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Trust Is Earned

Updated on May 24, 2008

Just as sure as a baby will poop in its diaper there will be people in this life that you instinctively trust.

Your mom (she gave birth to you), your dada (he was there at the important time, right?), sisters, brothers, childhood friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, classmates... people that you would, and maybe even should be able to, trust.

You'll freely give them information about yourself, you'll (usually without hesitation) allow them to use things that you own, you may even lend/borrow them some money (or other prized possession) so that you feel better about yourself for helping a person in need.

You TRUSTED them.

And now you've come to learn a valuable lesson...

TRUST is EARNED. It is not a GIFT to be given FREELY to PEOPLE that have NO interest in YOU being a BETTER person.

Do you hear me?

When you TRUST someone you are giving to them what you yourself wished you had.

With giving your trust you are being the BIGGER person.

And you feel GOOD about yourself. - For a while at least... until you've figured out (or more likely had shoved in your face) that you've been mislead, abused, taken advantage of... and had your TRUST abused.

And this is no SMALL thing.

And this should remain NO small thing.

Revenge is not only WANTED it is NEEDED... fort your sanity, your well-being, your self-respect.

WHO among us can respect themselves when that BIGGER part of us, the TRUST part, has been stolen, denigrated, abused and tossed aside?

NOT me... not YOU.

SWEET revenge is a must.

Let time pass.... Let the seasons change... let our hurt simmer in the pot of "what will happen"... our VERY being of being what we were before this transgression REQUIRES us to seek revenge in the dark of night... in the shadows of the unknown... at the time of OUR choosing.

Let us LEARN to trust again by being CAPABLE of punishing those that STEAL our trust... in mind and action we can regain our humanity, our humility, our self-worth and personality.

We can RETURN to being OUR SELF once again. Trustful.



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