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wedding vow ideas

Updated on April 7, 2013

Personalize Wedding Vow Ideas

Wedding preparations are all set but what about the wedding vows for exchange with your partner? Common wedding vow is the religious verse where a priest will ask the couple to repeat after him, a pledge he will recite for the groom and bride. This pledge will eventually end with the traditional saying âin sickness and in health, till death do us partâ.

Some couples will prefer to use some verse from bible, from poems, sayings, and famous inspirational quotes to simplify their wedding vows. Some groom or bride wishes to render a song for their partner to surprise the one they love. Though wedding vows will vary depending on the coupleâs religious belief, traditions and family core values, the main important is the depth and content of a vow. This should contain the intentions of each party to love, cherish and forever be committed to one another.

If you are still thinking how will you exchange vows with your partner on this big day and decided to have a personalize pledge for your partner, then feel free to consider below ideas in preparing your script. You can both opt to have a single vow and recite this together with your partner or have a separate note to surprise one another.


Have time to take down notes while reminiscing the moments with you together. This may include the day you first met, first date and the day of your wedding proposal. Remember how those moments made you happy and write this on your note. It will be a pleasant and serene feeling for the guests and especially to your partners if you will tell them how you feel during your first kiss and other precious moments. This is also a time to reveal some sweet secrets like you had a five year crush on your partner even before you were formally introduce to one another and other stuff like that.


List down all the promises you want your partner to be heard and specify the most important to include on your vows. If you have a special promise to each other such as a promise of telling what you are feeling whether it’s good or bad then it will be considered a sweet pledge. Promise of commitment, respect, friendship, love and trust is truly an important thing for wedding vows so don’t forget those. You can also include here to ask forgiveness for any shortcomings and wrongdoings you’ve done and you will since perfect relationship do not exist. The sayings “promises are made to be broken” is not good to practice once you decided to settle down. So list down and always keep your promises for an everlasting and peaceful relationship.


Though opposite attract, there is this single trademark that both of you definitely knows that lead you to click with each other. It is usually full of laughter so it is not hard to forget and surely easy to remember. This may include enjoying travels, singing in karaoke bar together, playing under the rain and other perfect moments, you do together. If you love collecting couple’s stuff like couple’s t-shirt, enjoying sweet nothings and always feeling blessed because of your relationship, then this is the time for you to say to your partner how thankful you are for having him / her in your life. Precious moment like this will also represent how you know each other in front of your witnesses and guest.


If you are having a hard time to complete your vows, you can also look on some reference that may help you to compose your script. You need not to be like Shakespeare to do this so you don’t have to worry because most poems and verses from songs and inspirational quotes are made for this. Take the simplest but the most touching lines that appropriate with your relationship. After this, you can broaden up your note to reflect your personal thoughts.


Proofread your script and do necessary corrections to make sure that it would be perfect to recite during your wedding ceremony. If it is needed to be re-written then have time to do so. Ask others to read or listen to your vow and be open for comments and suggestions.

Remember that wedding vows should be simple but unique to any other vows. Make it short but full of significant words to be remembered. Wedding vows is a sacred pledge that you have to treasure after your wedding ceremony. This will symbolize the deep connection and an opportunity to express the depth of love between couples. A promise made to love and cherish your partner not just in front of you, but also to your partner’s family and friends that will be around you.


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