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Adam and Eve The First Dysfunctional Couple, Warning Signs That Plague- Commitment

Updated on April 9, 2017


The Game of Love, every one wants to be a contestant, but at times none of us like abiding by the rules.

This article is about power behind the true meaning of love.

Dysfunctional Relationships Between Man and Woman Reach Back In Time

Adam & Eve Banished From The Garden of Eden
Adam & Eve Banished From The Garden of Eden | Source

Separation Between Man and Woman

Dysfunctional relationships are a part of life. Relationships take time, effort, and faith. There are millions of books dedicated to coaching married couples on how- to enjoy a stress free marriage.

However, those who have been married for many years, and perhaps those that have been divorced, or prefer to stay single, are painfully -aware- that there is no- such thing as a stress- free- marriage.

As long as men and women continue to walk on the face of this earth, there will- be issues. Some believe that relationship problems, stem back to the first man and woman, Adam, and Eve.

Deception Tears A Relationship Apart


The Snake In The Garden Of Eden

It is said that the snake, is one of the most deceitful creatures on earth.

The first woman Eve, had an encounter with this deceptive creature. The snake enticed Eve, making her believe, that she could be as wise as her Creator, if she did so.

Eve was not starving, she could eat from all of the trees in the garden, however, we all know- that what most men and women desire in life, are the forbidden things- that we cannot- have.

The snake tempted Eve to take a bite from the fruit, and in return, she passed the tainted fruit over to her husband, who indulged as well.

The first sign of disloyalty between the couple surfaced when our Creator asked Adam and Eve, a simple question, "Why?"

The man replied, "The woman whom you gave me to be with me, gave me fruit of the tree and I did eat."

And the woman responded, "The serpent tempted me, and I ate"

No one took responsibility for their actions. One can blame Eve for not looking out for husband. After she committed the sin, she passed her dysfunctional behavior, on to her husband.

Some could fault Adam, for not sticking up for Eve.

And then there is the snake, the main source responsible for causing strife between Adam and Eve, and most important their creator.

The snake, had a job to do, his mission, was to destroy the first relationship on earth.

In life, marriage without dysfunction, is unavoidable. Problems in marriage, is an ongoing affair, which challenge all-relationships.

Dysfunction In Relationships Seem To Go Hand-in-Hand


She Wants More Than Flowers


Expect A Long Road Ahead

We all- love a good- fairy tale ending, every now and then. Hopeless romantics, have dreams about the perfect relationship. Yet, even "The P relationship lacks problems, everything is smooth sailing.

In real life there are bumps and plenty of rocky roads. Divorce seeks out every couple, even the religious couple. We all have our snakes in the garden.

Many women hang on to the fantasy that their knight in shining armor will come along causing them no problems whatsoever.

As time carries on many women loose their best friend. Married couples don't open up to one another, not like they used to.

Some men expect their wives to meet all of their expectations even with a house full of kids.

Women often try to meet their intimacy needs through verbal communication, according to therapist who counsel couples, women have an emotional need to verbally communicate their problems. A man can bring home roses everyday, but if he fails to say two words to her the marriage is in trouble.

Which leads back to Adam and Eve, was the snake communicating better than Adam that day? Was the serpent telling Eve everything she wanted to hear, even though it was being deceptive?

Perhaps if Adam would have communicated with Eve on the importance of staying away from the forbidden fruit on a daily basis, Eve wouldn't have been tempted.

And maybe if Eve would have shown more interest in Adam he wouldn't have to worry about some old snake in the garden.

The list goes on, but the truth still remains that communication goes beyond the surface.

Communication Therapy Suggest The Following Key Points To Hold A Relationship Together


This Should Come Naturally

1. Express yourselves openly

2. Respect one another

3. Trust one another

4. Share each others interests

5. Love is not a one way street

6. Have A Great Sense of Humor

7. Spend Time Together

Is The Snake Getting The Best Of Your Relationship?


The Relationship Poll

Does A Strong Relationship Require Tons of Work?

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Warning Signs That Plague- Commitment

1. You are constantly fighting

2. Your marriage brings you more misery than happiness

3. You are withdrawn

4. You start deceiving one another

5. You can't stand be around one another

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