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Walking in the Shoes of a Person in a Gay Relationship

Updated on July 16, 2015
frankcofrah profile image

frank is a critic writer who views the society and religion as limit to wisdom seekers.He also loves writing poems to enlighten the society

Gay Marriage

A bird may fall in love with the fish hence being in love is worthy, wonderful and happy. so love is worthy the risk
A bird may fall in love with the fish hence being in love is worthy, wonderful and happy. so love is worthy the risk
Two people have a right to be in a relationship,
Two people have a right to be in a relationship,

What Is Forbidden Is Always Sweet!

How does it feel being viewed as an outcast in the society? How does it feel being “an enemy of the people?” How does it feel when everyone has your name on their lips like you an abomination in the society?. How does it feel when everyone looks at you with eyes suggesting you are the devil? How will you feel when all your friends avoid you like plague? How does this feel?

We all have feelings, that the power of expressing their wants and demands. They have a tendency of choosing those who we love, and even hate. When it comes to love matter, feelings have likelihood of making this blind. Hence, love is blind fellows. This also applies in gay relationship,.

Love may be the worst feeling ever yet the best again. Why are against gay relationship? Do you know, how it feels to be in love? If Romeo and Juliet were alive you all could understand this?

How does it feels being in gay relationship?,

People in gay relationship are regarded as “evil” yet they are just in love. How will you feel when someone describes what you love as evil and worthy, .one thing I know, “what is forbidden is always sweet!” some of these people do suffer from low self-esteem. Many will always feel as society rejects because many people will not want to associate with them at all. How can you associate yourself with the devil? Or something evil? Humans tend to forget better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know.

Some feel unworthy because what they cherish and love is viewed as dirty like the pig. Some may even commit suicide because the pressure from life ,.

Anyone in gay relationship is really stronger and strong willed, they face so much pressure from life and everyone yet they still fight and struggle to love freely.

We should learn to respect everyone feeling and opinion

Should we judge people in gay relationship?

Should we judge people in gay relationship? Do people in gay marriages and relationship face judgement harshly?

I think it’s not humans work and job to judge and condemn others, after they break any commandment of GOD. This is directly opposite nowadays, as people in gay relationship are facing judgment twice – judgment from humans and judgment from the LORD when they will die.

Is it fair? to be judged twice.

It is not a to correct someone if he or she is engaging in something wrong. What is bad, is the act of one judging and saying what one is doing is evil and even concluding the fate of the wrong doer.

We should learn to correct others in ways that are good and friendly. Moreover, we should respect the decision which people make. In addition, to respecting this decisions we should also offer support to these people decisions.

For example, if one decides to get into a gay union or gay relationship. One should be taught the shortcomings of such relationships and the advantages. The person should be allowed to make and act on his or her decisions.

people in gay marriage and relationship do face judgement harshly- here on earth and in heaven.

After this , we should respect their decision and even offer support to them.

Just remember everyone has the right to love and live free.

Gay Marriage

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© 2015 frank nangame


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    • frankcofrah profile imageAUTHOR

      frank nangame 

      3 years ago from western

      Thanks Kampun . i will gladly do that soon,when i will updating my article . And thanks for the idea and help friend.

    • kampun profile image

      Darshan Parmar 

      3 years ago from India

      Can you put any examples you came across in your local areas in your article? It will make more valuable for you.

    • frankcofrah profile imageAUTHOR

      frank nangame 

      3 years ago from western

      True friend,people in gay relationships are victims of modern discrimination and stigmatization, in the society.

      Society tends to be cruel and unwavering to some people's feelings and emotions.

      This is sad.

      We should understand and value their feeling. Because, we all love and yearn to be loved.

    • kampun profile image

      Darshan Parmar 

      3 years ago from India

      Dear Author,

      I can understand your words and feelings in it. I am not sure which country you represent but I am from India. Here it is the same situation.

      Even the most advanced country like the USA, it has problems and getting many troubles due to their sexual orientation.


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