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Types of Friendships.

Updated on April 30, 2012

There are friendships in life that can build you up and that can break you down as person and there are types of friendship that you should not have in your life.

A healthy friendship it consists many good characteristics such as trust, loyalty, emotional respect and kindness to name a few. A healthy friendship is enjoyable and enhances one’s life in a very good way and both parties in the friendship are happy.

On the other side of the coin is a toxic or unhealthy friendship, a bad friend is someone who does not respect or listen to you, someone who is always trying to make you feel like you can’t do anything and not happy with your achievements.

Characteristics of Friendships

Trust and honesty
Respectful and supportive
disrespectful and judgemental
understanding and caring
mean and back stabbing
kindness and mutulal affection
selfish and makes you feel guilty for nothing

Then they are friendships that you must not have in life and these types of friends that you must get rid of if you have in your lives are:

>The friend who always forgets that they were supposed to meet you for lunch and makes promises that they will make it up to you but never do, it is a sign that she or he is no longer in need of your friendship and have moved on with their lives.

>The friend who is always judging and very critical about everything you do and then makes fun of you while you are not looking and the friend who is always having a bad day and their moods can be really suffocating and you will not benefit anything from a friend who always has something negative to say


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