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the life that matters

Updated on February 16, 2011

If only people are humans and humans are people.

It is on this note that I begin these reflections.

I once accuse a person that she is losing her heart. She
gave me a rejoinder by discussing on her blog her actual state of emotion. The
state of her will towards one person… and asked me in the end, “Now bryan, do I have a
heart”. Alas, and forgive me my dearest friend, you had just committed the
fallacy of ad circulum. The faculty of will is entirely different from the
faculty of understanding one’s entirety.

Heart, in greek literature, symbolizes the center of one’s
humanity, of one’s purpose, of one’s existence. On a more holistic perspective,
it symbolizes humanity itself. Unlike in biology which only defines the heart
as the organ that distributes oxygen-carrying-blood in the entire human anatomy
through veins and vessels, Heart symbolizes the rational faculty of mind to
understand things through experience.

The human ability to think abstractly
may be unparalleled in the animal kingdom. Humans are one of only six species
to pass the mirror test —which tests whether an animal
recognizes its reflection as an image of itself—along with chimpanzees , orangutans, , dolphins,
and possibly pigeons. Humans under the age of 2
typically fail this test. However, this may be a matter of degree rather than a
sharp divide. Monkeys have been trained to apply abstract rules in tasks.

The brain perceives the external world through the senses, and each
individual human is influenced greatly by his or her experiences, leading to subjective
views of existence
and the passage of time.

Humans are variously said to possess conciousness, self-awareness,
and a mind,
which correspond roughly to the mental processes of thought. These are said to
possess qualities such as self-awareness, sentience, sapience,
and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself
and one’s environment. The extent to which the mind
constructs or experiences the outer world is a matter of debate, as are the
definitions and validity of many of the terms used above. A philosopher once argued that there
is no such thing as a narrative centre called the "mind", but that
instead there is simply a collection of sensory inputs and outputs: different
kinds of "software" running in parallel.

Motivation is the driving force of desire behind all deliberate actions of human beings. Motivation is based on emotin; positive and negative are defined by the individual
brain state, not by social norms: a person may be driven to self-injury
or violence
because their brain
is conditioned to create a positive response to these actions. Motivation is
important because it is involved in the performance of all learned responses
and the avoidance of it.

or being happy, is a human emotional condition. The definition of happiness is
a common philosophical topic. Some people might define it as the best condition which a human can
have—a condition of mental and physical health. Others may define it as freedom from want and distress; conciousness
of the good order of things; assurance of one’s
place in the universe
or society, inner peace,
and so forth.

Human emotion
has a significant influence on, or can even be said to control, human behavior,
though historically many culture and philosophers
have for various reasons discouraged allowing this influence to go unchecked.

Emotional experiences perceived as pleasant, like love, admiration, or joy, contrast with those
perceived as unpleasant, like hate, envy,
or sorrow.
There is often a distinction seen between refined emotions, which are socially
learned, and survival oriented emotions,

Heart therefore is beyond the Homo Sapien’s ability of thought, to motivate or
even to conjure one’s happiness. After all, all that are only by-products. For heart
constitutes the essence of humanity, the center of existence, figuratively and scientifically.

After all this psychological dissertations, the point really boils down into
this. What made one possesses a heart, for if one wears one, then he can be
considered as human, thus, above the rest of the species.

You think again my lawyer-friend. This thing is better to be discussed over
a super brain freezing frapuccino late and a stick of Marlboro. (One of our favorite pastimes is philosophizing
life over a cup of very very very very dark coffee) But thing is, its not just
of falling in love to one person, or serving a boss so loyal comes high or hell
water. Come to think of it, Humans were created or comes into existence for
much greater purpose….and that purpose is the betterment of the humanity itself.

But for you to serve the purpose one is required to be on the state of full awareness
of everything within and of that that surrounds you…including of being aware of
your state and the state of humanity around you. Yes, it may sound so difficult
if your peripheral vision is confined to a narrow unlightened tunnel which leads
you to an opening you are not even aware of.

I myself don’t know where my road leads to. But one thing I’m sure of, my road
is not a tunnel. The state of attainment is a process. One can not claim that
he already reached it. But at least, I’m proud to wear my heart on my sleeves.

As Confucius once said:

“The ancients who desired to manifest and shine forth their virtue throughout
the empire would first try to govern their own states well;

If they want to govern their own states well, they would first try to regulate
their own families;

If they want to regulate their own families, they would first try to cultivate
and discipline themselves;

If they want to cultivate and discipline themselves, they would first try to
rectify their own hearts;

If they want to rectify their own hearts, they would first try to make their
thoughts and intentions sincere;

If they want to make their thoughts and intentions sincere, they would first
try to perfect their knowledge;

If they want to perfect their knowledge, they would first try to investigate
the nature of all things;

Through the investigation of things, knowledge is perfected,

With the perfection of knowledge, thoughts becomes sincere,

With sincerity in thoughts, the heart is rectified,

Through rightness in heart and mind, the self is cultivated and disciplined,

When the self is disciplined, the family can be rightly regulated,

When the family is rightly regulated, the state can be well-governed.

When the states are well-governed, the whole empire will enjoy peace and harmony”

Live life my friend! (…and life is not in the box! It goes beyond fedman suites!)


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    • wimpyboy profile image

      wimpyboy 6 years ago

      thanks demon

    • The Demon Writer profile image

      The Demon Writer 6 years ago from The Real World.

      Very interesting.