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Wedding and Engagement Poems

Updated on September 8, 2014

Wedding and Engagement Poems

I love weddings and I love poetry. Here are a few original poems that highlight special moments during weddings and engagements. These are fun, funny, solemn and otherwise interesting poems. You won't need to be getting married to enjoy this poetry!

After each poem I will suggest at least one article that complements the theme of the poem.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) reprint with permission

Radiant Bride in Garden Fair

Radiant bride in garden fair

With jeweled tiara in her hair

Holds a parasol of white lace

That artfully frames her face

And shields her delicate complexion

From ultraviolet insurrection

Nearby the maids are waiting

With lilac parasols creating

A group umbrella photo scene

For the wedding on the green

Flowers, fragrant on the breeze

Adorn the bushes and the trees

On such a lovely day as this

Shall not the groom bestow his kiss

Wedding on the Beach

We're planning a wedding on the beach

However far our budget will reach

Taking a plane to a tropical isle

We'll pose for photos with a great smile

The waves will lap at our feet

So far away from these city streets

He'll have on a white wedding suit

And we'll dine on exotic tropical fruit

Light clothing will be all I pack

What a tan I'll have when we get back

Yes, on the beach I'll say "I do"

Like a movie starlet for a film crew

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns light the way

On my perfect wedding day

Along the aisle with petals strewn

To illuminate us beneath the moon

In the garden too, the lanterns shine

For our toast of sparkling wine

As our arms are intertwined

I am his and he is mine

Down The Aisle Comes She

Down the aisle comes She in white

To the expectant spectators delight

He stands steady at the solemn altar

Ready to say the words without falter

All preparations have been for this

To light candles, to speak, to kiss

Going Down the Aisle - Music and Stories

Just Imagine

Just imagine having your wedding on a boat

Sailing to faraway lands on a vast cruise ship

Or a tall-masted schooner or private yacht

Wouldn't your friends and family flip

On This Ship

On this ship we'll speak our vows

At the front, upon the bow

The captain standing with us tall

Will lead the service in a port of call

A small reception of champagne and cake

Will follow 'ere to the sea we take

Our families then will stay ashore

While we sail off to world explore

These Two Glasses

These two glasses tall and clear

We raise up for our wedding toast

Before those whom we hold dear

Our Best Man's speech has all engrossed

These flutes of crystal we shall keep

Which mark this day of unity

As through the coming years we leap

Surrounded by our community

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