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Wedding Wishes Poems Collection

Updated on January 15, 2014
A Hindu wedding picture
A Hindu wedding picture | Source

I have promised you to supply various types of wedding wishes. I’ve written a hub containing some plain wishes and a collection of text messages. This hub has some poems about the same topic.

Poems about wedding wishes are not that common to gather. So, I am trying to enrich the garden of internet by my simple contributions. Some of these poems are rhymed but some are not. There is a combination of short and long poems. You need to choose according to your preference. My longest poem has 13 lines and 87 words. Another such poem has 11 lines and 70 words. But the shortest poem has only four lines and twenty words. So, you can even use it as an SMS.

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The Flying Squirrel

Like it or not, “The Flying Squirrel” is a great poem. It is written with some great poetic imagination. This poem is my favorite among the lot. I think it would also make the recipients happy. Oh, I have forgotten to say that it is by far the longest poem here.

The flying squirrel is close to the sky,

It is body and wings are ready to fly,

Across the vast fields of the Savanna.

A pink rose is on his back,

A caterpillar is showing him track,

Over the greenish-yellow fields of Savanna.

The twin towers are throwing light,

During his endless flight,

Across the vast fields of the green Savanna.

Take your spirit from that squirrel,

To be good and always well,

Fly over and enjoy your conjugal life,

Be the best ever husband and wife.

A Flemish Peasant Wedding
A Flemish Peasant Wedding | Source

Two and Two

This poem has seven lines. Each line is started with a “Two”. That is why I have christened it as “Two and Two”. Is this name appropriate? What do you say?

Two souls fused by love and commitment to be one,

Two lives have become one,

Two hands are ready to hold one another forever,

Two arms to hug each other,

Two eyes to look at the color of each other,

Two lips to kiss with passion,

Two hearts to join in your wedding!

Imperial Delhi Bridal Dohleh
Imperial Delhi Bridal Dohleh | Source

Three Poems

Keep Your Life Fresh

You’ll keep each other happy forever,

You’ll not forget to care about each other,

As you have taken the solemn oaths

Of living for your beloved partner;

I wish happy wedding for you,

Keep your life fresh and always new.

Marriage is a Wonderful Bond

It is created by cupid’s wand,

Marriage is a wonderful bond,

This makes lives worth to spend,

For you I have send,

My best wishes and regards!

Congratulations to You

Congratulation to you for starting a brand new life,

To become a lovely couple, ideal husband and wife!

My best wishes are always with you,

There are better people than you, but only a few.

Wagner's Bridal Chorus

Two Very Short Poems

Here are two very short poems. Each of these has only 4 lines. You can send any of these miniature pieces as text messages with ease.

Love Flows in the Air

Love flows in the air, charming every room,

The union of the souls of the bride and the groom

Will transcend the world into a better place to live,

Where love will reign supreme.

Wedding Song

Wedding signifies new beginnings,

Wedding symbolizes love and faith,

Marriage is between two persons,

Marriage is the edification of love.

My Friend's Wedding

This fine day of your wedding

Has the fragrance of a thousand white flowers

Which blooms at the darkish evenings

Of the summer, when they looked

Like some snow drops on the twigs.

This yellow day of your wedding

Is smiling like the child

Who has just seen the

Greenish-blue of a diving Kingfisher

Into the dark waters of the huge pond

Filled with unseen crowd of the dancing fishes.


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