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Wedding Traditions around the World

Updated on July 9, 2013

Wedding Traditions

Culture varies in different another. Each nation has a unique vibrant culture; and it may hold some wedding traditions. Some traditions incorporated with wedding are extraordinary. Each tradition may hold a sentimental value, a certain kind of special symbolism or a superstitious belief. Let's have a tour and take a closer look at some of them.

The bride's gown

the typical color of the bride's wedding attire is white, but some countries beg to differ. Red is a popular color in China, that it even penetrates the country's wedding tradition, as brides will prefer to wear a red gown as for them it symbolizes joy. However, little by little, China is breaking free from this tradition and is starting to engage with white gowns. On the Western, Mexican brides are known to wear Flamenco-style dress with shunning colors and fluffy ruffles at its helm. On the other hand, the Irish people can wear anything but green, for it is considered a bad omen for them.

The Wedding Bread

baking it is a popular practice in the island of Crete. This is very symbolic because its aroma represents the sweetness that will arise in the marriage and the love that will be in full bloom as the bride and the groom share their affection. This is a special bread baked with different shapes of lemon and orange peels, rum-flavored and spiced dough-stars, leaves, roses, etc.

Apple Kiss

this is a peculiar tradition practiced in China. It’s a funny practice that put the guests into the extreme state of laughter and joy. First, the relatives and friends will be asked to bite on any part of the apple, and then it will be the bride’s and groom’s turn. They will be positioning themselves to bite the apple but before their teeth push a grind on the fruit, it will be hoisted out upon the pulling of the string touching it, causing the lips of the couples to meet.

Gold coins

- these are involved in one of the wedding customaries in Mexico. The groom will present his bride with thirteen arras or gold coins. This symbolizes that the man will grant her lady the utmost trust; as from this day on he will be placing his wealth into the capable hands of his partner. The bride's acceptance of the coins is a sign that she is willing to take on the responsibility of being a good caretaker of his wealth. Wonder why it's 13? It signifies Jesus Christ with his 12 disciples

Image: Mackburry

Shattering fragile things

it may sound violent, but for the Italians, Germans and Danes, it is not.

Italy- it is part of the wedding customary to shatter a vase at the end of the ceremony. The greater the number of pieces it got broke into, the better, for it solely signifies the number of years the couple will share the love that bind their two hearts into one. The more finely the vase got torn, the longer the marriage would last.

Germany - it is part of the wedding tradition to break several dishes prior to the wedding ceremony. Right after the said "ritual," the couple will have to clean up the mess they have created. This tradition is said to wish the couple the best of luck and prepare them for their lives together.

Denmark- the couple will shatter a beer mug at the end of the wedding ceremony. All the maidens present in the occasion is expected to gather the broken pieces of the mug. The one who got the most pieces will be married next.

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