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Text Relationships

Updated on June 12, 2014

Driving and Text


Text Relationships

Cell phone text is so popular that laws are being written where and when you can text people. Text and driving is not very smart, and against the law in most USA states. Wrecks from cell phone text are disastrous while driving and especially in a eighteen wheeler. We have seen numerous wrecks killing good people because of the almighty text on our cell phones. However, relationships are flourishing because of this new feature. Personally speaking when I meet someone, they always tell me to text them first. Why? Is not easier to talk instead? Confused as I am with why text is so popular, is a baffling question for my soul.

Personally, I think text is more convenient for the girl meets guy type of thing. I believe that it is a game we play with the sexes that cell phone text does for us. Men text a girl to get to know , and she text back, and then it’s back and forth until we hit a soft spot and either make the other upset or uncomfortable. It never seems to fail that the context in text can be taken out the wrong way. It’s very impersonal to say the least, to hear a voice instead of words written in a hurry usually. One can take the meaning of a text in the wrong way and be upset that the person offended the other. Is society going so fast that text slows it down a bit, and gives us freedom at work to hold conversations that do not bother other workers.

Relationships and Text By Cell Phones


Text is Popular- Of Course!!

Text is so popular that the new generation of text uses shorten words that are hard to understand unless you’re from that generation. For instance, ”IDK” which means,” I don’t know” and there are a multitude of these abbreviations that are used that some of us just don’t get. The fast way to text is what this abbreviated text is. Pick up the phone and just call me is what I say so I don’t have to look in up on Google what you’re trying to say to me. This takes time. The young lovers in their twenties are the ones who mostly do this short type of text, and it’s coded so the older fellow can’t get it. This is not true , actually they think you really know what they are saying.

When we meet a woman or a man and they say text me and we will chat more about going out to dinner. Be careful what you say. The wrong word or usage in text can be devastating. Remember words can hurt and if your wording is not exactly like you want to say it forget sending text. Tell that person you want to talk, and see if that is possible. With Google Talk, there are some folks out there that use this to conceal their real number and I think this is keen. It is smart if you don’t want the caller having your phone number and not be able to trace you. If security of your phone number is a must, check this out of r complete over-coating of your number and location. There is no way you can trace or track this person from a Google Talk number. Very smart for single men and women.

Text and Love

Hide your Number

We seem to be easy with letting go of our numbers to our cell phones for someone to meet up with that we like. The smart thing in cell phone text is keeping the conversation to a short few lines. This way there is no fear of saying the wrong thing to each other. Putting ideas of intimacy in one’s head when you’re just making a joke over text can be taken in a rude way by another person. Text for a minute then ask to phone each other You want to hear their voice anyway, and if you met online through a dating site , you better make sure she or he is that sex that you want to talk to. These days’ men are acting as females in online dating rooms and then we have the transgender who looks better than some female’s pictures on the internet. This type of text is crucial to know whom you are really talking to and if they are who they say they are. Surprises when meeting in person can be devastating if you’re just going by looks only. If the voice and the person do not mix, it could be disappointing to you.

Text is a great way to get away from other people knowing what you are talking about and with whom. It has ruined marriages and caused great concern for married people in shaky relations. Be careful what you say to a female or male in text, so as to not lead them on to thinking of you in a sexual way. Unless of course you want this to happen and are just too afraid to say it over the phone. Text is mysterious in a fashion that the person sitting next to you might be offended that you are secretly talking about him or her. Be courteous when using the cell phone text feature and be careful at work as you could lose your job. Especially be careful and not drive and text, this is devastating and many have not lived past,”Hello”.


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