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There's Power In Trust

Updated on April 6, 2011

Trust and Acceptance

A big part of living a successful life begins with faith. Faith is about
believing in one's ability to make things happen. When faith is put to
work in your life and all its many experiences it is based on an inner
quality called trust. This is often a big problem in the lives of so many
people because to trust means to open yourself up to world. We seem
to associate trust with others but the reality is trust begins inside us.
You can never trust anyone until you have learned to trust yourself.

The reason it is important to be able to trust is because trust is heart
centered that reflects your passion and joy as you share with the
people in your life. The feeling of trust is known to break down walls
that surround a broken heart, the pain of loneliness or feelings of
rejection or disappointment. You are not alone because just like you,
there are many people going through this same life experience of been
in the dark searching for what is known to be true. What they are
searching for is the ability to believe in themselves in their most
darkest moments of living. This is trust at its core.

Here are some tips we can use to learn to put the power of trust back into our lives. The rewards are outstanding because by trusting yourself you are empowered to live the life want you to live, which could be owning a very profitable business, become a best selling author, a
world traveler, or whatever your mind can create that makes you feel good.
Trust in Balance
If you are moving on “auto-pilot” your heart will not shine and your days will cast a heavy on the center of your body. It takes balance to provide the base for being grounded in truth. The key is to believe in the love you have for yourself and you will connect with the foundation of
your inner being. Connecting with nature is the fastest way to develop a trusting relationship. This is what brings balance to your personal and professional and life. This is the connection that builds the foundation that will hold you up during any life crisis. It's a gift from the universe to each day just see and feel the beauty of nature all around you. This is a reminder that let's us know we have a connection with the universe. The more you connect with nature and hold the thought of of all it's creation and beauty is how you become more balanced in every area of your life.
Trust in Power
To be of service is what gives you true power. Know that all you have to do is trust the power given to you. This power is to be of service to others in the world so you can receive all the abundance that is in store for you. This does not mean to freely give away your life, talent or
skills. The power of trust is believing in the exchange of energy that is shared one with another to create abundance and prosperity.It's about trusting in your own power to l eliminate the mental feeling of lack and replace it with abundance. This is trust at its highest because it is
through trust that new ideas and the new beginnings happen.
Trust in Energy
There is no greater energy that that of childhood innocence because it taps into when we are centered and in oneness with the universe. Take a moment and remember the feeling of just being your true self with no cares or a negative thoughts and the ability to speak freely.
Trust that this energy still exists within you and allow yourself to experience this calmness when taking on the biggest obstacles and the biggest challenges in your life. Tapping into this energy will help you to reduce stress and become heart centered and focused. This is
the ever flowing energy that is felt by others with a knowing of this power within them. When you know with feeling this energy you have the power that will help you break the barriers of negative energy in any area of your life.

It is the truest sense of self that comes from just trusting in our energy and the energy signals we get from others. Your goal is to have no barriers or boundaries where energy is concerned and just be in the moment with the energy you are feeling and experiencing. When you
are in the present moment, there is no fear, no doubt, just the power and experiencing all of life’s joys that are given to you each and every day.
Trust in the Journey
Have you ever experienced being stuck? A lot of people get stuck in their own journey. They mentally replay that old tape of the worst parts of their life over and over again in a very unloving and forgiving way. It becomes a vicious cycle of inner self disappointment that entraps you and keeps you in lock down. Instead of getting stuck on your journey, understand that the mistakes you made and will make are life lessons you must learn. In learning
these lessons you learn how to love and forgive yourself. As a stuck adult,we must learn how to be gentle with ourselves and focus on the process of truly growing while on the journey. What is known to be true is that people are searching for a place of belonging and validation.
What you must learn is you are the only one who can a sense of belonging and validation for yourself. When you fall in love with yourself what you desire from others comes so easily.

Remember that your journey is a life experience that will provide you with the wisdom you will need to go out and make a difference in the world. It is your life goal to learn from your past, to live fully in the present, so you can be in preparation for the future. Its all about being strong and having courage to accept change.Change is what life is all about.

Each day presents a new experience and this is called change. When you learn to let go of yesterday's blues your reward is so great. You can stand outside of yourself and get a good look at who you were, what you've done,where and who you are now. What you will discover is relief and love that is reflected with everyone who connects with you on this journey called life. What a precious gift from the universe... enjoy and cherish it.


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