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Unusual Wedding Favor Ideas

Updated on January 14, 2015

Are You Searching for Some Unique Ideas as Wedding Favors?

Do you want something a bit different...something that will be remembered...something unusual wedding favor?

This lens may give you the answer and provide you with some ideas to get the creative juices going!

You can relate your favors to a theme, a particular lifestyle, a hobby or particular interest of you as the bride and groom.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

wedding favor
wedding favor

Use a wedding favor that enhances your individuality. Choose something that includes a hobby, your profession or something that you have a penchant for.

Here we have a collection of candles...perhaps your hobby is candle making.

What follows is a selection of themes and for each a selection of ideas.

Photo Credit

Themes for Favors

The Categories
The Chef
The Garden
The Bar
The Bride and Groom
Family Name
A list of the categories of themes to be found.

The Chef

Who do you think fits in this section? Here are some ideas:

  1. Chef / cook
  2. Home cook
  3. Foodie
  4. Food critic
  5. Baker
  6. Keen cook
  7. Fans of cooking shows on TV
  8. Let's add someone who loves to eat!

Favor boxes
Favor boxes | Source

Cookery Ideas

Cooking programs on TV have become so popular over the last few rears that there are many new converts to home cooking. Of course there have always been dedicated cooks but it does seem that more people are interested these days in the art...even if it's just to look at!

Here are a few ideas you could use for your wedding favors:

  • Make a sweetmeat (small candy) and place in an organza bag or small box
  • Miniature whisk or other mini cooking utensils
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter.
  • Heart shaped measuring spoons - perhaps engraved with the wedding details.
  • Tea infuser.
  • Salt and Pepper shakers
  • Engraved wooden spoon
  • A sample of your favorite treat with the recipe attached.

Heart Theme Whisks: Unique Wedding Favors, 50
Heart Theme Whisks: Unique Wedding Favors, 50

These lovely little whisks with a heart accent in both the whisk and on the handle are ideal as a favor for the bride and groom who are interested in cooking. They are sturdy and made of stainless steel. They are useful (such as for making cocktails) as well as being an unusual wedding favor that will remind the guests of the couple's special affinity for cooking.

Comments from reviews do indicate that the boxes do not add value to the whisks and many have merely removed them from the boxes, attaching the bow to the whisk. That's up to your choice.

Heart shaped measuring spoons
Heart shaped measuring spoons | Source
Kate Aspen Simply Elegant Love Beyond Measure Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons in White Box, Silver/White
Kate Aspen Simply Elegant Love Beyond Measure Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons in White Box, Silver/White

Usable heart shaped measuring spoons. Yes, they do measure!

Now I was given a set of measures and I use them all the time. Not quite as unusual as these though!

Also useful for a kitchen tea!


Do you like the idea of wedding favors related to cooking?

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Spelling Debate

You will notice throughout that I use favor but I am actually used to favour. Favor is American and favour is English...or New Zealand or....!

Do you favor favour or favor?

The Garden.

Who or what fits the garden category? Let's look at some ideas:

  1. Gardener, whether an expert or just a keen amateur.
  2. Landscaper
  3. Keen home gardener
  4. Hobby gardener
  5. People who enjoy the garden!
  6. A garden wedding or reception

The Garden

Garden wedding
Garden wedding | Source

Mini Garden Tools and Seeds

Planning a garden wedding can lend itself to a garden theme. Even if your guests are not keen gardeners themselves most people enjoy being in the outdoors and will enjoy a garden wedding.

Keep the theme going with your favors. Here's a couple of ideas to start you off.

Your guests will love mini garden tools. Great as party favors for any occasion such as a garden themed bridal shower or wedding reception. Depending on size of the tools they could be used as cocktail sticks too! Bigger ones could be taken home by your guests to use in their pot plants.

And I love the idea of a packet of seeds for each of the guests. These can be specially printed with the bride and groom details on the packet. Here are a few seed packets available online...

25 Forget Me Not Seed Packet Favors (F02) "Love Blooms"
25 Forget Me Not Seed Packet Favors (F02) "Love Blooms"

What a lovely way to plant the seed of love! These packets include growing and care instructions.

25 Individual Sunflower Seed Favor Packets (F04) "Caution, Seeds Contain Love"Great For Weddings!
25 Individual Sunflower Seed Favor Packets (F04) "Caution, Seeds Contain Love"Great For Weddings!

This comes in a pack of 10 packets and has the growing instruction on the front. An idea given by two reviewers is to attach a ribbon on the corner and place either a charm or thank you card. Sunflowers are usually easy to grow and will be a lovely reminder for guests of a happy event.

flower cupcake
flower cupcake

Cupcake Idea

I took this photo at Valentine's Day with the permission of the florist. Now wouldn't that make a lovely wedding favor? You could use some of the lifelike silk flowers found these days if you prefer...they would keep better! And of course, if you really wanted to you could have actual cupcakes decorated as a flower.

You could arrange for cup cake wrappers with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the event.

You may prefer something a bit longer lasting than real flowers or a cup cake. These days you can get some very pretty silk flowers that look quite real.

  • Daisies, for example, have a long history of romance...'he loves me, he loves me not'.
  • Roses
  • Orchids

Do you like the idea of using seeds and trowels as wedding favors?

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The Bar

So who do you think fits here?

  1. Bartender
  2. Pub owner
  3. Wine buff
  4. People who make their own beer and wine
  5. And, not forgetting...those who enjoy a drink!

Wine charms
Wine charms | Source
Wine charms
Wine charms

Wine Charms

You can probably tell from the photo that this has been taken by me using my mobile...I'm no photographer and that's for sure!

This is a collection of wine charms that I have and thought it would make a lovely idea as a keepsake for a wedding. It obviously fits with the bar theme...

My wine charms have a New Zealand theme as the hand made art glass charms by Smashing Art Glass represent Maori carvings such as the Koru (New Zealand native fern).

I have two charms that came with some wine purchased from Yealands Winery. Each of these charms has a story to tell:

Babydoll Sheep 'mow' the grass between the vine rows and because they are miniature sheep they are unable to reach the grapes!

The windmill represents a renewable energy resource at the vineyard.

Perhaps you can find a set of wine charms that tells your story!...

Fashioncraft Chrome Bottle Stopper with Crystal Heart Design
Fashioncraft Chrome Bottle Stopper with Crystal Heart Design

Not diamonds...crystal will do!

Wine bottle stoppers are a practical and functional wedding favor, and can also be used as a bridal shower favor or rehearsal dinner gifts.

Don't forget that the little whisks can come under the Bar category as they will make great little cocktails! Refer back to the Chef...


Bottled Drink

I used the small 'milk' bottles (shown at the right of the picture) at Christmas for those who didn't drink alcohol. I poured orange juice in and served it with a colorful straw. It then occurred to me that you could make a selection of drinks as a wedding favor. Especially great for the bride or groom who like to make their own beers, wines or liqueurs. Just get some fancy labels printed to stick on or make tie on tags. And if it's a non-alcoholic drink attach a straw too.

If you like you could include a recipe for the making of the drink or a few suggestions on how you can use the contents...over ice cream, make a liqueur or more.

Bottle opener
Bottle opener | Source
Heart Accented Key Bottle Opener Favor (Set of 50) - Wedding Party Favors
Heart Accented Key Bottle Opener Favor (Set of 50) - Wedding Party Favors

In keeping with the romance of the day these heart shaped bottle openers come as a set of 50 comes in a box with card, organza bag and ribbon.


Have you found something in the bar to titillate you?

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The Bride and Groom

The Bride and Groom

This is something a bit different to give your guests a sweet treat...little boxes representing the bride and groom. You can get little boxes shaped as a tuxedo and a wedding dress, representing the bride and groom. It's something different to the usual organza bags.

And of course there are these can holders...(particularly suitable for the garden wedding)

Bride and Groom favor boxes
Bride and Groom favor boxes | Source
Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Mr. and Mrs. Can Coolers Gift Set
Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Mr. and Mrs. Can Coolers Gift Set

These foam can coolers are punctuated with a red heart. Of course they are suited to cans but will fit cups and bottles too.

It's a great idea if your wedding reception is held outdoors. Imagine your guests wondering the garden or beach with their hands wrapped around the coolers....

Does this mean I should have put it in the garden section...or maybe the bar!?


Family name

Family Name

wedding favor bell
wedding favor bell | Source
Bell favor
Bell favor | Source

Our family name is Bell so this would be an idea for a wedding favor for us.

Actually at our own wedding we spent months eating chickens and saving the wishbones. After cleaning and drying these were sprayed in silver and each tied with a ribbon and attached to a small parcel of sugared almonds.

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    • profile image

      soaringsis 4 years ago

      These are lovely wedding ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      It is almost wedding season again. Last summer my daughter married her soul mate so I am planning on a little quieter summer this year.