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Romantic Vintage Theme Weddings

Updated on August 15, 2016

It is every bride’s dream to have a beautiful wedding. It’s meant to be a day to remember, what with it being a romantic event; a nuptial she’s been looking forward to a better part of her life.

But dreaming of something unique is the easy part. The challenge many brides face is how her wedding can be different, an occasion that will keep tongues wagging for a long time, a wedding that’s not only distinctive, but classy, and remarkable.

Many wedding theme ideas have been so ‘flogged’, they have almost become common! But there is one theme that has stood the test of time. Even up until this day, it’s a theme that has proved to be well regarded by many soon-to-be married couples.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Many people will agree that the idea of ‘going back in time’ is truly fashionable. It’s not only trendy, but if well planned, can turn out to be one amazing and wonderful wedding occasion.

From the small fine details to the more complex ones, the design setup for vintage themed weddings will only give the best effect if all details large and small are put together in the right manner.

It’s not enough for the bride to wear a vintage inspired gown or the groom to wear a morning suit that Fred Astaire will be proud to be seen in. There are a number of other features that makes a wedding truly vintage styled.

1. Wedding Attire

Depending on the era of choice, attire worn by the ‘main players’ of the occasion must be vintage inspired. From the bride’s veil to the groom’s pocket watch, if you desire a proper vintage theme, you’ll need to dress the part.

It’s good to note that the groom's attire must match the formality of the bridal style because this is really what sets the tone of the wedding theme.

Bride – Can opt for looks of a certain era such as the civil war era, the 20’s flapper styles, depression years (if you desire something more austere), fabulous fifties era, hippie seventies, and “big hair” eighties. If you can’t get an authentic vintage gown or a modern vintage dress with a timeless look, have one custom made. And accessories must match any chosen style, meaning they must be vintage inspired.

Groom – There are too many styles of tuxedos so how much more can we ‘take’? Though tuxedos as wedding attire came into prominence in the 30’s, they have become so popular today they can hardly be considered vintage. Instead, think of some style from the 20’s; perhaps the morning suit which was the usual choice for grooms. For a less formal vintage look, think of the sack suit (popular in the 1930’s) which comprised of a pair of slacks and jacket made in matching fabrics. It’s great to ‘polish’ the ensemble off with a vintage tie (or bow tie), vintage inspired shoes, vintage cuff-links, tie bars, neckties, and suspenders to add a more vintage feel!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – They must wear complimentary attires to that of the bride and groom. For instance, if the groom’s choice is a 1930s double-breasted suit with peak lapels, the groomsmen should wear something similar except maybe with a single breasted suit. And if the bride is going totally 50’s for example, her bridesmaids/maids of honour must tow a similar line with their choice of attire.

2. Wedding Decorations

Besides wedding attires, a vintage themed event involves styling and decorating the reception venues to suit the era of the wedding apparel.

From the table and chair covers to linen and party favours laid out nicely on the tables, the decor must spell ‘vintage’ as this offers the opportunity to really create a themed bridal occasion.

But after the choice of a theme, you must determine your choice of colours. Once you’ve determined your preference, styling becomes easier. Vintage themes give you the flexibility to use varying shades - soft pastels; or neutral shades balanced with rich, dark tones.

Decorations must represent the era of choice. It’s not really that hard to get ideas for say the décor theme of a 60’s wedding. Searching through sites like Etsy or eBay will enlighten further on what was used, and when. Vintage inspired decorations must include:

  • Vases, centre pieces, glassware, tableware and linen
  • Fabric draping – swags, pleats, ruffles - or backdrop using fabrics like damask, satin, or lace
  • Lots of faux pearl strands, gold frames
  • Flowers - white roses, baby’s breath
  • 3-tierd wedding cake topped with bride and groom figurines
  • A lot of sparkle and glitter (depends on the era though)

Some reception venues are styled in the usual homogenous manner; nice but not necessarily with a particular or exciting theme. On the other hand, vintage decors are so different and possess so much character; you’ll find none of the commonplace style that’s typical of many of today’s weddings.

And if you feel finding the right kind of vintage items is near impossible, you don’t have to worry as you can always rent them . . . this is really your best option as you will not only save time, you’ll save some money as well.

Vintage Styled Romantic Weddings - Never Dated

One thing that’s certain, romantic vintage themed weddings will never go out of fashion and in as much as you’ll find people who love the uniqueness of the traditional and classic, we may never get enough of styled weddings for a long, long time.

So whether you desire the “Great Gatsby” style extravagance or prefer to go for a more down-to-earth 40's look, a vintage wedding theme always looks great and best of all, “it never dates”.

© 2010 viryabo

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    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      viryabo...hello you lovely lady you!!! Well have had one wedding in the Summer and another in the Winter! ha ha ha ha

      I really enjoyed this! I like the idea of a Winter Vintage Wedding! Maybe I will just have to be like Liz Taylor!!! Do it all!!!!! ha ha ha Best, G

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 6 years ago

      I was looking at an old photo of my parents wedding in London, back in November of 1954 and the photos(black and white pictures they are) made me think of writing a vintage and winter wedding themed hub.

      Liz Taylor was one lucky lady to have experienced many different wedding themes. I can only dream of such, but who knows... LOL!!!

      I am always so happy to see you G.

      Take care and GodBless you.

    • Becky Puetz profile image

      Becky 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      I love the idea of a vintage style wedding. This Hub is stocked full of information that is sure to be an excellent guide for planning a unique vintage wedding. You also included a section about "How To Save Money With A Vintage Themed Romantic Wedding", I think your suggestion of using the "family vintage wedding treasures such as centrepieces, glassware, tableware and linen" is just wonderful; not only will they save money but it would create a special warmth; an ambiance of serenity. Thanks for an awesome Hub.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 6 years ago

      Thanks Becky,

      So glad you enjoyed it.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such nice comments.


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