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Tulle In Your Wedding-Tips And Ideas

Updated on August 17, 2018
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Wedding Tulle Projects

Tulle is one of the most popular wedding accessories. Used in ceremony decorations, in receptions and with favors, it is a versatile material that will not take a hunk out of your budget ! Not only is it used on decorations, but in veiling and on wedding dresses. Need inspiration for your wedding? We have plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We also have located the best buys on tulle to help you stretch your wedding budget, With the amount of colors now available in tulle, you should have no problems matching it to your theme and décor. Get your creative juices flowing with these exciting tulle ideas

Best Wedding Tulle Ideas

Tulle is a traditional wedding material used just about in every decorative way possible. There can be no overuse of tulle in any wedding. You can use it as pure white or offwhite. You camalways use it in your wedding colors to add some tasteful color. You can add lights to the tulle to add sparkle to your wedding.

  • Pew Bows-Inexpensive way to add just the right touch to your ceremony
  • Accent floral arrangements- Bits of tulle added to floral arrangements adds color and elegance
  • Add to the under side of brideÂs dress to create fuller skirt
  • Wrap bouquet handles
  • Tie around flower vase
  • Accent kissing balls in between flowers
  • Around poles or pillars at reception hall
  • Use white lights to decorate polls in reception hall, cover with tulle
  • Decorate bride and groom chair at reception
  • Decorate gazebo
  • Tulle swags in doorways
  • Tulle swags around edges of gift tables and sweetheart table
  • Ties for balloons
  • Decorate park benches for outdoor ceremony
  • Chair covers for the reception hall
  • Chair ties
  • Decorate arch
  • Stairways and Bannisters can be wrapped in tulle
  • Pillar or columns can be wrapped in tulle
  • Wrap Tulle in yards around trees if you are in an outdoor setting. Wrap the tulle around tress at the entrance to your venue. It might take a lot of yardage, but the effect will be stunning
  • Flowered Tulle Fairy Wands Can be used as décor, or a favor for your guests
  • Make Tulle Walkway Use bamboo sticks or metal plant stakes. Thread the tulle and make a delightful walkway

Wrap It In Tulle

Any wedding favor can look truly elegant when you wrap it in tulle. The simplest wedding favor gains lots of elegance when you wrap it in tulle. It can be as simple as a few wrapped candies, a candle, some teas or cofees. Whatever your theme is, wrapping your favor in tulle gives it flair and elegance. Add a ribbon in your colors. Glue a few tiny flowers to it and set them on your tables. I guarantee your guests will be impressed. Remember your favors don't have to break your budget. You just need to present them in the right light. Your favor wrapped in tulle will do just that

Wedding Tulle Rounds - Easy Way To Create A Favor

As we said , anything and everything look goos wrapped in tulle. No matter what your favor, wrapping it in tulle and ribbon always makes an elegant statement. The easiest way to get your favors wrapped is with tulle rounds. They are precut and won't fray, so you are guaranteed for a true professional look

Tulle Wedding Bags

Place your wedding favors in a little tulle bag to match your wedding colors. They are delightful and time saving. Add a candle, some candy or a little something to give to your guests. Add a tag and you are good to go.

48 Organza Drawstring Pouches Gift Bags Assorted Colors
48 Organza Drawstring Pouches Gift Bags Assorted Colors

Draw string bags are the percfect and simple way to create a simple wedding favor that is unique to your style. You can also use them to hold confetti for ypur getaway. There are unlimited uses for these premade bags. They can hold candles, candy, seeds, and more. They come in just about any color that you can think of. Use your imagination to create something that will enhance your decor and theme


Bridal Tulle - Romantic and Traditional Tulle

A picture of beauty, tulle has always been the choice of brides as part of the wedding veil and other accessories. It has been traditional and romantic to include tulle as part of the bridal wedding day. Every bride looks beautiful with a touch of tulle framing her face. It can be as short as a facinator or as long as a cathedral train. Consider tulle as part of the features of your dress.

Tulle Gazebo

Easy decoration to add significant design

Draping a gazebo is an easy and inexpensive addition to your wedding decorations. You simply buy yards of tulle in either classic white, the color of your wedding or a combination. Add some silk flowers and you have a setting that will evoke romance

To determine how much tulle you will need, measure the height and width of the gazebo to determine how much tulle it will take to decorate. Take into account draping and swag by multiplying the height of the gazebo by two and the width by three. Take into consideration adding bows, which will add to your yard.

Click here to see more wedding gazebo ideas and tips

Tulle Canopy

Another way to add drama and romance to your reception is to add a tulle canopy around your wedding cake. It is a wonderful unexpected backdrop that will add a level of elegance to your reception. A wire ring is used to connect the tool. you could easily use a wreath form or a large embroidery ring, or even a large styrofoam ring to drape the tulle on. Add a few flowers and you have a unique setting.

For this project you will need 2-3 bolts of tulle. You need to measure the height of the canopy to determine how much

Tulle Pew Decorations

Classic and Timeless

Tulle has been used for centuries as decorations in churches. It can be draped or in pew bows. Make sure to check with your church wedding coordinator to find out what is allowed. Bow clips are an excellent way to keep your tulle in place. Consider adding some tulle to your church decorations . The results will be stunning.

For the standard pew bow, you can figure about 9 inches wide by three yards per bow if you make then yourself

Tulle Chair Covers and Bows

Romantic Reception Touch

Decorating chairs at your reception adds a very romantic and elegant touch to your party. If the chairs at your reception location are not right or downright ugly you can covger them first with a pillowcase. Or you can soften themn down with a touch of tulle. It's easy and fast to do. If you don't want to do the whole room, consider doing the head table or the head table and the parents tables. Chair sashes are not that difficult to make, but do take a little time. You can either do them simply on the head table or the entire room, it's up to you.

You will need 3 yards of 9inch tulle per chair

1. Wrap the tulle in the middle of the chair from the inside to the backside.

2. Adjust the tulle so that it's even

3. Make a bow or knot in the tulle. Adjust again so that it's even.

4. Fan the tulle out so that it'a attractive.

5. Add flowers or decorations if desired

Tulle In Flower Arrangements

Any flower arrangement can benefit from adding tulle to it. It is a great way to add more of your wedding color to any arrangement. If You are using silk or real flowers, you will keep your cost down adding tulle to your arrangements. This dramatic addition of color will spark up your arrangements and add dimention at your church and wedding reception.

Tulle Wedding Ceiling

Lights and tulle-an unbeatable combination

One of the biggest trends in receptions is the tulle wedding ceiling with lighting. No matter where your reception is, this addition makes a statement of elegance to any location. Speak to your vendor and find out if adding this option is possible. To save some money, purchase the tulle yourself.It can be centered off a light ficture of caldleabra for a really dramatic effect. Even if you are doing a home wedding, adding this effect will make a wonderful addition as you take your vows under it.

Wedding Cake Tulle

Sheer tulle is outstanding as a decoration for your wedding cake table. However, it can also be used to decorate the cake itself. You can trail sheer tulle right up the side of your wedding cake. You can wrap tulle around the edge of the cake stand,A large tulle bow can be added to the cake stand and be allowed to fall down the side of it.A length of tulle can be addedby rolling it and then wrapped loosely with decorative beading.

Of course the traditional way to add tulle to your cake is to add tulle on your cake topper

Tulle Stancheons and Aisles

To really make your outdoor wedding romantic and stunning, consider a tulle aisle using stancheons. these sturdy posts can not only hold the tulle but a bouquet or ribbon as well. Your own touches can make a perfectly personal decoration usinf tulle and shells or whatever your theme and heart desires. Imagine how wonderfully this idea will photograph. Your accents are only limited by your imagination and your budget

Tulle pom poms make a lovely item to add to your decor
Tulle pom poms make a lovely item to add to your decor

Tulle Garland

Add A Light Touch Of Tulle

You can add a light touch of tulle with these tulle garlands. They are a lighter touch of tulle that would be nice at garden weddings or beach weddings. They are a little more casual and a lighter touch than the heavier more formal draping. They are easy to make-simply tulle balls tied together. Consider adding these where a lighter touch is needed. Using one or more colors makes them very festive. Tulle Pompoms are not difficult to create. They can be used as garlands or hanging from a ceiling.

Tulle Car Bow

Sweet Elegant Departure

This has to be one of the most unique and sweetest use of tulle I have seen. Easy to put together and yet elegant, this is an wonderful way to make your departure from your reception. A few yards of tulle and a few flowers is all it takes and the picures will be fantastic

Tulle Table Runners

Adding tulle to your tables will add extra demension to the overall effect. Simply wind bolts of tulle in the appropraite width for your table arpund your centerpieces. Add rose petals to create a special elegant look to your reception

Frugal Tulle

Saving Money On Your Tulle

As a Bride of less than One Year ago, I know what having a budget means. We all need to save money wherever and whenever we can while we prepare for our special day.

  1. The first thing to consider is buying as much of your tulle as you can by the yard. The smaller you buy it, the more it will cost !
  2. You also need to consider the exact amount that you need. There is nothing worse than to be in a project and completely run out !
  3. Shop around well in advance of your date. Look at the internet ! You can score very well on locations like ebay ! For precut rounds, check out Joanns and Michaels-I used their coupons all through my wedding planning !

Tulle By The Yard - Where and How To Purchase It

Tullle comes in nylon, rayon and silk. Silk tulle tends to be softer and has a more graceful movement in a breeze.Rayon or nylon tulle is stiffer than silk.

A type of tulle known as "bridal illusion" contains nylon or polyester and is a favorite fabric choice for bridal veils because it holds a better shape than silk tulle, yet is still soft. There is also Bridal Tulle which is primarily used for bridal veils.Other tulle variations that have been manufactured include Glimmer tulle, Sheer'n'soft tulle, Supersoft tulle and Shimmer tulle.

Tulle comes in bolts, rolls circles and wrappers. It cam also be purchased as yardage.

When you are adding tulle to your wedding, it is important to calculate , chose color and type, plus decide how much you will need. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started in the right direction.

Tulle can be purchased in different widths dependent on your needs.

1. Make a list of your tulle projects List all planned projects and decorations

2. Decide what colors you will use for each project and list them next to your list of projects.

3. Now calculate the amount of tulle you will need and make your shopping list

My Jordan Almonds 2011 Wedding Favors - Doubled as Escort Cards

How To Use Tulle Circles

Tulle circles are real time savers. They are already cut ! You can wrap any small item in a tulle circle. Candy would naturally be the first thought. Use the traditional wedding almond in or out of a container. You can wrap any wrapped candies in tulle to set on a plate or next to a place setting.

The tulle circle can always be used as a wrapper for a favor too. Gather it up and tie it with ribbon, twine or anything that goes with your theme colors

25 Count Wedding Favor Tulle Circles
25 Count Wedding Favor Tulle Circles

Tulle circles have been used traditionally though out the years to hold the traditional Jordan almond wedding favor. They are easy to use and economical. You can get them in any color in the rainbow to compliment your table colors. But, you don't have to just use the almond idea. You can use any candy or favor that you can think of. You simply place your favor in the center of the tulle ring. Then you draw up the sides of the ring. Tie it with a thin ribbon. You can use a thin grosgrain ribbon or have a personalized ribbon. You can add a little tag as we did or leave it plain. It's all up to you.


Think Seasonal Tulle- Fall Tulle Wreath

There are so many colors of tulle ! They can also be used seasonally. If you are planning a fall wedding, think these colors. Think pastels for spring, Think Red, white and blue for patriotic weddings
There are so many colors of tulle ! They can also be used seasonally. If you are planning a fall wedding, think these colors. Think pastels for spring, Think Red, white and blue for patriotic weddings | Source

© 2011 Linda F Correa

How have You Used Tulle In Your Wedding Planning

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      4 years ago

      Awesome information !

      Great work

      Really impress from your writing way

      Previously i was following this site cheap-chic-weddings. com

      I hope that your lens is going to help me!

    • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda F Correa 

      5 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @seodress: Thank You-Tulle is one of my favorite things to work with. You can't have a wedding without it

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      5 years ago

      Great lens.

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      5 years ago

      Great Lens thanks for sharing

    • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda F Correa 

      5 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @anonymous: Tulle and ribbon add a tradtional ambiance to your cake and your cake table.It is an easy way to incorporate your colors. The cake table is an important feature of your reception and you will want it nto look stunning. Since the pictures and your cake cutting are are an important element, you will want your cake table to look it's best

      It is not required and many brides opt not to use it at's your call

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      5 years ago

      why tulle and ribbon is important when decorating a cake?

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