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Weddings In the Rain

Updated on April 20, 2012

Doable or Disaster?

No matter how romantic the phrase weddings in the rain sounds, the reality is something that no bride or groom wants to have to deal with. Of course, one solution to the problem is to just have everything indoors and forget about whatever the weather might do. However, there are plenty of people who choose to have one or both outdoors anyway. Which does mean being prepared for inclement weather. Luckily, there are things you can do about a rainy wedding day - including, most importantly, maintaining a good attitude, no matter what!

Image source: Flickr.

My Sister's Big Day

Didn't Start Out So Hot

It had been raining for days leading up to my sister's backyard wedding, so you can imagine we were a little worried. Especially when sprinkling the morning of the ceremony made decorating (with crepe streamers, especially) difficult.

We got lucky when the skies cleared in the afternoon, but we were still prepared for the worst. We had relatives visiting from Norway, a pig roasting in the smoker, and a rented tent; we weren't about to reschedule.

With a small guest list and a large house, we were ready to move the whole affair indoors, and just enjoy some close company for a while. Weather wasn't going to stop us! Others have just gone ahead and had the ceremony underneath umbrellas, and the tent was also nice and waterproof.

Is Your Back-Up Plan In Place?

If you're worried about wedding-day rain, and you don't have an indoor space for all of your guests, consider reserving a space to use in case of emergency. It might not be cheap, but it will put your mind at ease.

Wedding Photography in the Rain

A Special Concern

If you have a professional wedding photographer, he or she will know how to deal with taking rainy-day photos.

However, if you're going the DIY route, here is forum thread on protecting your camera during rainy weddings.

Here is a forum thread on general rainy wedding day photo issues.

And here is an inspiring blog post that mentions taking wedding photos in the rain.

Umbrellas Are Very Photogenic - Just Make Sure They're Big Enough!

Image source: Flickr.

Weddings in the Rain - Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Prevention is better than cure. Some places are just more prone to rain than others. Research the weather in you desired wedding location before committing to being outdoors.
  2. You're in love, and you're marrying the person of your dreams. Nothing could possibly put a dent in that. Don't forget it!
  3. Actual rain isn't the only problem. Even if water isn't literally poring from the skies, you could have issues. High humidity can affect everything from the bridal hairdo to the wedding cake. Overcast skies can affect the lighting in the wedding pictures. Rain in the days leading up to the ceremony can cause soft ground and mud.
  4. Not all tents are created equal. You want to make sure that you get a tent that doesn't leak, if you're worried about rain. Also, if there is a chance of gusting, you'll need sides to protect your guests.

A Great Video of Rainy Wedding Imagery - It's Not All Bad

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Is fear of rain keeping you inside on your big day?

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Or, just say hi :)

Thoughts on Weddings in the Rain? - Share Them Here

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    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      I believe that rain brings good luck on special days and I loved your wedding pictures with unmbrellas, including the positive twist, but I don't think I would want the whole outdoor affair in the rain or with the possibility of rain.

    • profile image

      outdoorumbrella1 6 years ago

      Great gift ideas and nice lens!


      outdoor umbrella

    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 6 years ago

      It rained on our wedding day, and I almost wept when I thought of the $200+ I paid for the rental and setup of the chairs that sat outside in the garden unused. Still, my wife and I met in the rain so I guess a wedding downpour was appropriate!