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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Updated on March 24, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Practical And Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

It's those little touches that make your wedding reception personal to you and your spouse to be. Making your wedding a memorable occasion is not about how much money you spend. It's about making your occasion joyous and fun. It's about making the guests at your reception comfortable. It's about letting them know how happy you are that they are part of the special day that starts your new life together. So here are some unique ideas for your wedding reception that will set you apart from the "just another wedding " to "wow what a wedding !" Chose one or more of these ideas to create a day to remember !

How about a Flip Flop Station?

Make your guests feet happy and they will dance all night !

Ever think about making your guests feet happy at your reception. How about a flip flop station ? Of course this would be perfect for a beach or nautical wedding, but it's not just limited to those themes. You could use a pair of flip flops for each guest with their names and table numbers attached on a card. Or you could leave a basket near the dance floor or on table directing them to help themselves ! After a few hours on their feet, your guests will appreciate it for sure. You can get pairs of flip flops at the dollar store or online in bulk

Reve Up The Party With Glow Lights - Everyone Loves Them

Once the dancing gets started, have your DJ give out some glow lights to your guests and watch the dance floor light up ! Adults and kids alike love to have fun with these. You can leave them at each place setting with a little note to light up when the music starts

Glow Sticks 100 8" Light-up Glowstick Bracelets
Glow Sticks 100 8" Light-up Glowstick Bracelets

For very little for the pack of these bracelets, you will have a ton of fun on the dance floor


Have A Food Truck Adventure

Hire s food truck to serve a unique food or dessert as part of your celebration. Maybe it's a food linked to your heritage. Or a special dessert that you really enjoy. AS long as your vendor is ok with the idea, this will add a touch that your guests will long remember

Add Welcome Table

There are so many ways to welcome your guests ! Your welcome table can be in the lobby of your reception venue or in an area within the reception room. You can have a table that carries through the theme of your wedding. It can hold your place cards and seating charts. You can have a table with pictures and a guest book. You can hold your wedding favors on your welcome table. It's just an extra thoughtful thing that you can do-an extra touch that tells your guests that you care.

Create A Lounge Area

Create a lounge area outside the main area where your guests can spend some quiet time and socialize. You might provide a coffee and tea service. If might be a campfire. It might be set up like a living room. Make the area comfy and cozy !

First Dance Confetti Drop

Want to create a really unique photo-op that will leave your guests sighing. If you are having a slow romantic tune for your first dance, how about a confetti or flower petal drop while you are dancing that one dance you will remember your entire life? Just make sure not to have so much confetti or flowers that it will make too much of a mess....You'll need to get it cleaned up before your guests take to the dance accidents on your special day. Talk to your florist or reception vendor for the arrangements

More Memorable Touches For Your Wedding Reception

  • Leave request cards for your DJ or Band at each place setting- Encourage your guests to take an active part in your music. Print request cards at each place setting and have a member of your wedding party pick them up
  • Add a midnight snack if your wedding reception is a late one. Think fresh cookies and milk shooters or iced coffee. Pastries and coffee or tea. Waffles or crepes are great too. Perfect way to send your guests on their way especially if they have been drinking alcohol
  • Instead of the traditional champagne toast, have a champagne cocktail station set out before the reception
  • Craft Beer Tasting Station-With the popularity if craft beers, why not add a craft beer station. Add some crackers and cheese and your guests will appreciate this pre reception tasting
  • Add a favorite snack for your guests to nibble on between courses. Peanuts popcorn or pretzels in buckets on your tables will keep your guests happy and satisfied while they are waiting. Great for nibbles while they are dancing too.
  • Anniversary Time Capsule-Have guests write notes to the bride and groom. Supply envelopes and seal all the notes in a special box to be opened up at their first anniversary
  • Confetti Bar- Let your guests be creative and have fun. Have a table with containers full of different kinds of confetti with bags. Let them mix their own confetti mix to shower you with when you leave. You cam also use candy sprinkles instead of confetti

Extra Entertainment -Themed To Your Reception

You might have some very unique local talent that you could hire for your reception. It might be a local barbershop quartet, maybe a marching band or even a specialty dance group or couple. Perhaps you would like to have a Mariachi band. Maybe you could hire a fortune teller. Think about something unique especially if it is local talent. You will add a memorable touch to your wedding for sure

Spice Up The Bathrooms In Your Wedding Venue

You can add some pizazz to the bathrooms of your wedding venue with just a few touches. Just another way to let your guests know how much you care about their comfort. Add some special paper hand towels in your wedding colors or theme. Add a spray in a scent that will remind them of your special day. How about a bowl with the scent that will remind your guests of your theme? Just add some flowers, shells or whatever matches your day. It's just a few easy touches to ramp up your theme

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

Instead of a dessert table, why not have a soda fountain service for your guests. Serve ice cream cones, sundaes, or specialty items. This can be a fun ending to your special day ! Include milk shakes, floats and specialty sodas. This is a great idea for a non alcoholic wedding reception

More Unique Wedding Ideas

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      We used the glow sticks and glow wrist wraps at our wedding 4 years ago and everyone had a lot of fun with them

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      We used glow sticks and glow stick bracelets at our wedding 4 years ago and everyone enjoyed them a lot. Brings out the inner child, lol

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I like the confetti and glow stick ideas particularly.