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Unique Wedding Themes | Different Themes

Updated on April 2, 2013

Make Your Wedding Different with Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas are hard to come by anymore. Having a theme for your ceremony and/or reception is one way to be different, unique. Wedding themes help narrow the focus for many aspects of the wedding -- decor, cake, centerpieces, colors, dress, hair style, etc...

Everything from Hollywood themes to Arabian Nights and Ancient Greece to Vintage Weddings are included here in one place.

I have loved decorating and helping to plan weddings since I assisted my first bride back in 1987. To see her eyes light up when we stumbled upon exactly what she was picturing in her mind -- well, there is little better than that.

In addition, there are a few articles about choosing centerpieces and using themed centerpieces for your big day. Enjoy!

Image Credit - Mandee Sears

Vintage Weddings: One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style

This is a brand new book out January, 2012. The author, Marnie Fogg, puts together a wonderful journey through vintage weddings for the last 100 years. In over 250 photos, the wedding gowns of the past are immortalized and celebrated in this book. See how each decade or generation pictured their perfect wedding gown as well as the impact on fashion and history.

The book also features a helpful planner for brides wanting to create a vintage wedding from a particular era. Excellent vintage wedding resource!

"All my tomorrows belong to you."

~ sung by Frank Sinatra

Guidelines, Planning Tips and General Help

Themed Centerpieces and Centerpieces

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Thanks for Reading

Themes for a Wedding

I have enjoyed more than 20 years in the event industry and especially love helping brides. I hope you found Themes for a Wedding full of ideas, suggestions and general help for you wedding or event.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Love it, brilliant themese thanks for your help. :D

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great weeding theme ideas.

    • Kumar P S profile image

      Kumar P S 5 years ago

      Great lens ! Informative. Thanks for sharing.

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      tssfacts 6 years ago

      I always enjoy reading your work. You have such an eye for events of any kind. I can't imagine any bride who wouldn't be thrilled to use one of these ideas for her wedding. Blessed by the SquidAngel of Lensographies. You are now feature on SquidAngel Lensographies