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Vintage Lace Wedding Invitations

Updated on January 28, 2014

Glamorous Lace Wedding Invitations For An Unforgettable Event

Vintage lace wedding invitations can add that luxurious, otherworldly and elegant air to any wedding. Let's face it invitations have to be sent out anyway, and most of the times people only get married once (I did say most of the times). So why not make your wedding memorable right from the start, beginning with sending out invitations that will knock their socks out and will want everyone to have just the same for their own weddings?

When it comes to making or buying wedding invites, most people do the usual and get regular commercial ones with some hearts or two rings or the usual classic style. However cards with a lacy edge are something lush, exquisite and looking extremely expensive. But they don't have to be expensive at all, if you know where to shop - or how to make your own.

For example one way of doing them is by using a technique called Parchment Crafting using vellum paper and a few basic tools. Or you can use regular card paper and attach genuine lace and ribbon to it to make another vintage lace invitations. There are various paper doilies that you can use to put together your own....the choices are almost endless really.

Or you can buy your own, they're not expensive at all, and in some cases the more you buy the cheaper they get. Enjoy the selection below and hopefully you find some great ideas to make your own vintage style wedding invitations to impress your wedding guests.

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Have You Ever Sent Out Wedding Invitations?

Have You Ever Sent Out Wedding Invitations?

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How To Make Lace Wedding Invitations

Lace Wedding Invitation With Parchment Crafting

One of the best mediums for making lacy wedding invitations is parchment crafting. The materials and technique of crafting these cards make this maybe the best medium ever. Granted, it's not an easy style if you've never made a parchment card, but if you are a crafty DIY person and you have some time on your hands, the wedding invitation will turn out better than anything you could buy in the stores.

You need a few basic tools to get you started and a book or pattern for tracing out the template. It's easy and fun

Pergamano Parchment Craft: Basic Techniques

Pergamano Parchment Craft: Basic Techniques
Pergamano Parchment Craft: Basic Techniques

This is the book that started me with making parchment cards of all kinds, greeting cards, thank you cards and invitations as well.

There are 12 beginner projects in the book, which will help you learn the basics and go beyond as well.

Btw just because these are beginner projects it doesn't mean that the cards you will make are not nice. They are, in fact, beautiful right from the start.

Here you will learn to trace your pattern, how to emboss it, perforate it and finalize it to make a card that is really special. Once you've learned the basics you will be able to use the same techniques on any pattern you have (there are many free patterns available online, will link to a few below), so making your own vintage lace wedding invitation will become soon a no brainer.

parchment craft tools
parchment craft tools

Parchment Crafting Tools You Need

Here are just some of the parchment craft tools that I've accumulated over the years. To make a wedding invitations you will only need a few basic tools, you don't need even half of the ones I have in this photo.

You will basically need a few embossing tools and some perforating tools likes the ones shown below. The Pergamano brand is the best (that's what I also have the most of my tools from), but you can find also cheaper brands, they can work equally well for making parchment cards.

Single Perforating PenCHECK PRICE

Pergamano Tool Star EmbossingCHECK PRICE

A Few More Tools That You Will Need

All these tools are quite cheap, and I'm only showing you the very basics you need. However without these you will have difficulty cutting, perforating and embossing your pattern on the card.

Ecstasy Crafts Perforating Grid -Reg Mesh
Ecstasy Crafts Perforating Grid -Reg Mesh

You will need this perforating grid (made by Pergamano) to place your vellum paper on so you can prick out the design. I found so far that this is the best grid ever, it's sturdy and I could use it even years later.

Ecstasy Crafts Pergamano Parchment Paper 150g A4 10 Sheets-
Ecstasy Crafts Pergamano Parchment Paper 150g A4 10 Sheets-

Without parchment paper there are no cards. These are high quality parchment vellum papers that lend themselves beautifully to make cards from. Very easy to perforate and emboss.

Ecstasy Crafts M94 Pergamano Pattern Book - Wedding Vows
Ecstasy Crafts M94 Pergamano Pattern Book - Wedding Vows

If you're looking for wedding patterns for your parchment cards, here are a few beautiful ones to choose from. They are all lacy in border and design, so no matter which one you choose will work perfectly for vintage lace invitations and even for thank you notes.


You Can Do Something As Simple As This Card

You Can Do Something As Simple As This Card
You Can Do Something As Simple As This Card

Image copyright: marciag

Or Something As Elaborate As This One

Or Something As Elaborate As This One
Or Something As Elaborate As This One

Parchment Craft Beginners Lesson

Free Parchment Craft Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation Patterns

Here are a few places with free wedding patterns using parchment craft technique. If you want to make your invitations with this technique, these free patterns are really beautiful and well worth printing or downloading to your computer.

More Parchment Craft Resources

If you're looking for more information on making cards using parchment craft, here are two more pages written by me, one with lots of free patterns and the other going into much more details into the art of parchment craft and Pergamano.

Pergamano - Parchment Craft
Pergamano Parchment Craft is the ancient art of bringing parchment paper to life. Some of the magic that you can apply to your parchment paper includes: embo...

Free Parchment Craft Patterns Sites
If you've been looking for free parchment craft patterns you know there is a lot of wading through fake pages which lure you with 'free' only to get to a pla...

Easy Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation Tutorials

Tips AndTutorials On Making Vintage Lace Invitations For Weddings

vintage lace wedding invitation
vintage lace wedding invitation

Parchment crafting is a great outlet for making wedding invitations with a vintage lace style, but it's not the only one. There are many great ways that you can accomplish something beautiful, elegant that won't cost you a lot (except time) and will impress your guests.

Here are some ideas that you can use to start your own crafty creation.

Image credits: Creative Commons

  1. Use regular blank cards, cut them to size and use stamping techniques to create your wedding invitations. There are many beautiful stamps out there that will be perfect for the occasion. Hearts, doves, saying, roses lacy corners, you can find them in craft stores or at online places like Amazon.
  2. Use silver or golden peel-offs with border decorations or wedding sayings. They are very easy to glue to any cardstock material and are perfect for making greeting cards of any types, including thank you notes and invitations.
  3. Use doilies as they are usually lacy in design. Simply glue them to the cards, add a few peel-offs as extra decoration and that's pretty much it, the card is ready. Simple, elegant and fun to make.
  4. For a vintage look use aged effect papers. You can either buy them (usually online) or you can easily make your own. Here is a free tutorial for making it yourself.
  5. Do you have some extra white pearls? Perfect for decorating a wedding card, all you need them is to glue them to the card in various random looking places, and your invitation will already get that expensive and lush look.
  6. Glue some simple thin lace and ribbon to your cardstock once it's cut to size. White is the best color, but golden or cream is also a popular choice. You don't need a lot on each card, a ribbon thread will go a long way.
  7. Use a wider lace and cut it a bit larger than your actual card. Use some glue before putting the lace onto the card and give it some time to really stick to it. I prefer spray glue as it's easier to use and less fiddly than other types. When all is glued together, trim the edge of the lace to size so it looks nice and clean. A very easy way to do your invitations for wedding.

Here Is An Idea For Using Stamps To Make Your Invitations

Another Great Tutorial For Making Your Lacy Vintage Invites For A Wedding

When All Else Fails...Buy Them Ready-Made

Beautiful Lace Wedding Invitations At Amazon

There is nothing wrong with buying your own vintage lace style wedding invitations (and even the thank you cards). You might not like crafty stuff, or you might not have the time to do your own invitations, especially if you have to invite lots of people. There are many such cards that you can buy and they are really beautiful and professionally made. Some cost more, but they are in bulk size so the cost per single card is not all that bad actually. Enjoy the selection below.

Pink Lace Printable Party Invitation
Pink Lace Printable Party Invitation

Simple, but effective. Work as wedding invitations, but also for various parties.


Final Tip

Making the invitations by hand (especially parchment craft ones) takes a lot of time. So why not combine making a 5-10 by hand for the very special people in your life, and buy the rest of the invitations for the bulk of your guests?

Share Your Tips On How To Make Vintage Lace Wedding Invitations - Or just come by to say 'Hi'

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    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 4 years ago

      I like the idea of making a few of these for special people - makes them even more special. Wonderful article.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 4 years ago

      These are beautiful! I've never thought to try making wedding invitations - I love your suggestion of making just a few and then buying most of them.

    • GeorgeneMBramlage profile image

      Georgene Moizuk Bramlage 4 years ago from southwestern Virginia

      Interesting lens...didn't know that there were such items as lacy invitations out there in the commercial world. I really liked your last (final) tip because it is so practical and realistic.