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Top Ten Best Wedding Invitation Fonts Websites

Updated on September 18, 2014

Top Ten List Of Free and Downloadable Wedding Style Fonts

Beautiful Free Downloadable Wedding Fonts - Fancy fonts for your Wedding announcements and grand dinner events. Simple and easy instructions for loading the wedding fonts into your word documents.

There's a lot of buzz around getting married this year and with the economy the way it is "Do It Yourself Weddings" are coming back into vogue.

These fonts are great for the do it yourself bride, bridesmaid or party planner and if you are going to use a professional printer this is a wonderful way to view several fonts on different printed material before placing your order.

Don't the let the cost of traditional wedding invitations keep you from sending them. With a little creativity and a list of free fonts to choose from, you can easily put together your own invitations for pennies on the dollar.

You could fashion your own invitations from quality paper or cardstock, or you use one of the many do-it-yourself kits available online, or you can locate a quality wholesale printing professional that will do the work for cheap. Either way, your font lists are down below.

image credit: Some rights reserved by 2bsquared designs

How To Download Wedding Fonts

Downloading a new font for use in Microsoft Word is generally very easy. Most of the sites that offer download will offer simple to follow instructions or they will have a self explanatory download button.

1- Download The file - Most of the free download fonts will come to you in a .zip file format. No bother your PC is probably already equipped to open it. When you download the file remember to place it in a folder or on your desktop where it will be easy to find.

2- Open The Folder - Normally double clicking the .zip folder will open the file. After double clicking the .zip folder it should be open so that you can see the content of the folder. In almost all cases your download will produce only one item within the folder. That item is probably a file with a .ttf extension.

3- Double Click .ttf File - This should open up a page that shows the all of the font letters. At the top of the page you should find two buttons to choose from one is "Print" the other is "Install" If you simply want the Font as a guide to letter from print it out.

4- Install The New Font - On the other hand, if you would like to use the font in your word processing software, MS Word , etc. than click install.

After the font has been uploaded a notification that it has been installed will pop up. Once installed you can delete the downloaded .zip file, proceed to your document word processor and begin using your new font.

How to make a simple wedding card!

Are You A Wedding Card Do It Yourselfer?

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      Bob Zau 4 years ago

      I never realized how easy it was to download fonts.