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Wedding Checklists for Formal and Casual Weddings

Updated on January 15, 2015
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Having watched & participated in weddings that had to be done just so, Cheryl decided that her own wedding would be easier. Her hubby agreed

Look at a handy checklist to help you plan your wedding:

Here you will find a couple of wedding checklists to help you plan your wedding. You may not need to do everything, and you may also think of things that are specific to your wedding. A lot of times, just reading through some ideas will help you to generate your own.

The Causal Wedding List will apply to both types of weddings, and the more Formal Wedding List will probably apply to more extravagant weddings and be in addition to the Casual Wedding List. Both are here as guidelines to help you in your wedding planning.

When I say, you or your, either term can refer to either the bride or groom, or both. You'll get to decide who does what, and what you do together.

May you have a happy wedding and a wonderful life together.

Wedding Checklist for Casual Weddings - Applies to both types of weddings.

Depending on your wedding, you might also want to look at the items on the Formal list too.

  1. Pick a date.

    It might serve you well to decide on a season first.

  2. Pick your general location.

    If you're having a destination wedding, you'll probably want to employ those that will be local to your wedding.

  3. Apply for your marriage license

    Some states require a waiting period, some do not.

    Some states have different requirements for in state and out of state marriages.

    Some states may require a blood test and or a physical.

  4. Arrange for the minister, justice of the peace, etc., and put money aside for any fees and/or donation.
  5. Make reservations for your honeymoon.
  6. Decide on and ask those that you would like to be in the wedding party.

    To consider, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Ushers, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer.

  7. Decide on wedding attire and do any shopping, making, etc.

    Remember the garter and bouquet for tossing to the lucky recipients.

  8. Decide on, purchase, and send out invitations. Include a way for guests to RSVP.

    It can be included cards, phone number, email address, etc.

  9. Decide on and secure a location for the wedding, and reception if at a different location.

    To consider:

    Estimate what size place you will need.

    What type of facility will be needed; i.e. will there be dancing?

    Will the reception be at the same location as the wedding, or at a different location?

  10. Decide on what you would like to serve for your guests to eat.

    To consider:

    Number invited/attending.

    Your budget for food.

  11. Decide on and make or purchase your wedding cake.

    To consider:

    The number of guests attending, and color theme.

Wedding Checklist for Formal Weddings - In addition to the list for casual weddings

If you're having a more formal wedding you may also need to look at:

  1. Will there be a band?

    Make arrangements for the music.

  2. Is the wedding large?

    Make sure the venue is large enough.

    Make sure there are enough dishes and food for serving everyone.

    Arrange for caterer, etc.

  3. Is the wedding a destination wedding?

    Will guests need any help with travel arrangements?

    Help your guests to know what to expect and how to get there.

    Google maps can come in handy.

  4. Will you need to travel to a far away place for your honeymoon?

    Make your hotel and travel reservations.

  5. Allow enough leeway time for the making of the wedding cake, especially if you want the Ace of Cakes to make your wedding cake; it could be a year or more. : )
  6. Send out Save the date magnets, approximately 6 months before the wedding.

    The magnets will be more sturdy and an easy daily reminder in the mean time.

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Did you find the lists helpful? - Is there anything you would like added?

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      So wonderful list. You've done with this lens about wedding checklist for casual weddings helpfully. I really like it. 5 stars for you. Have a wonderful time .. dear, CreativeArtist :)