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The first e-marriage ( internet marriage)

Updated on October 2, 2017


The world is fast reducing in size because of globalisation and the things it has brought to us. For instance, we can now do many things online, in the internet world. In one of my hub,

I expressed that some people wonder if there are other things we can still achieve via globalisation regarding the human relationship. Some people wonder if internet marriage can be possible some day. However, the obstacles of such e-marriage include,

1) How will a husband and his wife have a time for a walk if they are only internet lover?

2) How can they have dinner together?

3) How can they have children, if they want to create a web family thereby?

You can add more questions to these questions so it means that the questions are numerous that it seems it will be impossible to have an e-family/ e-marriage.

I came across a hub, “sexless affair”, on hub pages and the article made me look more into the idea of internet-marriages. It is because it seems most people are happier with their friends online than they are with their friend in the real world. The real world here just means the world

to you and those you can see, feel, and talk. Although most of our internet friends are those we also know in the real world, there are some friends we only know in the web world. Some friendship started from the internet world to the reality. Consequently, it means some of those we now know as our friends, in fact, were once only known to us in the internet world, so we simply called them, “my online friend” or whatever.

People seem to be happier online because they mostly share sweet words and the chat is kind, lovely, and polite. So it is rare for us to get offended by our online friends mostly because most of them may have an interest in us or our vision before they joined our friend's list. Most people now go online just for them to be happy. Some of our friends in the real world may offend us easily than our internet friends. It may be because conflict seems inevitable in a human relationship especially when we are so close together. Most marriages in the real world now end in divorce, or it is managed by one or both partners even when things seem not to be alright. That is why some people choose the idea of single parenting. Therefore, can internet marriage be another way out of the situation or do we try to sustain our marriages in the real world?

For those who want it, the idea of a sexless affair means that e-marriages can be possible. After all, it is said some people now marry and make love to robots, cars among others. So why can’t people get hooked in marriage with an internet partner?

The challenges or questions may include:

1) How do internet lovers know that our partner is actually faithful to us?

2) Can internet lovers mutually agree to have another lover in the real world and have sex in the real world or even have another family in the real world?

3) Can internet lovers resist the temptation of being tempted to meet each other in the real world?

4) How can internet lovers know when something is wrong or what happened to a lover if he/she fail to visit the internet world for a long time (in a case of sickness or death)?

5) Do internet lovers create a forum for lovers and churches were they can be joined in marriage, for those that are religious?

There are other questions that we can ask, but the most important issue is the temptation of internet lovers to meet each other in the real world. It is because such temptation has been the force that brought and made some of our internet friends our real-world friends. Some people usually like to start a chat with the question “your location?”

So that they know how possible it is to meet or have a date. I asked some questions about the idea of an internet marriage, and a friend told me that he met her lover from the internet. That is to say, they started their relationship from the internet world, and I trust they fell in love in reality, so it is no longer fit to be called an e-marriage or e-relationship even though it originated from the internet world.

Finally, people seem to enjoy love in the internet world, and my friend’s experience and maybe the experience of others can confirm that it is possible for us to have the first internet marriage. Perhaps, the most important thing we just have to do, to give it a start, is to resist the temptation of meeting our internet lovers.

Is the world ready to give it a start?

Is the world ready for the first internet marriage?

Is the government ready to recognise e-marriages just as they accept other forms of marriages?

Who will be the first to try the internet marriage, a sexless affair?


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      What I mean is that in this generation of greater freedom, nobody will be forced to join a new trend so we have the right to join or not to join the crowd. It is good is you decide to live by your set principles and not by the crowd.

    • profile image

      SusieQ42 6 years ago

      This isn't the crowd I want to join. Sorry, I'd rather head on back to the "50's" crowd...large families, growing our own veggies, etc., etc.

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      we can't tell but we have to be ready to fit in else we be lost. Just as the theory of the survival of the fittest but I think whatever happens it is always our choice to join the crowd or not to. so we can do it our own way not minding what happens

    • profile image

      susieq42 6 years ago

      My only remark is "what's this world coming to?"

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      A lot of things happen. I heard of the case of someone that had sex to cars, robots among others. It will not be a surprise if robots perform more works.

    • profile image

      SusieQ42 6 years ago

      I can't click on interesting but ya, it is, although really strange. Have you heard about the robots that work in hospitals? They give bed baths!