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Tulle Wedding Favors

Updated on September 12, 2014
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Tulle Wedding Favor Ideas

What kind of wedding favors can you create with tulle? Our answer to that is there is no limit to the things you can create with tulle for wedding favors.The color choices are almost limitless ! Two colors can be combined ! Everything can be wrapped in tulle ! Tulle is traditional, but can also be made into chic, romantic or rustic.

Your wedding favors are a thankyou to your guests for being part of your special day. Think about the statement that you want to make to them.

Not only is tulle elegant, but it is also economical. It can be purchased by the bolt and cut into the exact size that you need.

With a color choice and the choice of favor, it can be themed to almost every wedding. Here are are best tulle wedding favor ideas to get your imagination going !

Tulle Rounds - Easy to Use And Precut

Tulle rounds are the easiest way to make a wedding favor ! You simply place your favor in the center. Gather it up and tie with the ribbon of your choice. These favors look great on your tables and will color coordinate to your theme or colors' They come with a straight cut or a scalloped cut. Some come with ribbon edging. They can be plain tulle or with design.

Tulle Wedding Favor Bags - How About Sugared Nuts Or Candy?

These tulle bage make your wedding favors even easier to make. You simply fill the bag and full the drawstring. You can fill these bags with the mimimal of fuss and still have an elegant bridal look. Use candy, votive candles, soaps, tea bags, little coffee bags..these favor bags will help you keep on budget.

Fill these bags with Sugared Nuts for a unique favor idea

Flower Bulb Tulle Favor

Wrap a flowering bulb in plastic and the in tulle. Wrap with a ribbon. Add a tag with directions om one side and your monogram and wedding date oin the other. You can buy bulk bulbs in Costco or Sam's Club

Tulle Centerpiece Idea

Save money on your centerpieces. Group your tulle wedding favors on a cake plate or other plate in the center of your table

Tulle Nut Cup Idea

You can make a little tulle skirt or tutu. Take a nut cup. Wrap tulle around the base and secur with a rubber band. Cover the rubber band with ribbon and you have a delightful tutu nut cup.

Tulle Wrapped Favor Box

Add A Little Touch Of Tulle

If you are using favor boxes or plastic boxes for favors, you can add a little touch of tulle by wrapping the box with a tulle ribbon. You can use just about any color you want. So if you are using white boxes, add a tulle ribbon. This is am inexpensive idea that will add some bling to your décor with very little fuss.

Spoonful Of Kisses In Tulle Netting

What You Need

Plastic spoon is your choice of colors

Chocolate kisses

Narrow satin ribbon

Tulle in the color of your choice-tulle rounds could be used


Place two wrapped kisses on the end of a colored plastic spoon that coordinates with the wedding colors, and wrap the end of the spoon with a square of matching tulle netting. Tie the netting with narrow satin ribbon, and give spoonfuls of kisses away at the reception. You can add a tag to this favor with yoour monogram ! Will look very cute near on on each place setting

More Tulle And Kisses Ideas

Tulle and Kisses Just seem to go together in any wedding theme. They make a very tasty wedding favor. The best thing about kisses is that they come wrapped and are very easy on your wedding budget. Here is a list ideas for your tulle and kisses favors.

  • Simple Kisses Wedding Favor It's the easiest idea of all. Wrap some Hershey kisses in tulle rounds. Gather the rounds and add some thin ribbon. Just add a tag that says "Hugs and Kisses"
  • Basket KissesWrap your kisses in tulle, secure with thin ribbon.Place them in a little favor basket. Add a tag,, "Hugs and Kisses from the newly wed Mr. and Mrs."

Traditional Almond-Tulle Wedding Favor

Almond Wedding Favor

Sugar coated almonds

Tulle or tulle rounds

Thin ribbon


DirectionsTake 5 almonds in your choice of color. Wrap tulle around them and secure with a ribbon, Add the following verse on a tag.

Five candied almonds for each guest to eat

To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.

Five wishes they hold for the new man and wife:

Health, happiness, wealth, children and a long life!

Champagne And Tulle Wedding Favor

Champagne Glass Wedding Favor


Small plastic champagne glasses


Satin ribbons 1/2" wide

Red silk roses

Baby's Breaths

Mints, almonds or nuts

Fill the glasses with mints and almonds. Place the glass in the center of the tulle. Gather the edges and twist the tulle directly over the glass. Secure the tulle by making a bow with the satin ribbon. Paste red silk roses and baby's breaths on the satin ribbon.

You can add a tag or a monogram or a flower to make it even moree special

More Tulle Wedding Favor Ideas

Almost anything can be wrapped in tulle and be made into a wedding favor. Your wedding favors are a simple thank you to your guests. Follow your theme or color and be creative. Here are some more ideas for yoour tulle favors.

  • Individual Candy Bars Wrapped In Tulle Take your favorite candy bar. Wrap some colorful paper around it then wrap in squares or oblongs in tulle. Tie each end with ribbon and place on your tables
  • Wrap A Piece Of Seasonal Fruit In Tulle Great idea instead of sweets

Consider Shells And Tulle Favors

Great For Tropical Or Destination Weddings

Shells are an excellent wedding favor idea and tulle is a prefect way to hold them. This is a great idea if you are having a destination wedding or a tropical wedding. It is a nice remembrance of your destination wedding. Or if you live in Florida, like I do, it is a nice remembrance of your special day.

You can use the tulle bags to hold your shells, or you can use a large shell like we did and use them to hold almonds or other candy. The tulle is wrapped around it and gathered with a ribbon

Ribbon For Your Tulle Wedding Favors - Chose By Theme, Season, Or Colors

The ribbon you chose for your tulle favors can be defined by your theme. Or if you choose a colored tulle, you can chose a neutral color for your ribbon or you can chose a second color as part of your décor. Depending on how you want to define your favors, they can blend in or give a little pop to your tables.

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