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the friend zone-a guys worse nightmare

Updated on November 28, 2013

So you found the woman of your dreams? She's smart, attractive, and she's everything you have wanted. You can talk to her for hours and be around her all the time. A true friendship has formed that you hope will take you to another level and then your heart drops when she starts mentioning some of her dates.

You are in the friend zone. The man she laughs and jokes while waiting for Mr. Right to appear.

There you sit wondering how this happened? Were you too easy to talk to no matter what? Were you too buddy buddy and perhaps should have approached her differently?

In order to achieve a relationship with the woman that stole your heart you must never fall into the friend zone. You must never pursue the friendship over the relationship status. Sounds simple but there are a few tricks to the trade.

  1. Never leave attraction out of the equation. If you meet with her don't forget to complement her on her figure or looks. Set the tone with greeting her sometimes with a single rose. Hug her like a man and not like her little brother.

  2. Your conversations should be flirtatious. It's okay to tastefully ask her what kind of attire she wears when she goes to bed.

  3. If she asks you how your dating life is going then you can firmly say: “I'm not having luck finding your replacement so I just might have to lay claim to the original.”: Trust me, it will knock her off guard but it will plant the message that you want to be more than her friend.

  4. Stop being her anchor all the time. Women can rely on best friends to always pick-up the phone and chat all night long. Talking to her all night long or being there to talk every-time she returns home for a date should never occur. Every now and then you need to disappear, remember you want to be her desire and not her safety net.

  5. You are not her errand boy, baby-sitter, or comforter. You are not there to eat pizza and be a shoulder to cry on while playing best friend.

  6. Nights in watching the latest chick flick and having pizza should never occur. Every now and then you need to make a suggestion. When it's early and she says she doesn't plan on doing anything; tell her that the night is young put on something sexy and I'll pick you up in an hour. Friends don't ask you to wear something sexy. Friends don't devote their time and attention while having a great time at a local hot spot. Enter the building escorting her with your hand on her lower back but above her buttocks. It's a guiding motion and a way to claim her in public.

  7. You never hang out with her and her girls. You should never be her guy friend that hangs out with several of her friends. You are attempting to establish an interaction and romance with her therefore you need her time one on one.

  8. Do not allow yourself or the woman of your dreams to discuss anything and everything with you. Child hood crushes, favorite comfort foods, current dates and dating advice is off limits. You need a little tension and attraction requiring both parties to stay on their toes rather than be 100% relaxed.

Remember, your relationship intent can be expressed when you turn on your smooth operator vibe. Don't be afraid to stare at her for a minute like you like what you see but then don't say anything. Trust me; friends and best pals don't do that. She might ask you what's with the look, and you say “Nothing. You're my bad habit.” Leave it at that. If she becomes intrigue and wants an explanation, tell her it's too complicated to explain and move onto a different subject. Trust me, keeping a woman on her toes will create intrigue and move you out of the friend zone.

Remember, the worse thing you can do is stay in the friend zone instead of changing the interaction so you can become more than a friend. Remember a lady loves a man to sweep her off her feet and show her interest and care. You will benefit from stepping up and changing the environment and she will become aware that you aren't her male sidekick but a man she wants to know better as something more.


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