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The Manager Who Loves Me-Office Romance That Became A Reality

Updated on March 10, 2016

After a long job search, I finally landed myself a job with a great company. I gave the job detailed concentration with highest level of my professionalism. I barely even realized I had worked at the new company for 3 months. The team was full of energy and always craving for new ideas. I was convinced I was where I ought to be. I wanted to grow with the company with all my heart. The dream of sustaining top performance at work started dwindling when I was finally assigned to my new manager. She was my first female manager.

On a very sunny day after looking for a place to have a quick lunch but all efforts have proven abortive, I walked back into the office with my head down; feeling so tired and disappointed. The office caterer had earlier resigned in the morning without prior notice. This has left everyone to scuffle for bones around. It was 2pm already, I have got list of cold calls to make which will take me through to 4pm. Feeling exhausted, I picked up the phone and dialed the first client. Ooops! Not at this time. It was a bored client who wanted a long chat by turning a sales conversation to an interview. Where is your company? Who are your directors? Who are your clients? Tell me what you know about ROV…? And he goes on... I was practically answering with both of my eyes closed on my desk. Suddenly in the middle of the phone conversation, I was tapped by someone followed by a strong feminine voice, ‘Gosh! Is this how he works here?’ I immediately lifted my head like I heard the voice of God and positioned like Jordan Belford to conclude my sales call. All along, she sat beside me to watch how I pitched in the rest of the call and how I finally closed the call (not a deal though). She stood at once, shook her head and said, meet me in my office.

I asked colleagues who she was and was told that she is going to be my new Manager. She was on business vacation for about 3 months hence the reason I have not been seeing her around since I came. I stood at once and headed to her office ‘sheeplessly’ as requested. ‘Knock ! knock’, Then she goes, come in please. She had removed her jacket leaving only her inner top. Her skirt was above her knees revealing her magnificent managerial legs. I tried to be professional by looking straight into her eyes while she speaks to me but my eyes kept failing me by always looking down on her, and every time I did look down on her; I was staring at her plutonium rounded boobs. ‘This is going to be a good manager’, I said to myself. Eyes don’t lie. ‘How long have you been here’, she asked; then I replied, slightly more than 2months. My name is Sharon Stone; I have been working for 8 years here. You are going to be reporting to me, and then she paused to see what my response to her news would look like. I gladly said, ‘I am so pleased to hear that ‘. She rolled her eyes and asked, could you please tell me a bit about yourself. I went on with the story of my life and then she came in and asked, aside work; what do you do during your leisure time, I club, do some extreme sport and then write articles. Wow! She exclaimed and became more fascinated.

We got going well at work, she taught me great things I needed to know in order to do my job fine and at a point, I was beginning to have feelings for her and needed to make it known to her until someone does. From the way she also talks, I think she was also falling for me and maybe probably wanted me to make the first move or impress her more. However, it could just be a case of how she manages people to increase their performance. She is 4 years older than me which was a bit of concern for me. Sharon is a very beautiful woman and quite intelligent that every man would always want to be close to. She could be bossy and equally nice when she chooses to. Caution is not to take her calmness sometimes for emotional feelings. From experience, you always think a woman likes you until you ask her out and she turns you down saying she never had feelings for you. How disappointing can this be at work, most especially if she happens to be your boss. I needed to be extra careful and to be sure of the right time to express my feelings for her or else I make a mess of the whole thing.

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It was a very good day. I left the office late, and I was the only one left in the office. As I was heading out of the premises, I saw her sitting on the stairs holding a book. This is a perfect time to get intimate with her. I could care less of the outcome of my feelings. I rushed to where she was sitting, held her two hands and…Read on…The Manager Who Loves Me (Part 2)-The Start Of The Romance

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