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Love padlocks the hottest new thing to do in the USA

Updated on September 5, 2011

Custom Engraved Love Padlocks

Love padlocks are a worldwide tradition where people can lock their love with another forever by attaching padlocks to a gate, fence, pole, or bridge. Any type of affection can be eternally expressed through the locks so it isn't reserved for lovers alone. Many different places in the world have their monuments designated to expressing forever love with love locks including Hungary, Germany, China, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, and now love padlocks are showing up in the USA.

Perhaps one of the most significant inspirations for love padlocks comes from Rome, Italy. On the Ponte Milvio, one of Rome's oldest and most famous bridges, couples have followed the examples of two characters from Fredericio Moccia's popular book and movie, translated I Want You in English. In the story, the male character convinces a potential lover to wrap and lock a chain around a lamppost on the northern side of the bridge. They then throw away the key and the boy tells his potential lover that now they "will never leave each other". Moccia, when asked about the inspiration behind this scenario, reported that he liked the idea of the locks because they were something tangible-a physical embodiment of our emotions. After the book and film couples began to flock to the bridge to express their own commitments. Fredericio Moccia was stunned when he learned that his work had inspired so many people to imitate his characters-a great example of life imitating art.

Unique Expression of Love

It's easy to love somebody deeply-to have a lover, friend, or family member in your life that shapes your happiness-but it isn't always easy to let them know exactly what they mean to you. commemorative custom engraved padlocks are a perfect way to show somebody just what they mean to you. Our custom engraved love padlocks are the perfect unique gift for any occasion. It's the perfect way of letting those significant to you understand just how special they really are. Following an ancient custom, you can "lock your love" to that person or those people important in your life. Engraving a personal message on a love padlock is the ultimate way of saying "I love you" and solidifying those special relationships in your life. No matter the person-or even pet -with a love padlock from you can celebrate love, family, and friendship.


Love, compassion, trust, and pride are but a few of the many emotions that we as human beings feel towards each other. These emotions connect us, but it is often difficult to adequately convey their strength and significance to those we love. Sometimes mere words aren't enough, and in those occasions a unique gift that symbolizes our love speaks what words can't.

Following the example of this beautiful ancient custom, our modern world can now connect through life's most precious moments. The custom engraved love padlock with your own personal message is a representation of love between two people; it is the healing of broken hearts, the bond between friends, and the solidarity within a family-more simply put: it is togetherness. It is not solely about the lock itself, but much like a diamond ring represents the lasting bond of marriage, so does the love padlock symbolize a movement towards love, acceptance, and unity.

It is our desire that each love padlock lock placed will bring joy and create lasting memories which future generations can enjoy and embrace.

Connecting two hearts together Love will be forever

Arizona Lovescapes" - "Locking Your Love" in Sedona, Arizona

People are attracted to the area's spectacular beauty, but they are also drawn by the area's mysticism. The beauty of the "Lovescapes" placed for couples, families, friends and tourist to affix their love padlocks match the surroundings.

Utah "Lovescapes" - "Lovescapes" in Utah to lock your love.

223 South Main Street St. George, Utah

Zion Canyon Village, Springdale Utah

California "Lovescapes" - Califorina LOVE

More to come...

Creative Utah "Lovescape" - Zion Canyon Village, Springdale, Utah

Zion Canyon Village "Lovescape"
Zion Canyon Village "Lovescape"

This "Lovescape" is just outside the entrance to Zion National Park, Utah. The creative design of a giant "Dream Catcher" is amazing. People from all over the world are custom engraving their very own messages and affixing them to this structure.


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