limited or not there at all. Arguments are the only thing that results from even attempting to speak to each other. Depression will set in on the one who wants the relationship to perservere, the one who have tried their best to make it work, further complicating things and it is harder when it is a live in girlfriend or boyfriend.

You used to hangout with mutual friends, going hiking, trips and parties together. However, the joy is gone even when surrounded by your friends. Not even a joke they tell to cheer the two of you up helps. Birthdays, anniversaries and valentines day is not honored or remembered. Because this love has fizzled away, the two of you have decided to go your separate ways. You didn't see any of this coming, there was no warning signs that your partner wanted out. If anyone finds themselves confused on the warnings or symptoms. Here are some other signs below.

1. Does your partner or spouse start arguments for no apparent reason and then they storm out of the house not to return for hours? and Leaving you dumbfounded and wondering what you did.

2. Your partner or spouse always take private phone calls by shutting up in a room or going outside to talk. More than likely they are talking to another man or woman.

3. Do you notice a change in your partners appearance, even the smell of a different perfume or cologne? He or She is trying to appeal to or attract another.

4. Constant put downs of the things you do,the way you look or your accomplishments has taken over all of the praises you used to get from your partner.

5. Physical or emotional abuse, a partner starting to drink or do drugs or hangout with a different crowd are also other signs that your partner is laying out plans to end the relationship with you.

6. Your partner decides that having a separate bank account is for the better. He or she does not want there money combined or spent by you...or they don't want you to see the gifts that they are purchasing for someone else.

7. Although you might not know it, but sometimes a partner or spouse may have hidden money. This is always a good thing when a woman or man is in an abusive relationship. They should tuck enough money away in case they need to flee in cases where things are too uunbearable or violent. You need to survive by getting a place of your own, meals or any other means of survival. That is common sense.

8. When your mutual friends you share with your partner or spouse starts to look at you differently. Perhaps they don't want to hang out with you anymore, they gossip, pick fights or confront you about your relationship, they may even blame you for it failing.

9. When your partner or spouse spends more time away from home and they start to use the home you share together as a pitstop. They don't care that the plumbing needs to be fixed or that the door hinges or coming off when before your home was very important to your partner.

10. There was a time when your partner included you in his or her future, but now all of a sudden. He or she is not talking about future plans with you anymore.

11. On social networks like facebook, twitter or another form of social network. You've noticed that your partner or spouse has changed his or her relationship status to single, soon to be divorce or separated. Passwords are changed or maybe they have deleted their account and started a new account someplace else and they don't allow you on their webpage.

12. His parents and siblings who once tolerated you can't stand you now and they don't have a problem expressing their feelings when before they would keep it to themselves out of respect for your partner or spouse.

13. When Christmas comes around, you notice that your partner or spouse's parents have not bothered getting you a gift and they haven't sent out a Christmas card to you, but they just got your soon to be partner a gift and sent a Christmas card to the house only wishing him or her a Merry Christmas.

14. When your partner or spouse chooses to sleep in another room or even on the living room couch to avoid sleeping with you at night or maybe they don't sleep in the nude anymore with you when they always did... She goes to bed next to you dressed like a nun or he is dressed like fully covered.

15. He used to put gas in your car, get it detained or change the oil. She used to bake your favorite cookies for you to bring to work for lunch...instead she spits in your morning coffee when you turn your back to her.

16. Your partner or spouse might not speak highly of you like he or she used to, to everyone, it is always a good thing to not let it get the best of you and go about your day without the approval of anyone as long as you approve of yourself and appreciate the people who appreciates everything about you.

17. Are you happy when your partner leaves the room or house? You look forward to him or her leaving the house and hoping they never return.

18. When you don't care anymore when a partner is cheating is also a breakup symptom

19. You start to give things back to your partner, like rings, watches and other gifts.

20. You take his or her photo's from your wallet, because you just don't want to open your wallet and see your partners photo anymore.

Sometimes after a breakup a partner or spouse's family member may still want to be a part of your life because they have grown to love and respect you and that will never change and your partner or spouse should not stand in the way of that. Now these are symptoms leading up to a breakup, but after a breakup it is the person who had hopes of the relationship working out... you know that one who begged you to go to counseling to straighten things out but he or she declined. You still care about that person and you were the most hurt in this breakup. You might withdraw from everything and become very depressed. You might throw yourself into an unnecessary rebound relationship which is never a good idea. never involve someone else into your misery nor put yourself into a position to be a booty call.

You might put on plenty of weight because you will find comfort in food or you might not eat at all. Drugs and alcohol are two things that you should avoid now especially if you are going through depression or low self esteem issues. Some people will over indulge themselves in their jobs or a hobby...this might help in some way as long as you don't exhaust yourself. Blaming yourself for this breakup is also a symptom that should be addressed. Talk to a therapist or a close friend or relative about this latest change in your life that is taking a toll on you. Understanding people will lend an ear and help you.

Call friends and relatives that you have not heard from in a while and explain that you need to spend time with them. Crying a lot is a sign that you need to surround yourself with others. You might even get the urge to call your ex because you just want to hear their voice... this is an urge you should ignore because it might make things worse for you if your ex does not answer or return a call and it is possible they might return your call but you might not like the things that he or she will say to you. It can range anywhere from telling you about how their lives is better without you in it and that they are in love to telling you that they wish they wouldn't have ever met you.

Some people offer themselves sexually with no strings attached to their ex's just so they could experience that closeness again. Trust me, move on with your life and don't focus on the things that once was. Open your heart for new possibilities only if you are completely over an ex. There are also times when you think that you should end your life because the pain is just too much to take and you miss him or her so much. Deciding to go to your favorite hangouts might put you face to face with your ex and his or her new girlfriend or boyfriend. It is best to find new places to enjoy yourself until you are over an ex. Make new memories with new people and watch how happy your life will become


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