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A Token Of Your Affection:Wedding Favors That Don't Cost A Fortune

Updated on October 13, 2009

As a gracious and generous host you'll want to send your guests home with a little something to remember you're big day. The subject of wedding favors is a hot topic, with many couples wondering if they're something you can skip in order to save money. The answer of course is a personal choice and if you really feel strongly about it then eliminate them but as for this girl, I say No way can you skip them! Favors are a must have and guests deserve a little something more than just the great memories to take home with them. After all they took the time, trouble and travel expense to be with you.

Your choice of favor should keep with the theme and style of your wedding or a reflection of the season or time of year and it should definitely represent you! There are countless ways to personalize your favors and there's a world of inexpensive options open to you. Here are a few unique and creative suggestions to get you started...

* The gold standard of wedding favors and a popular choice among many couples is of course - Godiva Chocolates. There's something very elegant about that little gold box of candy with it's colored velvet or satin ribbon that gives guests a taste of the good life. You'll be surprised at how affordable the two and four piece boxes actually are, making them an ideal choice. Check out for more information.

* Music CD's are gifts that will bring back memories of your magical day each time your guests listen to them. You can include movie soundtracks, classical collections, favorite artists, greatest hits or compilations you make yourself using your favorite songs. Print your own labels to personalize your mixes.

* Garden rocks with words engraved on them are a great gift and can double as table decoration. These pretty little smooth rocks come with words like, Love, Trust, Wisdom, Hope, Peace, and can be found at craft stores. Buy an assortment so each guest gets a different word.

* Stick with an old tradition and send guests home with a slice of wedding cake or grooms cake set in specially shaped boxes for this purpose. Check out for examples of cake slice boxes.

* Find card decks with theme ideas on them, such as a collection of ways to spend a rainy day, simplify your life, rekindle romance etc.. These are usually found in the gift section of a bookstore.

* Playful couples can give out great nostalgic toys for under $10 each (some for under $5) Choose from classics like Etch a Sketch, Magic 8 Ball or the new pink version called Magic Date Ball (to be used for all those romantic questions) Slinky and Super Soakers are a great choice for informal outdoor or backyard weddings.

* Look for favors that serve a greater purpose, such as the pink pins from Avon where a percentage of purchase goes to breast cancer research. You can find a wealth of great charities with gift tie - ins to raise money for a cause at

* If you are among the couples who wish to donate to charity in your guests names instead of giving out favors, be sure to print out the announcement on a pretty card with color print. Attach it to some candies or a printed poem on a laminated card - something tangible and not just an announcement.

Whatever you choose make sure to package your favors with great presentation to give even the most inexpensive choice a little bit of flair. Check the craft store for colored miniture gift boxes in bulk or go to to find creative designer - style boxes and containers for low prices.


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