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Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Registry Ideas

Updated on March 8, 2016
DeborahDian profile image

Deborah has four daughters, son-in-laws, seven grandchildren and other people for whom she buys gifts. She writes about her best gift ideas

What Are The Best Gifts for a Young Couple? What Should You Ask For in Your Gift Registry?

How can guests help a young couple get a good start in life?  The bride and groom need to pick out a variety of gifts in a wide range of prices.
How can guests help a young couple get a good start in life? The bride and groom need to pick out a variety of gifts in a wide range of prices. | Source

Wedding Gift Registries Should Make Choosing Gifts Easier on Your Guests

One of the most thoughtful things a future bride and groom can do for their wedding guests is to give careful consideration to the items they select for their wedding gift registry. The right gifts will bring pleasure to everyone, both the givers and receivers.

I have four adult, married daughters and, when they registered for wedding gifts, their first thought was always for what THEY wanted. However, I stressed to each of them that their guests may have limited budgets. While I wanted my daughters to get the things they wanted and needed, I also wished for them to be considerate of their guests. I always suggested that they include plenty of practical items that nearly anyone could afford. I also told them it was fine to suggest that groups of friends, such as their co-workers, could go together to buy some of the more expensive items on their list. I didn't want to raise any self-centered Bridezillas who were only interested in getting lots of goodies for themselves! Below you will find some of the suggestions that I made to them.

First, you will want to make sure that your wedding registry includes items that are very inexpensive, in addition to all those "dream" gifts. Many of your old school friends or co-workers may not be able to afford to buy you a place setting of Waterford crystal or imported china. However, your old friends may be delighted to buy you a set of bar utensils or everyday dishes that they will look forward to seeing in your home when you invite them over for a Super Bowl Game or a backyard barbecue.

Next, you will want to include gifts for both the bride and groom. The groom's buddies may feel a little silly shopping for sheets and towels, even if they do it online. However, they may enjoy buying tools or sports equipment for the groom. Again, you want to have items in every price range.

Third, expect to receive items that are not in your registry. When this happens, be gracious about it. There is sure to be a reason why they chose to skip the wedding registry and make their own decision. Perhaps they don't like to be limited when choosing a gift; perhaps the items in their price range had already been ordered by other guests; perhaps they saw something else that they really wanted you to have. Whatever their reason, appreciate the fact that they thought enough of you to buy you a gift.

Pick Your China Pattern

Of course, every bride will want to select a china pattern. Even if she does not get a complete set on her wedding day, she can keep her gift registry so her husband and other relatives can continue to add to her china collection as the years go by.

Our youngest daughter was married over five years ago and we still give her pieces of china from her wedding registry for Christmas and her birthday.

Make sure that the pattern you pick out can be purchased in small, affordable quantities ... by the place setting or, in some cases, even one plate or bowl at a time. This way, everyone can feel as if they can contribute towards purchasing your china pattern.

You Can Choose an Elaborate Pattern or a Simple, Plain One

Wedgwood Nantucket Basket 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1
Wedgwood Nantucket Basket 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1

Plain china is something you can use as is, or mix with other patterns. Many people love to combine a simple set of china with something more ornate ... and there are so many floral and geometric designs you can choose!


Coordinate Your China with Your Everyday Dishes

One trick that I learned from one of our daughters was to coordinate her good china with her everyday dishes so that she could use them both together.

In that way, even if she only had a few pieces of her good china, she could still use them in combination with her everyday dishes when she wanted to set her table for a special occasion. In this way, a bride is going to be less frustrated if she doesn't receive place settings for 12 on her wedding day.

For example, plain white everyday dishes, or dishes with a pattern or color that compliments the one on her good china, is a practical, affordable choice.

Pick Out a Variety of Gifts for Your New Home

When you register for gifts, be sure to pick out a variety of items for your home, including pots and pans, measuring cups, a coffee maker, blender, spatulas, sheets, towels, drinking glasses, wine glasses, mixing spoons, silverware, picture frames, a vacuum cleaner and similar items.

In addition, however, you may want to pick out a few items that you may not have thought of. For example, do you have a hobby and lack some of the necessary equipment? If the bride and groom would like some camping equipment for their outdoor adventure honeymoon, his and hers tennis racquets, or donations for a honeymoon fund, these are also gift ideas that can be included in gift registries.

Don't Forget to Ask for Cutlery, Knives, Flatware and Kitchen Utensils

One type of practical gift that every young couple should put on their gift registry is an assortment of kitchen utensils. This can include place settings of your tableware pattern and a set of knives.

In addition, you will also need a wide variety of handy items for the kitchen including spatulas, storage containers, a paper towel holder, steak knives, and even unusual items you like to use, such as chop sticks. You will also need dish towels, pot holders and similar items.

By including a variety of these items on your wedding registry, you will make sure that your guests will be able to purchase items in a range of prices. Some guests may even purchase several of these small items.


Everyone needs flatware for their table. In fact, many couples will want to have more than the traditional number of eight place settings. Why not ask for enough tableware to serve 16, 24 or more people. Then, you will always have enough spoons for a party, even when you haven't run the dishwasher!

Most flatware is relatively inexpensive, so your guests can afford it, and you can easily get all you will need to last your for years.

Glasses for Your Home

Another item that you will want to ask for is attractive drinking glasses. Again, you will want to choose glasses that you can use with both your everyday and formal china. While you may someday also want crystal drinking glasses to go with your formal china, you will want to be able to set out attractive, affordable glasses long before you can afford enough crystal for everyone.

Pick an attractive pattern of drinking glasses, and ask for enough to serve at least 8 - 12 people.

Invite Your Friends to Go In Together on a Big Item Like a Gas Grill or Wok

If there is a big item you want, like a gas grill or some other larger item for cooking, you might suggest that a group of your friends go together to purchase it. If they do this, be sure to let all of them know how much you appreciate their gift. Don't overlook anyone!

What items do you think should be included in a wedding registry?

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    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      @WriterJanis2: Those were excellent suggestions. I added glasses and silverware to this article. I hope others will have additional suggestions for me to add.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      I would add glasses and kitchenware.