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Personalized Postage Stamps for Mailing Wedding Invitations

Updated on November 14, 2012


A great selection of personalized wedding stamps can be found on various online retailer websites. They range from specific designs to letting you create your own photo stamps. Many times your names and wedding date can also be added as a personal touch to the stamps.

Custom wedding stamps are a great way to personalize the mailing of your wedding invitations and they can also be used for sending out other wedding related items, such as:

· Engagement Announcements

· Save the Date Cards

· Response Card Envelopes

· Bridal Shower Invitations

· Rehearsal Invitations

· Thank You Cards

Photo stamps using your engagement picture could be featured on engagement announcements and save the date cards. For your thank you cards, your favorite wedding photo could be shared with guests through custom photo stamps.

Be sure to keep in mind there will be an extra cost for mailing with custom postage when deciding which wedding items you will send using special wedding stamps.

Custom wedding stamps typically come in the varying denominations of postage so you can choose the proper amount based on the weight and possibly the size of your invitations. Often times they will also come in different sizes to be proportionate to the overall size of your mailing envelope. Be sure to take one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations to your local Post Office to have it weighed so you purchase the correct postage amount for your custom stamps.


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