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TRUST. The best gift someone can give you is their trust.

Updated on September 24, 2013

I was reminded of this when recently watching a campaign speech prior to Arnold Schwarzenegger's election in California 'win' three years ago. It is true what he said. "The best thing someone can give you is the trust."

It is also true that you should and cannot expect it to be delivered to you on a silver platter. It is one of those intangible things that has to be constantly worked at.

Just like any successful relationship it requires constant dedication and hard work for it to happen. Constant vigilance is required so it is not lost. For once it is lost its difficult to get back. In a way its like a broken egg or broken hymen. It wont be the same again if you misuse the gift of trust that someone has given you.

Some of the factors which will get you trust are of course honestly in all your dealings and transactions no matter how small. Remember it's the small things that matter and they are of course greater in sum than their individual parts.

As well its important to care. To care for others as you would like to be cared for. Keep this in the fore-thought of your mind at all times and it will be difficult to go wrong. As welll you have to care for yourself. If you care for others and care for yourself then it follows that others will care about you.

Just as an anecdote. I used to know a man who had the biggest house in the the most exclusive street in the most expensive real estate in Australia. He had three top of the line luxury cars. A Ferrari a Rolls Royce and a seven series BMW. He was a money lender. A money shark actually. He cared nothing about anyone but the possessions he had. He steam rolled his relationships and did not care at all about those that were supporting him. Now he has nothing. He has not trust from anyone. He has no possessions and he does not care about himself. In essence he has nothing. In parting their is always salvation and redemption. Remember the classic Hymn about the Pirate redemption in " Amazing Grace."

Trust Issues

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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 8 years ago

      barryrutherford .. Good subject and can be very vast in thoughts. 

      Ten years ago I started a nutrition company with a partner.  I have always had my own business ...and this was a large undertaking to have a partner.  One that could have input about decisions.  I will say that we are still in business and trust is what has made this business stronger and stronger every year.

      Good thoughts best to your success!

    • jstankevicz profile image

      jstankevicz 10 years ago from Cave Creek

      Nice hub. Trust, like most relationship characteristics, is best when reciprocal.

    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 10 years ago from Queensland Australia

      what do you hubbers think ?