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How To Get a Girl on

Updated on August 19, 2010

I finally had a moment to really browse around my tag page. I have to say, tag is probably the office workers dream come true. The site allows members to sign up for free, create profiles similar to Myspace and speak freely via messages and "tags" while grabbing actual phone numbers left and right. Did I say it was FREE!

Unfortunately, I am in awe of all of the members who take the time to upload a horde of photo's to describe their every waking minute. And who am I to throw salt because I'm right their clicking away and looking at each one.

I'm one of those folks who analyzes the photo's. hahah, yeah, you know you do it too.

You click on the picture and try to see something in that photo that could describe what kind of person they really are.

Now for the guys, I'm gonna give you all some tidbits of girly information. Grab a pen and paper because you might wanna take notes. Here goes (hope I don't lose my access to the girls only club for this, lol)...

1. Women like photo's that show your strong side. Now I'm not saying to post a shot of you hiking up a 300 pound bar bell while your muscles bulge like popping electrical wires. Nah, that will make her think your a smelly gym rat or just plain scary in person.

However, a bright shot of you looking to the side and showing off your chiseled face will go far.

Check out this photo sample...

2. Look directly into the camera and give your bedroom eyes in one of your pics. This will let her know what you look like when you are aroused and how much she is turning you on. Trust me, bedroom eyes are sexy and women LOVE it.

Sample pic...

3. Don't post pics of yourself with dirty clothes on at home. You may think it makes you look casual. No loves, it just makes you look like an unclean, funky loser. If your going for the casual look, post an actual shot of you lounging at the pool or somewhere outdoors. She'll see your place soon enough but she needs to know you are not BORING and casual.

4. Don't give your phone number on the first message to her. First off, it just looks desperate and second, there is no flirting going on. Women like to flirt and be chased. It's not about playing games, it's about BUILDING anticipation and desire. If she feels like you are hot for her AND her poohnani, she'll be more receptive and will probably give you HER number.

5. Get rid of your frat boy beer chugging photo's. That type of thing makes women think you're either A. an alcoholic, ...B. immature or a having a midlife crisis,... or C. Your soooo much fun to be with, but not a keeper. They smile but secretly think "no way your getting into my goldmine".

Well folks, that's it for now. Be sure to subscribe, leave your comments, article idea's and let me know your thoughts. Check out for the latest news, dating advice and other anecdotal quips to pass your time.

Until we next meet again, my dear's.



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      yeimy 3 years ago


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      Jake 3 years ago

      I though that they're not real , just someone hot ' pics . Since i've post one of my pic , like the pose you mention , they keep sending me their kik .

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      Mike 3 years ago

      Hay what's up

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      henry brown 4 years ago

      Is cool.

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      Is cool.

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      wisdom ahorsu 5 years ago

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      how to get a girl in tagged 6 years ago

      I like your tips, it's good to see other helping out guys with dating advice!