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Texting Your Ex Girlfriend

Updated on March 19, 2013

5 Tips If You Want to Send Her a Text Message

How easy is it to just pick up your cell phone and fire off a quick text message to someone? Doesn't take much time to do that, does it? So, there is the chance that you might send one off a little too quickly and that can wind up being a big mistake, especially if the recipient of your message just happens to be an ex girlfriend. That doesn't mean that it is always a bad thing to send your ex girlfriend a text message, sometimes it can help you out. However, you do want to be careful about what you say when you text your ex girlfriend and this lens is going to give you 5 good tips that should help keep you from making any big mistakes.

Tip Number One - Do Not Text Your Ex Girlfriend If You Know That it is A Busy Time for Her

Have you ever gotten a text message from someone when you were busy? How did that make you feel, a little annoyed maybe? You have to assume that the same is going to be true if you are texting your ex girlfriend when she is busy. Don't send her any messages when she is at work, busy at school, at some kind of community or church related event, etc. Chances are, she is going to end up getting that same annoyed feeling that you get when someone messages you when you are busy.

Imagine that you sent her a text and the response went like this:

You: Hey ;)

Her: @ Wrk

You: So, whatcha up to?

Her: @ Wrk

See that - this is what some guys do, they get a response that shows that she is busy and they keep pressing her. You don't want to do that. It makes you look bad, it makes her less likely to want to talk to you.

Tip Number Two - More is NOT Better

You probably get that feeling of wanting to stay in contact with your former girlfriend, as that tends to be one of the more driving forces behind wanting to send her a text message. The problem with this is, it can mean that you end up trying to get in contact with her too often. More is definitely not better in this case, and you want to be careful that you don't end up texting her too much, because that can annoy her and it can also make it look like you really don't have much going on in your life to keep you busy.

One of the things that does work quite well is to have an ongoing convo that spans more than one day. It shows that you are thinking of her, but still living your life. So, one day you send her a text and she responds and then you wait till the next day to respond back and she does the same.

Much better than trying to text her again and again in a really short period of time.

Tip Number Three - Do Not Send Her Anything Inappropriate

Have a camera on your phone? Well, you might get tempted to send off a picture that is, let's just say inappropriate. Don't do it. It's not going to impress her, it's not going to make her want you back. The same goes for jokes and other things that you might want to send your ex girlfriend. If it is borderline inappropriate, err on the side of caution and don't send it to her. You want to make the best impression that you can anytime that you are in contact with her, and sending her something inappropriate is not going to do the trick to give her a good impression of you.

Besides here is a reality. She can just as easily forward that to someone she knows. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

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Tip Number Four - Wait for her to text you back, don't always be the one to initiate contact with her.

You don't want to always be the one who initiates the texting with your ex girlfriend. You want to test her out a little bit to see if she is going to text you back or if she is going to be the one who initiates contact with you. Don't let your insecurities get in the way and compel you to always be the one who starts off the texting. You want to see whether or not things are just going to be one way or if they are going to become a two way street when it comes to communicating with one another.

This doesn't just go for texting. It applies to all forms of communication. If you are the only one doing the pursuing - you don't stand much of a chance. If you are always calling her, if you are always the one texting her, chances are - there isn't much of any attraction on her part anymore.

Tip Number Five - You should have other women that you can text besides your ex girlfriend.

This just goes back to the idea that being too focused on just your ex girlfriend is not a good thing. It's good to keep all of your options open when you are no longer in a relationship with a woman. You have to be realistic and realize that even with the best efforts and the best intentions, you still may not be able to win back your ex girlfriend and if that happens to be the case - you want to have other women that you can text and not just become focused on your ex girlfriend.

I'll leave you with this: While you may feel right now that your ex girlfriend is the best thing since sliced bread, that feeling can change. You won't really know that until you actually go out and meet someone else and see what transpires.

I remember this one break up that I had. For a few weeks, I felt like she was the only woman who could make me happy. I was lovesick over her. Then, one night, I happened to go out with a friend and we met up with some of his friends. One of those friends just happened to be a pretty female who caught my attention. We spoke, made each other laugh and had a really good time. I went home and found, that I was thinking of HER and not my ex girlfriend.

You can only find that out, if you are open to the idea of texting or meeting other women.


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