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Wedding Theme Color Tips

Updated on October 16, 2014

Choosing Your Wedding Color Theme

Choosing your wedding color theme is just as important as choosing the other wedding essentials for creating a dream wedding.
Choosing your wedding color theme is just as important as choosing the other wedding essentials for creating a dream wedding. | Source

Wedding Tips: White, Black and Red Wedding Theme Colors

Make the bridal impression of the year by having a white, black and red wedding. When you want to create elegantly sophisticated wedding memories that will last in the minds of everyone forever, you should consider a white, black and red wedding color theme.

Weddings are special occasions; this is why wedding planning is so very important. There are many ways that you can organize your wedding to include your favorite color themes as well as using elegant and popular color themes for weddings. Here are some bridal ideas for planning a black tie wedding, a white tie wedding or a red wedding.


Wedding Planning Tips - Ideas - Advice

Express Yourself with Your Favorite Colors

You can express yourself impressively by using white, black and red as your wedding colors. Some soon-to-be brides have a hard time choosing other colors to go with their favorite color red for their wedding. The most obvious choice other than blending various hues and tones of reds is to go with the suave bold yet delicate and solid colors of white and black.

Red is a strong, confident color that symbolizes vibrant passions and love. White is a sacred color that symbolizes purity and oneness and can brighten the atmosphere of using dark black and red in a color theme wedding. Anciently black is a mysterious color associated with fertility and life. Studies show that red is one of the top pick of colors for males, so this is a plus as well, if your future groom likes the color red.

Wedding colors of white, black and red are intriguing, you can blend them well in various manners for your wedding. Here are a few wedding-planning ideas for brides who are classy and sassy enough to create an elegantly unique wedding. Use these ideas and your sense of creativity to create the wedding day you have always dreamed of since you were a child.

Planning a Dream Wedding

Wedding Themes For Your Dream Wedding
Wedding Themes For Your Dream Wedding

As a new bride-to-be, you are most likely interesting in learning more about planning a dream wedding. Here are some theme ideas that may be helpful to you.


Wedding Color Theme Ideas

When it's your wedding, you can express yourself best with your favorite wedding theme colors no matter what color theme you like best for your wedding day..

Choose Meaningful Colors

Choose meaningful colors for you and your groom, while planning your special day.
Choose meaningful colors for you and your groom, while planning your special day. | Source

Watch Wedding Theme Colors Videos

Wedding Resources

Weddings By Martha Stewart
Weddings By Martha Stewart

Wedding resources are essential when you are planning to make a stunning bridal impression. Martha Stewart has lots of ideas, tips and advice to share with you.


Wedding Planning Ideas

  • Using the strong bold colors of red and black along with white you can choose some breathtaking wedding accessories and wedding decorations and motifs of white, red and black to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding.

  • One means of combining your wedding theme colors together for a white, black and red wedding is to consider your wedding stationary choices. These may include your wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, envelopes as well as the perfect postage for your wedding stationary. For instance, Perfect Postage provide custom designs, wedding logos and more for wedding postage, cards, save the date magnets and gifts,

  • Wedding floral arrangements are easy to coordinate for a white, black and red wedding. There are various flowers from which you can choose that are red or white. You may choose to combine your colors. You can use white flowers as your foundation and accent with red flowers. On the other hand, you may wish to use red flowers and accent with white flowers for your wedding. As with many other wedding planning choices, choosing your wedding flowers is a very personal choice. You may wish to roses, carnations that are either red or white. You may wish to accent with white bridal’s wreath or baby’s breath as well as other interesting and beautiful white and or red flowers.

  • You can include your wedding theme colors of white, black and red in your wedding party accents. For instance, you may wish to accent the serving tables and guests tables as well as the chairs using white, black and red. However, you should go simple with these and try not to overdo your color theme. Perhaps you may choose to use white or black as the background colors and accent them with a red tablecloth. However, you may also wish to use red tablecloths with white lace overlays. When you take the time for wedding planning you can come up with some appealing attractive wedding party accents.

  • Wedding favors for a white, black and red wedding can be fun and creative; they can be simple or elegant depending upon your personal tastes and wedding budget. For instance, Favors by Dorinda offer personalized candy bar wrappers, mint matchbooks, candy cakes & more. Other wedding favor ideas you can incorporate into your elegant wedding include such edible favors as cinnamon hearts, Jordon almonds and foil-covered chocolates. You may even be able to have such wedding favors personalized with your and your future grooms’ names.

  • When you have a fondness for red and incorporating it into your wedding color theme, you may be a bold bride and consider wearing a wedding dress that is actually red. The women of today are not limiting themselves to wearing only white wedding dresses. Therefore, if it fits your sense of wedding style and fashion statement take a walk down the aisle like very few others by wearing a red wedding dress if you please. Regardless of whether you choose to wear a red wedding dress or a white bridal gown, you want to feel confident and comfortable. Take everything into consideration and then make yourself happy as you plan your wedding.

A wedding is one of the most memorable times in the life of many grooms and brides, as a couple they stand out in their debut as a new couple. The wedding of every couple should be a wedding that best suits their personalities, their hopes and their dreams of the future. Take the time to consider the overall impression you wish to create as you begin your new life. When you invest in wedding, planning you can create the perfect wedding style and wedding theme that will be the toast of the town for many years when you choose to have a white, black and red wedding.

Express Yourself with Color

Have fun, while you express yourself with color. Choose colors that are significant to you and your new groom to make the best bridal impression.
Have fun, while you express yourself with color. Choose colors that are significant to you and your new groom to make the best bridal impression. | Source

What is Your Favorite Wedding Color Theme and Why?

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