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Low Cost Wedding Ideas

Updated on April 15, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Never Pay Full Price On Your Wedding

Here comes the bride and so do the barrage of costs for products and services.Weddings are a high budget averaging between $10, 000 and up. Imagine paying $25,000 or more (literally the price of a car) for a four hour event !

There are ways to keep your costs down and even keep your budget at $5,000 or less.You can keep the cost of your wedding within reasonable limits. We are going to show you how.

First Rule-Never pay full price for anything ! Everything can and should be bought on sale ! Here are our best ideas for supplying your wedding at far less than cost !

Second Rule- Always negotiate for services whenever you can ! It always pays to ask ! Most venues and service people have some room for price negotiation, but will only offer if you ask

Let's get Started !

On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop

How I Saved Thousands On My Wedding

A Real Wedding Story

On May6th, 2011 I married my soul mate. We knew we wanted a special day to celebrate our union. For us, it was about having our family and friends sharing this special moment with us. We had a full course buffet, a candy bar, a DJ and of course a wedding cake, Our theme was a beach theme. I actually did with the help of some of my friends all the flowers, centerpieces, all the escort favor-place settings, our DVD gifts to our guests and of course our now famous candy bar. We had so much fun. Every step of the way we saved money ! You can have the party of your life without breaking the bank !

Save Money On Your Wedding Supplies and Needs

It's a simple concept, really-we want to show you how to save 25% or more on all your bridal needs. We have gathered the best of the best ideas and resources to help you plan the wedding of your dreams

Get wedding tips and money saving ideas for your wedding

Think About Your Local Thrift Store

Wedding supplies @ Goodwill-You Bet

Think about your local thrifty store to shop for your wedding décor and more ! First thing to look for is any vases that you may need, especially if you are doing retro wedding. You might also find cake stands, candles, and more. I found all the containers for my candy bar @ $1.00 a piece. I found candles and shells that went all over in my décor. There are lots of things like baskets and sometimes craft items. Think about your wedding and shop at your local thrift store to save

Save Money On Your DIY Wedding Projects No matter what the project is, you need to use coupons ! I did all my wedding flowers, favors, centerpieces , escort cards and DVDs. I never paid full retail for anything. Use Michael's coupons, AC Moore, Joann's and more. I saved hundred's of dollars with my coupons ! You can find them online and in your newspaper

Personalized Wedding Invitations - A Low Cost Alternative

Your wedding Invitations can be one of the most costly item on your stationary needs list. But you can really find some great low cost ideas out there.

You could spend $200 or more on your invites, but we say why would you? Here are some of my favorite money saving ideas for invitations

  • Buy single sheet simple wedding invites. You will save money on postage and printing
  • Buy invite kits that you can print on your computer. They are themed and all you have to do is add the wording. Most kits come with invites, envelopes and return responses
  • Do DIY Invites. You can save money by making your own invites. All you need to add is some images and you are good to go. Special envelopes for your invites can be purchased
  • Buy "forever stamps" That way of the price of mailing goes up, you will have saved money

Wedding Accessories - Buy Sets & Save

When you buy your wedding accessories separately, you pay a lot more for them as individuals than you do as sets. Buying sets of items will save you a great deal of money.

Save Money On Your Wedding Cake You can buy a very nice cake at most local supermarkets. Many of them will deliver and set up for you. No matter where you get your cake, you can save hundreds ! Order a smaller tiered cake for show ! Have a sheet cake in the kitchen of your vendor. It should have the same icing and filling as your main cake. Doing this will cost you a lot less and your guests will never know

Cake Toppers

Your cake topper should reflect your theme and should tie into the type of cake you have chosen. But your topper, while imporatnt, should not cost you an arm and a leg. here are some alternatives that are nice and in a good price range

Save on Your Wedding Flowers

The cost of flowers is a large part of your wedding budget. A bridal bouquet alone can cost $750 or above. You really need to think out what part of your budget you want to devote to flowers. There are a few ways that you can start saving money on your flowers.

Bridal Bouquet- The size and the type of flowers will determine the cost of your bouquet. If you opt for a large cascading bouquet with roses or other high end flowers, you cab expect a large hunk of your floral budget just on this one item. Stick with a smaller rounder bouquet in flowers of your colors in less expensive flowers.

Bridemaids Bouquets Instead of a full bouquet, have them carry an arm bouquet which would consist of several flowers, ribbons and filler. Or perhaps a wrist corsage rather than carrying flowers would wok just as well.

Centerpieces-Instead of floral centerpieces, think about using potted plants that can be decorated and given to guests or planted in your garden after the wedding

Make whatever you can and save $$$$$$$$$ ! I saved hundreds of dollars by making all the flowers for the bridal party, the centerpieces and display pieces. I used silk flowers that I got on sale and used coupons for ~

Borrow what you can ! You need something old anyway, so borrow a veil or anything that you may never use again. things like jewelry, cake stands, candle holders, vases decorations can all be repurposed and used over and over again

Save On Your Wedding Favors

Making your wedding favors is really the perfect way to save money and make something that your guests will enjoy. Think about plants, seeds or seedlings. Think about seasonal fruits, homemade jams, cookies and soaps that you can make. These personal touches will add a lot of joy to your wedding

Save money on your bridal attire Bridal stores charge huge markups on veils and bridal accessories. Shop Amazon, Etsy and Ebay to save lots of money on bridal jewelry, attire and accessroies

Save On Bar Service

One of the biggest costs of your wedding will be your liquor bill. I am big on having my guests pay for their drinks through the entire wedding reception, but there are ways to save on the costs of alcohol

1. Omit the pre reception open bar. Instead of open bar for an hour before the reception, while you are taking pictures ect,, have wine and beer available. Or have a custom cocktail served instead.

2. Limit your bar service to wine, beer and soda. That will save you lots of cash.

3. Serve only lower and middle priced liquors rather than top shelf liquor. If you offer your guests the top end that's what they will drink

4. Serve spiked punches instead of mixed drinks

5. Have your bar open for a specified amount of time. After that time guests will be responsible for the cost f any additional drinks

Finally, if you are going to have a cash bar, advise the guests in advance

Check Out The Dollar Store I found the vases the were my centerpieces for a dollar a piece. I also found my bubbles that I decorated for the event. Depending on your area, you can find all sorts of wedding décor, favor ideas , and more that will save you a lot of money

We'd love to hear from you - How are Your wedding plans going ?

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