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The best jazz for a romantic dinner.

Updated on October 5, 2014

What are the most romantic jazz songs for a romantic dinner at home ?

If you're planning a romantic dinner at home and you are looking for some great jazz tunes. Or you have invited someone for a first date and are a bit afraid for a silent moment in the conversation. Jazz is great dinner music.

If you love jazz, you will know how enchanting the music can be. There are many romantic jazz songs and melodies. And on this page I give you a list of the most romantic jazz songs.

But on a first date, or a romantic dinner at home you don't want to be to intrusive. Don't go for smooth jazz, it will be a bad choice because it will scream: no opinion, I don't mind, all music is the same....

Nope, with a careful selection of great jazz melodies you can make a first date more personal. And if you are a bit shy, music will always be a great conversation subject. The music will tell your guest how you feel. It will say : I'm an individual with a personal taste, I'm not just somebody...

Jazz music can fill up the silent moments, hopefully they won't happen, but you never know...

For a romantic dinner in Autumn jazz music is perfect, for every generation. Jazz music is ageless and has a lot to offer. Jazz atracts to both men and woman and keeps the atmosphere of a romantic dinner easy going but not boring.

romantic dinner ideas with jazz
romantic dinner ideas with jazz

Ideas for a romantic dinner : it is all about magic

Atmosphere is number one, create a special night.

A first date or maybe a second is always exciting. You never know what is going to happen. Will the conversation run smoothly, or will it be a problematic evening with a difficult conversation.

Just to ensure yourself, it's good to know that you keep the things in your own hand. Which means, you choose what will be for dinner, and you choose the music. Those things are important.

If you're not a great cook, a quiche will always be a good choice. Ask your guest in forehand if she or he is vegetarian.or vegan, this can avoid a lot of problems...

Do not buy ready made meals, even if you're a terrible cook it will be better to give it a go and make something yourself then a pizza. Home made things shows the other person that you are capable and creative. Remember it's all about the fun and care.

I know inviting somebody you do not know very well to your own house is quite a step, but do not be afraid to show your potential.

Dating is about magic. It is not about sex or getting laid. It is not about showing off, well a bit...

A date is about creating an ambiance, an atmosphere. I had dates where the food was terrible, but the evening was great because there was magic in the air.The whole meal existed of a burned pie, good wine though and some bread and olives. It was a great night because it was outside, with LED lights hanging in the trees and torches in the garden. It was a great night, even the burned pie was a laugh. Well what can you say, it was home made, and she tried... That's important. To let the other person know that you try to make it a special evening. Not because you want to spent the night together, but simply because you want to say; "I care.."

kind of blue the best jazz record for a romantic dinner at home
kind of blue the best jazz record for a romantic dinner at home

Music for a romanitc dinner

great jazz music for a first date

All that jazz, play that music maestro. Music is a key ingredient for a romantic setting. As I said, Do not put a cd of smooth jazz on, or for that matter AC/DC except if your for sure it will be a AC/DC night. But we are going for a jazzy mood.Jazz is for all kinds of generations. In has never been away, and there are some really good tunes out there that can make your heart go faster.

The list of romantic jazz songs I will give you are not immediately love songs. They are simply great music tunes that can create a special setting. And that is what we want. A special evening where everybody is relaxed and can be ones self. Because that's important, to be yourself and have some tranquility.

As many, the first jazz record I ever bought was Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. The record is an evergreen and never stops boring or becoming old fashioned. Kind of Blue is the best-selling jazz record of all time!!! It is a wonder the record is still for sale. By now you would think that every household in the western hemisphere would have this record. In digital form or on cassette or vinyl. If you do not have it, buy it !!! Even a lot of non jazz lovers have a copy...

jazz with a romantic dinner at home for two
jazz with a romantic dinner at home for two

Do's and don'ts on a first date.

great romantic dinner ideas at home

For a romantic dinner at home my advise is : Go personal. As I said, first ask the person if he/she is allergic to some specific ingredient like pork or potatoes/ eggplant. Or perhaps he/she does not like a particular flavour very much. Or simply is a vegetarian or vegan.

Do not be shy to ask, it can avoid a great embarrassment on the night itself. There is plenty of surprise left and there are great vegetarian cookbooks to peek in.

Talking about surprise, this is a great weapon on a romantic date. Do something that is special, not suspected. Do something that make you stand out from the other girls and blokes. Something strange...It will brake the ice and make a laugh. Don't be to stiff, but do not be to egocentric either.

It is a date, a dinner for two. This means communication, not a one way sermon. Listen to the other person, ask questions and be interested in the other one's stories. Be open, everybody has it's own personal background.

Communication means : listen and react on what the other person is saying. Also tell your own stories.

Your personal story is important, but from the other person too. So do not overdo it.

Something you should not do is break your own personal rules. I remember, when I was on school camp, a girl had a crush on me, she was vegetarian for 10 years. And when we ate together in a local "restaurant" I ordered chicken, and because she was smitten with me, she ordered chicken as well. This was the biggest mistake she could have made. She was a lovely girl but by doing so she put me off. I though : That girl does not have any self esteem, she is doing things only to please others. I do not want a slave!!! Somebody who is giving up her own personality, the things she believes in, simply to please somebody!!!

Never, ever do such a thing.

Is music on a date important ? - a romantic dinner for two...

romantic dinner with jazz
romantic dinner with jazz

Do you think music is important on a romantic dinner

See results

A special dinner is :

all about magic, lights, music and food.

Originality is the key, let it be a special night.

A strange night, where everything is possible.

Purple Moon ~ India Floral Sari Unique Banquet Party Tablecloth - A special purple tablecloth for a romantic dinner

You can have your dinner in the garden on a wooden table - nothing wrong with that. Give the dinner a more pick-nick style atmosphere.

But if the weather is not warm enough. Or you want the comfortable chairs at hand. A great idea to give the romantic dinner more magic is a well chosen tablecloth. Personally I love the orient and Indian designs. They have lovely patterns and designs woven in the fabric.

We have a turquoise tablecloth with small round mirrors woven in it. The borders are purple which gives it a lovely accent.

Everything is personal taste. Do not be afraid to show your personal taste, be it with music or cloth or interior design. People will respect your taste. The more you show your personal taste and preference, the more people will remember you.

Go and be brave. Stand for you personality.

Never answer your mobile or start texting,

turn it off.

Ruby Blossom Tealight Candle Holder romantic dinner ideas with candles
Ruby Blossom Tealight Candle Holder romantic dinner ideas with candles

Romantic dinner ideas

Conversation topics for a romantic dinner at home

Great ideas for a romantic dinner are to do something out of the ordinary. I'm not talking about presents or gifts. rings and ties and such. No, I'm talking about ambiance. atmosphere, magic. Put a purple flower on the table, or a LED light that changes color. Candles or some simple tea-light candles will do if you put them in beautiful colored candle holders.

And if your out of conversation topics and the evening is starting to become a bit dull, you can always ask the following questions.

  • What Music Would You Take to a Desert Island? - this question can lead to a numoures of things and before you know it your dancing the night away.
  • What is your favorite animal, What is your second favorite animal, What is your third favorite animal ?

    The answers are : The first animal is how you see yourself. The second animal is how others see you. And the third animal is who you really are!!! A great laugh and sure a topic which can lead to a more personal conversation without being to serious.

  • If you had a won a free travel ticket, which country on this world would you love to visit? - Traveling and far of destinations always are great conversation topics. Taking about your dreams ans plans are a good way to know each other.

My funny valentine - Chet Baker

A lovely song, an amazing mood is set. A classic jazz tune for a romantic dinner.

My Funny Valentine

If music be the food of love, play on,

William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night Act 1

Glowing flowers for a romantic dinner - The Light Garden RDFL60 Red Plum Tree Flower with 60 Lights

Lighten up the atmosphere and the ambiance of the dining room with these lighted branches from Light Garden . It is great, one of these, a few candles and you have enough light for an intimate dinner. Put the relaxing jazz music on, pour in the red wine and have fun.

The Light Garden RDFL60 Red Plum Tree Flower with 60 Lights
The Light Garden RDFL60 Red Plum Tree Flower with 60 Lights

The specifics of the The Light Garden RDFL60 Red Plum Tree Flower with 60 Lights:

19-Inch Plum Tree stem featuring 60 incandescent lights.

Red fabric flowers attach to a brown stem

Standard 110V electrical supply connects to a 24-Volt adapter

8,000 hours (over 3 years of normal home use at 6 hours per day)

Should an individual light go out, all other lights will remain illuminated.

90 days warranty.


Tell me, what are your secret ingredients for a romantic dinner. Share your secrets with us.

Mine is a mug of hot chocolate...

Tell me your tips for a magic dinner for two - The best tips for a romantic dinner

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