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Three Sisters: Writer, Photographer, Dreamer

Updated on November 16, 2015

Beautiful Dreamer

Then we find, when we take a few moments to look around, how much we are adored, cared for and loved in this space we have created, because of their gifts of love. In dreams we are encouraged to make room for cheerfulness. As we allow the natural fruits of nature to flow to us from spirit their burdens are lifted. We begin to understand what they already know, and to accept that sometimes it is the other way around. We don't just have sisters, we are a sister too.

Our Dream Spots

A quiet visit of sanctuary
A quiet visit of sanctuary | Source
Floating out to sea, to dream
Floating out to sea, to dream | Source
Freedom to float about
Freedom to float about | Source
A Shrine of Beautiful Mystery
A Shrine of Beautiful Mystery | Source

Live in the Same Season

Growing Stories

Three sister all follow under the same star. Born in the same season. I can't help but think it was for a reason.

You'd never know it. They are each as much different as they are alike.

Yet, as they grow older, and just a wee bit bolder, more of the sameness qualities come out.

Each one has boldness, scary thoughts, scary dreams, compassion and creativeness.

Different paths, different troubles, different bursts of the bubbles. Same big heap of tear stained rubbles.

Ventured out in 3 different directions. One south, one north, one traveling the nation.

Each shares the envy and the pride of the other. Ignored, abandoned and adored.

Something that could never change, a bondage that is never broken.


Compassion that grows fuller still, a chain of courage and a strong will.

Love is deep. It makes us weep. It is our constant companion.

Together we walk, hand in hand. You are a friend of mine, I can confide in.

All these thoughts and many others, are what sisters are made of, when they truly love.

What does that look like, someone might say.

It is going for a walk with them, when you'd rather stay in all day.

Listening to them cry over a silly old movie, and remembering the last time you felt that way.

Calling them up, just to talk. No celebration. Just wanted you to know that I care,

and I am glad you are there.

We live busy lives, we forget what we say. We really don't care much for your lifestyle today.

When it comes to sisterhood that need not matter anymore.

There is a bond that runs through us, every woman on every block.

Your dreams and her dreams and their dreams.

We're growing them into stories.

Nature Photos

Following the Same Star

Family Stories

Sisters Love comes and goes.

It is important to celebrate sisters.

A sisterhood is a special bond between woman.

Sister share so many things or they should.

They try to love, they try to be good.

Patience and understanding isn't always a given.

Sisters that are friends are special indeed.

As women we need to honor the sisterhood of all girls.

Into the wilderness, following owl wisdom.

We are chasers of nature in all her beauty, trying to capture it all.

Through a sister's example I share the joy and laughter, Through a sister's experience, Love is all!

Momentos We FInd Trying to Describe Our Love

For the sisters we accept these gifts filling up our rooms, as an expression of their love back to me.

Expanding Our Horizons

Challenges to Explore

Are we more than writers? Yes, photographers, gardeners, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.

do we share more than a poem? Yes, stories, thoughts, feelings, ideas, points of view.

How we love nature, trees, the moon when it is full. Our hopes, our dreams and aspirations.

Yes, nature is our thing, on a almost any day, we would rather sit under a tree,

listen to the birds that sing. We saw a picture once, people in a meadow, sharing with the world, what they see.

You had to notice the communication device to realize they weren't talking telepathically. We want to be here, there,

everywhere, feeling our feet touch more of Mother Earth's ground.

So which is the best? To just quit putting it off, to ask for help, to be sure that is what we want.

A name that relates to stuff nothing like us

or one that at least has a ranking on a front page somewhere. We will not stare at the page no more.

Mostly, how will it be related to what we want to share, to what people are looking for when they think about us?

We write on saving money, on how to search the web. We share our nature pictures, and what the tree just said.

We comment to our friends and neighbors on twitter, facebook, pinterest and then some. Thank you sunshine, for begging us outdoors.

We are expanding our horizons, getting back into volunteering at North Cascades institute, where we learn from nature and science how to preserve the world with love. We love a challenge to explore.

Diaries Then, Journaling Now

Uphold the tradition, start young, there is always something waiting to be said to our private creative selves. Journal often, put on the oil of cheer to bring joy and fun back into this life. We collect pictures with our camera, it keeps our childhood happy.

How Wonderful - Here We Go

Out of this wonderful collection, we have found a few more beautiful ways of expressing how much we love you, when we have no words.

Isn't that what photos are for? Depends on who you ask of course or what books you have read. Such a big deal not to show any favoritism, no faces were shown for many a year.

Now that some faces do show up in our places doesn't mean we don't care about you, that day when that photo was taken maybe it was you behind the zoom. The love is all true.

© 2012 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

Sister Projects

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  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Washington State

    Thanks Janis for stopping by. I wouldn't be the same without them.

  • WriterJanis2 profile image

    WriterJanis2 4 years ago

    I wish I had all those sisters.

  • OhMe profile image

    Nancy Tate Hellams 4 years ago from Pendleton, SC

    I am the youngest of 3 girls and I love my sisters so enjoyed this visit. Thanks.

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    anonymous 4 years ago

    Very useful this topic

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    cjbmeb14 lm 5 years ago

    Very interesting lens.