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Have Fun with Disposable Wedding Cameras

Updated on January 5, 2013

Your Guests will Take Fun, Candid Shots with Disposable Wedding Cameras

Disposable Wedding Cameras are an inexpensive items that gets your guests involved in the wedding.

Let your professional photographer take the high quality photographs while your guests have a fun activity taking candid pictures that only they can take. After the wedding, print the photos for yourselves or have them put on the internet for all your guests to see!

Enjoy the original MyFairLadyah Poem A Camera Gives a Window Pane below!

Disposable Cameras


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Single-Use Cameras give Your Guests a Fun Wedding Activity

Liven Up Your Wedding - Have Your Guests Create Memories for You

Even though you have arranged for a professional photographer, at considerable cost, to photograph your wedding, you'd be surprised by how much fun you'll have looking at candid shots captured by your guests using "disposable" wedding cameras.

Only guests are privy to uncle Waldo snoring in his chair after the ceremony. Only guests may notice that your little cousin Louie is playing with the organza ribbons on the chair backs. And only Margo, one of your dear bridesmaids, will be able to take that little gem of you gluing on the heel of your shoe (after it got caught between the rocks).

Single-use wedding cameras are available in many colors and patterns to fit into the decor of any wedding. Some models can be personalized with the bride's and groom's names, the wedding date and a photo. They are very simple to use. Whether left on reception tables with tent cards saying how to use them, or handed out personally to specific guests, these cameras will be a big hit. Plus, they'll give the guests something fun to do while helping to capture more memories for the bride and groom.

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Just designate the best-man, a parent or another person to collect all the cameras at the end of the reception and get the film developed while you're on your honeymoon! An easy option for development is to put the cameras in a pre-addressed mailer (with appropriate postage). The recipient service will develop all the images and can send you the prints or post them on the internet for you and all the guests to enjoy.

A Camera Gives a Window Pane

A Wedding Camera Poem

A camera gives a window pane

Of a person, thing or place

If you don't like it, shoot again

There is no shame, no disgrace

A camera lets the holder be

An artist of the moment

Whatever it is that he does see

Individual is the comment

The mind's a camera, don't you know

Whose photos are stored at random

Neuronal connections bring them fro

Synapses fire with great abandon

A camera is a modern tool

Use lovingly to catch a visual rhyme

Looked at later, the photo's a jewel

Capture a memory, capture a time

Where to Find More Wedding Camera Info

Disposable wedding cameras should give you pictures that add extra enjoyment to your wonderful wedding memories.

You'll find more information plus the latest styles on sale at

Weddings and Romance - Cameras

More MyFairLadyah Wedding and Engagement Poetry!

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Your Guests will Capture those special moments with unique wedding cameras.

Wedding Cameras Now on Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop!

Thank you for Learning About Disposable Wedding Cameras - I hope you've learned something helpful

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    • Linda Pogue profile image

      Linda Pogue 6 years ago from Missouri

      I love your poetry, and having guests take pictures at the wedding using disposable wedding cameras is a great idea. That way, you get to have a copy, too! Lots of people took pictures at my wedding, but I got copies of very few of them.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 8 years ago

      I used these at my wedding dinner and there were lots of great candid shots.

    • MyFairLadyah2 profile image

      MyFairLadyah2 8 years ago

      I'm excited to publish my first lens. I hope you all enjoy it!