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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, but Which Flower Says "You"?

Updated on January 18, 2018

My Wedding Bouquet

The hills are alive

"Flowers are the music of the ground, from the earths lips spoken without a sound." Edwin Curran

The hills are alive with the sound of music, sang Julie Andrews. Could it be that flowers can actually speak without saying a word? As a child I was always so taken with flowers. My backyard would often go un-mowed for long periods of time, and wildflowers would just take over. I always felt as though I was in heaven. My garden now is a far cry from the fields of never-ending wildflowers. But whenever my husband gifts me with a bouquet, I instantly feel loved.

It is said that each flower has a special meaning. Flowers are so special that each province in Canada designates a flower as their own special flower.

The meaning of flowers

Flowers are the universal gift and with valentines coming up, and so many varieties of flowers, it can be difficult to determine which bouquet to purchase. Here are some tips to help you choose the flower with the most meaning for that special someone, based on some of the most popular selections.

  • TULIPS - are great coming close to spring! They simply mean, "I love you." They are great for someone who doesn't necessarily care for roses, they are easy to care for, and pretty reasonably priced. It could also be for a new and budding relationship or friendship; a sweet gesture of a new beginning.
  • LILIES - are all about, "Beauty." If you are going to give these for valentines, a pink colored lily is the way to go. White leaves an impression of Easter. These are also great for the elderly population; however, make sure they aren't allergic!
  • DAISIES - one of my personal favorites aside from Roses and Orchids, as they are just such a HAPPY flower. They simply say, "We understand each other." For me they indicate fun and playfulness, or a "get well soon." Depending on what your relationship style is, this could be a great pick.
  • ORCHIDS - say, "You're beautiful." A great choice in any case, and absolutely beautiful, as they are very unique. I personally chose these for my wedding as they really just have that "wow" factor. They are also the most unique of all the flowers in my opinion. PLUS! You can buy them as a plant and keep them forever. They are very hardy and easy to care for.
  • MINIATURE ROSES - say, "You're sweet." Depends how far you are into the relationship, and again, what you're relationship style is. This would be great for a daughter, niece, special friend or a relative. It would be great for grandma as well. It would be great for your sweetheart; however, if you are looking to impress, go for the stems!
  • ROSES - "A Rose by any other name." Roses are like the gold standard. There are over 13,000 varieties of roses, and are the most purchased at Valentines. They symbolize Love and Beauty. They come in all different colors, and you can even mix them up! For a friend? Choose yellow. For your true love? Choose red or pink. For a funeral - white. If you are like me, you might dry out the rose and keep it, make potpourri, or plant the stem in your garden and create a bush of your own!


Roses are the most popular sought out flower for valentines, or any occasion.  Why not get away from the red, and mix it up a little.
Roses are the most popular sought out flower for valentines, or any occasion. Why not get away from the red, and mix it up a little. | Source

Cheap Valentines Day Tips - Funny Clip


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    • andyacharles profile image

      Andy Anderson Charles 4 years ago from Fyzabad, Siparia Trinidad and Tobag.W.I.

      Fascinating and yet so simple,it just informs without demand, and encourages one to act and research more, nicely done.


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