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Are you a good friend? Let's see.

Updated on May 31, 2012

Do you think you can pass the test?

What is a good friend? Everybody have their own way of defining the word "friend." To me, a friend is someone who there whenever you need them to be, good times and bad times; a person who you consider "one of the family." I think lately that few people aren't familiar with the word friend.

You have people out there whom you "think" are your friend, but are generally users. Well, how do we tell the difference, Erica? I'm glad you asked my dear readers. There are fun test out there in the world of Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. or you can simply just pay attention to what your friends to do you.

  1. Do your friend call, drop by, or text you?
  2. Do your friend lend an ear during your troubled times?

Things of that nature. Of course, you know, to be a good friend, you have to be a giver as well as a taker. This is something that is completely 50-50.

There are some people out there whose lives resembles the cast of FRIENDS

And there are some people who don't have that type of friendship. So, do you think you're a good friend. Take the quiz.

  1. Oprah's Friend Test
  2. Quibblo's Friend Test
  3. SimiarMinds Friend Test

Take these quizzes and let me know what the test says about you in the comment box below.
Happy testing!

Are you a good friend?

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