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The Manager Who Loves Me (Part 2)-The Start Of The Romance

Updated on March 10, 2016

(Recap)It was a very good day. I left the office late, and I was the only one left in the office. As I was heading out of the premises, I saw her sitting on the stairs holding a book. This is a perfect time to get intimate with her. I could care less of the outcome of my feelings. I rushed to where she was sitting, held her two hands and…

I asked why she was all alone that night still at work. She smiled and gazed at me. I was so pushed to kissing her that night, but the boy in me was too scared of her reaction. This is not just a lady I recalled, this is my boss. I sat beside her and started a conversation with her. There has to be a way to make the first move, I said to myself. I watched as her short skirt clings to her spotless skin as she wriggles while she speaks. I was not ready to go home until she tells me to leave that night. I asked if she was married and no one would be waiting for her to come home that night, and she said she was still single. I tried to conceal my happiness knowing that she’s still single, and then I asked, why a great girl like you would still be single to this moment. You are way too intelligent than to be ignored by any sane man. She laughed and responded ’all men are alike’. Are you talking from experience, I asked. Yes, she said. Sharon, could you please share with me some of your experiences with men, you never know if I would be able point out some areas you need to fix in your life.

She got so emotional in the conversation and told me about her relationships. I shared mine and we started holding hands during our discussion. To my utter dismay, a young man looking well-dressed walked into where we were both sitting. Immediately she sighted the guy, she said to me, my friend has come. We are both heading somewhere this night. See you tomorrow and thanks for keeping my company. For the first time in my life, I felt like my heart was broken. If Sharon was in a relationship with someone, then why did she take her time to have such emotional chat with me that night? Will I have to give up at this stage or should I just assume who the guy is to her is none of my business and move on. Here I am already feeling heart-broken for someone I have not even expressed my feelings for. I walked home like a hunter who mistakenly let out a dare in his trap.

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I could not sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and sent her a text message that read ‘I love you. I am sorry if it sounds rude’. I waited for a response or a call back and nothing came from her. I was confused. The deed is cast already. I have to deal with it by tomorrow at work. I got to the office the next day and intentionally avoided her amidst my colleagues. During lunch, I looked at where she was with other managers-our eyes met and she smiled at me. My day was instantly made. At that point, I needed her love more than I needed the job.

After work, I asked if she could accompany me to take a walk to my place since I stay close to the work place, and her epic answer was, give me your address and I would come after work today. I am not used to having girls fulfill their promises of paying me a visit. Often times I always have to wait and they never show up. I asked why not now, and she assured me not to doubt her and do what she had asked for. I obliged and gave her my address.

After waiting endlessly for about 2hrs into the night and she still hasn’t showed up and no call from her to let me know if her plans changed, I gave up on seeing her that night. While in the world of my fantasy, my phone rang and she was at the door. I felt exactly how black Americans felt the first time Obama won the US presidential election.

I opened the door and she was the one. I rushed to draw her head close and we started kissing immediately. I moved my hand to her chest and began to… Read on…The Manager Who Loves Me(Part 3)-The Ecstasy

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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 13 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      My friend, I was and am right now, SERIOUS with you.

      What a serial-type hub or book this would make.

      I would buy a copy.

    • Elesh profile image

      Elesh 13 months ago from the jungle of Africa

      Haaha. I may think about that in the near future. Thanks for the compliments though.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 13 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      This hub had it all but guns, police raids and bloodshed.

      Great work, my friend. Loved it. Why don't you write a book with this as your base?

      I would buy a copy.