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Unique Wedding Favors

Updated on November 7, 2014

Unique Wedding Favors Don't Need to Cost a Fortune

So, you're reviewing all of the costs for your upcoming wedding... Some items are singular priced, like the music, the venue, the minister. Some items are priced per guest, like catering and favors, and even your cake may be priced by the slice. Well that means with 200 guests, at $30 /guest... Oh my.

I'll suggest some ways to be unique with your wedding favors and not break the bank. You want to save some $$ for the honeymoon, right? You can purchase inexpensive wedding favors at one of many online stores, personalized with your names and wedding date. Many unique favors may be re-used or re-purposed after the wedding to give lasting memories to your guests.

Diamond Paperweight Bling Wedding Favors - 12 Per Package

60mm Diamond Clear Crystal Paperweight, 12-pc-package, Wedding Favors Idea
60mm Diamond Clear Crystal Paperweight, 12-pc-package, Wedding Favors Idea

Here is a way to give a crystal gemstone for your guests to display long after your wedding day. These diamond shaped paperweights are a great wedding favor,

* They measure 1.65" Diameter

* Personalized label and ribbon not included.


Give Unique Favors to Your Wedding Guests

There are so many ways to give your wedding guests unique favors at your wedding that they will still enjoy after the wedding. And this doesn't mean that you have to spring for Sworovski crystals for everyone either. (Maybe reserve the Sworovski for the bridal party?)

For example, give your guests jordan almonds (a traditional wedding favor) in taffeta bags that have been personalized with your names and the wedding date. After the almonds are eaten, they can be filled with potpourri and used as sachets.

So many favor items can be easily personalized and thus made unique for you and your wedding. This allows you to give favors that are unique to you without making them from scratch. Such items are hot sauces, water bottles, bookmarks, magnets and photo frames (with your favorite pic of course).

Some Unique Wedding Favors

Love and Hugs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Love and Hugs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

each of the hug-gable salt and pepper shaker sets measure 3 inches high


You Have Favored Us - a poem about giving wedding favors

You have favored us with your presence

At our marriage celebration

We shall favor you with this essence

For your memory of our foundation

-- MyFairLadyah

Flip Flop Pedicure Set Wedding Favor - Measures 2" x 4.5"

Kate Aspen Five Piece Pedicure Set with Matching Thank You Tag
Kate Aspen Five Piece Pedicure Set with Matching Thank You Tag

The unique pink and black polka dot flip flop is a pedicure set! Simply irresistible; your guests will really enjoy this and it's practical too!.

* ultra-chic with a modern flair.

* Pull the zipper to reveal the essentials

* nail file, scissors, clippers, and cuticle instrument.


Set of 50 Silver Wedding Bell Favors

Silver Wedding Mini Bell Decorations Favors (Set of 50)
Silver Wedding Mini Bell Decorations Favors (Set of 50)

The cards attached to these little bells have the poem

Today as we gather together

Wish us a love to last forever

if you would like us to share a wedded kiss

ring the bell for lifelong bliss.


Unique Wedding Favors on eBay

You never know what kind of wedding favors are available for bid or purchase on eBay on any given day. There may just be some bags for those Jordan almonds :)

More Great Unique Wedding Favor Suggestions

For great favor suggestions, ideas and trends read my article about Unique Wedding Favors on Weddings and

Thanks for Visiting Unique Wedding Favors

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    • kristalulabelle profile image

      Kristen 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Great lens on wedding favors! I haven't quite decided yet, but I think I'm going to give out can cozies with a cute saying and the date, for our March wedding.

    • MyFairLadyah2 profile image

      MyFairLadyah2 8 years ago

      Kerrie, Thank you for accepting my wedding related lenses into the Wedding Planning Group!

    • WG-Tiaras profile image

      WG-Tiaras 8 years ago

      Hey, you've been accepted into theWedding Planning Group, we only accept cool wedding related lenses, so we wanted to say congratulations and welcome. The Wedding Planning Group is run by Wedding And Gems Bridal Accessories.