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Truth of womanhood

Updated on August 21, 2018

Why am I emphasising?

While you are reading my hub, I am sure you must be thinking, why am I only concerned with the role a woman plays and not a man? A man works too. Still there stands a lot of difference between these two sexes. A woman does everything for others first. Her mind works 24*7 not just for a single cause, but for the whole world around her. Here on my hub, I am taking you to the insight of womanhood. Please do share your compliments and suggestions throughout the journey of womanhood.

Manhood Vs. Womanhood.

Yes a man also goes through the same lifecycle as a woman goes. But I compare life of females with males here, then males compromise nothing in their life.
Here I start with the life of a baby girl and a baby boy born in a family:

Parents of the girl overburdened with the thought of growing her up in a society where girls are unsafe. Overburdened parents pass off their burden on the girl by bounding her up in everything from her clothes to the time she needs to be home. She has to give each and every detail as to where she goes, who all are her friends, etc. Getting comments on her clothes when she moves out, again eve teasing in public, touching and commenting, etc. She comes back home afraid, if she shares the incident with her parents, restrictions would increase. She sits quite, fighting for everything on her own. What kind of life she grows up in. Have you ever thought with what kind of psychology does a female grows up? Her anxiety levels are so high.

And now the parents of a boy. They bear no concern, as to what their boy is upto. They never stop him coming late at home. Parents just feel so secure that their is nothing that can happen to their boy. But, here I would like to as you all a question, Have you ever thought of putting a restriction to your boy? Why not to stop him for late night parties? Don't you think this would minimize risk for girls too?

Tired of begging for freedom.

"Love is unconditional,
Conditional love is merely an adjustment with the life.

Childhood went off under strict supervision of parents,
Teenage went off convincing parents for every little wish,
As an adult,
Life is going off convincing husband and in-laws.

Tired of this life now,

I want to isolate myself now,

Is this a punishment of being a girl?

Trying to overcome this sadness,
But not able to help myself,
Trying hard to stay alive,
Just for my child,
Who is growing inside me,
And with expectations of getting free.

I would leave no stone unturned to make him/her happy,
If it’s a baby girl,

I will not let her suffer,
I will fill her life with all colors.

I will fight for her at each step,

And will make her strong,

So that she does not have to beg for freedom.

As tears roll down my eyes,
I feel disheartened and weak from inside,
I thought, my love would become my strength,
Never new, he would become the reason of weak strength,
I just find loneliness around me and nothing else,
Gathering all courage for just the baby itself.”

Hard to sip that single cup.

“This abandoned feeling is eating me up,

It is getting difficult to sip a single cup,

I feel so disheartened,

My feelings are hard to be mentioned,

I have no existence as an individual,

My life has become dual,

I feel just as an object,

That has no subject,

Alone I hear my heartbeat,

This is how everyone treats,

I am walking alone,

As if I am somewhere thrown,

Nobody wants to answer my questions,

Nobody bothers and takes tension,

Am I abandoned because I am a girl?

Everyone just wants to see those curls,

Why am I just treated as a sex object?

Where I have no right to object,

This abandoned feeling is eating me up,

It is getting difficult to sip that single tea cup.”

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Eve teasing.

Eve Teasing is very common in India. Women are very easily teased in public. What else can be said for a country where one sex is really unsafe. The men can freely move here and there even at midnight. And girls/women are not safe even in public hours.

Eve Teasing touching girls/women on private parts in public, or holding off their clothes or there accessories in public. Passing off bad and insensible comments for girls are also a common phenomena seen at most of the places here.

The part which hurts me the most is, when a girl is being teased, in spite of blaming the culture or the people doing this wrong act, the girl is the only one who is blames for this. I often hear people say "Look at her clothes, she deserves this" OR may be "She is the one who tempted the man to do this". What kind of society we live in. I feel ashamed to see this. Such a male dominated and heartless society is this.

Gang rape 1997

Gang rape 1997

Recently I came across a case of gang rape in the year 1997. Listening about rape cases has become very common these days. Still this gang rape case shocked me limitless. In this case a girl who was very intelligent and hard working was raped by fourteen people. These fourteen people included some from nearby shops whose professions were tailor, confectioners etc. others were strangers.

All these people used to sexually abuse the girl daily when she went to school or market or anywhere out of her house. The girl did not keep quiet and raised her voice against all. She gave them warning first but when they did not understand she slapped one of the guys.

Guys became annoyed and for this they all planned to kidnap the girl. They kidnapped her while she was on her walk in the morning. They took her to a nearby jungle at night and one by one sexually assaulted her in a brutal way. Some passerby’s heard her screaming and they instead of helping her joined those people in this brutal task.

While writing this, my hands are shivering and I am getting Goosebumps, thinking as to what state of mind that girl would have faced at that moment.

Girl’s parents were on a search for her and they found her with the help of police in the jungle. The girl went in comma. After some days she came out of the comma, still couldn’t come out of the trauma of her rape. She could recover physically but not mentally.

All those 14 people got life imprisonment in the year 2003. But I don’t think that was just enough for them. These kinds of people who are short tempered and look for instant solutions like this should be tortured physically and mentally for their whole life, so that they and others who are planning to do such a thing can learn a lesson for their whole life.

The girl eventually couldn’t take it anymore and died in the year 2009. But she was actually dyeing each day in those 12 years also. What kind of society is this?

Sex racket in massage parlours.

Yesterday only I saw a serial on one of the channels. It was on human trafficking. Three girls came to Goa in search of a good paid job in a massage parlour from Mizoram. All of them were so happy and excited for this new job. There, they met their boss who was a lady, running that massage parlour. That lady offered them a real good place to live in, with a free day to know that place. She seemed really nice and kind to all these girls. Three of them were now happy for their new job and were really excited to join the next day. The lady taught those girls nicely, how to massage and make their clients happy and satisfied and made them understand, that if they do a good job, they can earn good revenue as a tip. Some days passed and now the client that came was a man, who asked the girl to massage at the area where the girl was not ready to. He became angry and complaint this to the girl’s boss.

Now the girl explained everything to her boss. The girl was confident enough, that her boss will surely understand her. But, to her surprise came a big shock. The boss slapped her, torn-off her clothes and threatened her. The lady asked the girl to do whatever she has been asked to do. Girl stood shocked and filled with tears. Now she understood everything and came to know that she is now stuck up in a sex racket. She, with two of her friends gathered all courage and with the help of two men, somehow escaped from that place. But, what this incident would have marked in her mind? Will she ever be able to trust mankind?

Sexual Harassment- Is it worth it?

“From early ages, women have been exploited at every stage and at every place. Times changed, trends changed, customs and beliefs changed, but atrocities faced by women in every sphere of life has been on a rise.

Now and then, we hear and read, “Minor being raped”, “a senior citizen being raped”. What has happened to our society and people living in here? Have the country forgotten the word Humanity?

Have we forgotten how to respect women? Have we become so cruel? How can one be sexual satisfied by ruining a girl’s life mentally and physically?

A majority of working women experience sexual harassment, whether it’s a multinational company or a bank or women serving for the nation. In every sphere of life, she has to fight for this. Her life starts from criticisms and ends with same. In spite of all this, only few are able to speak. And those who speak up are sometimes so traumatized to report the incident, because after effects of her speaking up had been dreadful. She loses her job and is being secluded from the society as if she has done something wrong.

Some are embarrassed to tell their colleagues fearing, they will be blamed. Imagine the mental state of the victim who had such a dreadful experience in her life. She remains completely in a state of shock. She can neither tell anyone about this incident nor can she file a formal complaint for the same. A male dominated society does not let her do this.

A woman does everything to save relationships and jobs. She maintains a perfect balance between her home and work. And in return, she gets what, Harassment? She is not an object of sexual pleasure. She is to be respected same as the men are respected.

When woman gathers courage to speak up, others will surely do. Whenever you have someone nearby you who has been sexually harassed at work or home, please do not ignore or ridicule her. Help her raise her voice. The same can happen with anyone. She is also someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, someone’s sister. She can be yours too. Respect women. Let them be free.”

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      24 months ago


    • profile image

      Ruth McCollum 

      2 years ago

      Love this I really do!!!

    • bibliopola profile image

      Işın Tuzcular 

      4 years ago from Istanbul

      Gang rapes in your country makes me sad and angry but in Turkey women also are subject to violation, rape etc. We have a male dominated culture too. It is hard to be a girl, a woman.

      Very good hub.


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