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The Self-Debilitating Ravages in Moments of Impending Self-Absorbed Urgency

Updated on November 16, 2010

Unnecessary Turmoil and Strife

Distorted View
Distorted View | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Undeniable Challenge: The Pressing Need to Eliminate Self-Intoxicating Negativity

What are you currently listening to? Would it be the voice of reason, recourse, revenge, residue, recompense, or reverberation? Of the many voices of distraction, conflict and contention within, how do you know what to listen to and what to ignore/delete?

When you have been so programmed by your own self inflicted distorted mind- to believe the lies it has fueled your insecurities with- you are unfortunately hopelessly imprisoned by your own self-defeating thoughts. It’s a full time job keeping up with the heavily aided burdensome laden manner of projection you offer others by ciphering these unwanted notions from your overworked brain.

Your spacey imaginative mind is so dauntingly inscriptive. The hallowed vault meets with ever repeating enlightening glimpses of meaningful resolve turning into descending intolerable morose depression. When you enter at the gates of misunderstanding, neglect and abandonment, you bring the feelings of loaded somber enticing ignorance befalling man as he stumbles into the reality of his own darkened despair.

Where does your attention flow? Do you find yourself mulling over the same old thoughts again and again and again?

Whether they be thoughts despairing grief, competition, comparison or envied jealousy of people, places, things, romance gone awry, careers sideswiped, dreams crashed, hopes dashed and disrupted memories banging at your door, the mind’s unconscious cellar wants to be cleansed of the self-intoxicating demons who reside.

The sanctified soul needs to be recognized, embraced and accepted for the sublime plot she carries out to perfection. Her intent is not to drown and be eaten alive by the piranhas you set loose with every word you utter.

Yet, you refuse to open the barred door. Instead you layer it with more nailed boards in order to remain in preserved inactivity and comforted gloom. The disgruntled present state of your mind mocks you by reinstating how you will never be set free.

But, the sacred sublime soul reinforces in a moment of impending urgency, that unless you have moved from the house of your cherished thoughts or beleaguered dreams of yesterday, they will visit you as demons in the most grotesque form imaginable.

But, you refuse to listen. You turn a deaf ear to the ‘still small voice’ of gentle release.

Why beset and disfigure the present while holding onto images of slipping memories? Locked away in the hovering blood sucking past are your daily allowances of necessary energy to meet the challenges of the present day.

Worry projected in the future finds so many faults with everyone and anything; you cling to nit picking concerns that cause you so much unrest. In other words, you are aging by the second and removing the remotest possibility of ever being attractive again.

And, for what: the heartbreak of bitterness, the loneliness of revenge, the desolation of greed to engulf you in a morbidly antiseptic foreboding death trap?

Overwhelmed, enveloped, swallowed up in self-created theatrical sadness of a supposedly wonderful ‘once in a lifetime’ lost opportunity, you are crippling your accentuated liberty to find and flaunt unearthed artistic creativity.

You can not lose or be denied anything of real merit or inestimable value. It is now, in the present, you propose a state of inherent disability?

If you lingered long enough in this black hole of rotten maggots of the mind/body, you will literally experience a non-productive self-sabotaging mental process that will sap your vitality and destroy your over-all well being.

A more definitive term for what you are doing to yourself would be: debilitating self-intoxication. Because you believe you are so damned special, you have closed your eyes without bowing your head.

Unacceptable behavior for the enriched person who wants to laugh, live and love furiously!

This present state of corosive mind is literally undermining all of your activities. It is coloring your communication with others while prohibiting you from being a fun, spontaneous and creative person. Which, in fact, IS your natural self when allowed to express freely and sexually?

You are giving full reign to a pessimistic never-ending inner dialogue that reduces your ability to concentrate, finish tasks, function optimally; remain cheerful, enthusiastic, interested and helpful.

Your level of sparkling attractiveness is diminished and passionate sexuality takes a back seat. Boring and uninteresting, you are turning into an old fogy way before your time.

Not that there’s anything wrong in growing old; it should be the most celebrated and glorious part of a person’s life!

But, when you don’t feel ‘good’ about the things you do during the day, like finishing tasks, lying, sneaking around, carrying tall tales, cheating, excessive gossiping or procrastinating, you immediately impress upon the mind guilt, shame and resentment with the need to defend yourself..

You end up accusing and attacking others before they have a chance to comment on what you perceive as a poor performance or further yet, an innocently offered comment is begrudgingly misinterpreted.

Self-defensive to a fault, people are beginning to slowly remove themselves from your life simply because of the rat infested molding negativity you posses.

That obsessive suspicious mind of yours sets, establishes, maintains and projects super glued paranoia! You honestly see yourself as a person who got the ‘short end of the stick’ whose ‘victim’ mentality along with the tried and true “feel sorry for me songs” gives rise for others to avoid you like the plague.

Just think about it! If you were not you but someone else, “would you want to dance with that person to that non-negotiable tune?’ Let it go; all of it: immediately!

It will certainly feel strange but strange is certainly more life sustaining than walking zombied poisoned bereavement.



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