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An Insight on Wedding Speeches

Updated on December 31, 2012

Wedding speeches are one of those great traditions that make weddings as special as they are. After the wedding ceremony is over it's time for the wedding reception. The main attraction of wedding reception apart from the foods and the drinks is the wedding speeches. A few individuals by virtue of their relationship with either the bride or the groom and some chosen by them give their respective wedding speeches. The guests eagerly wait for the wedding speech session to begin and really enjoy them if the speeches delivered are well thought out and heartfelt.

Order Of Wedding Speeches

The order of wedding speeches is very important. On a day as important as your wedding day, you want to ensure that everyone won’t be talking at the same time. Therefore, you need an order, and make everyone aware on when it’s their turn to speak. That’s where the Master Of Ceremonies comes in, their job will be to ensure everyone speaks at the right time. The MC makes sure everyone is seated at the right table, or place after the wedding. Once everyone has taken their seats. The MC introduces the bride and groom, as they enter the room.

Now it’s time for the wedding speech. The MC will introduce each speaker, the general order usually goes like this. The head table should be introduced first, to everyone in attendance. Next, introduce the first speaker, this is usually an old family friend or relative. Following this, introduce the groom, he will accept the speech for his bride and for himself as well. Afterwards, the groom will present a speech and toast to the Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor.

Now it’s time to introduce the Best Man, and at this time he will accept the speech given from the groom on the bridesmaids and made of honor’s behalf. Then the best man will make his own speech, and address the parent’s of both the bride and groom. Next, the bride’s father will respond to the best man’s words, as well as the groom’s father.

At this time, the MC will speak himself. He will make a speech and toast any friends and relatives that could not attend. When the main speeches are over, the MC will then open the floor, for any further speeches or toasts. You may choose against this option, after all, everyone has just sat through the wedding, and the reception, and are probably starving by now, but it does give anyone further the chance to speak.

The MC should also try to keep the wedding speeches down to a minimum, usually lasting no more than five minutes, but it all comes down to personal preference. What order the speeches are given, is totally up to you. You can arrange the speakers, however, you see fit, but it is a good idea to have someone in command introducing them. Therefore, everyone can get a chance to make their speech, without interruptions.

These are just simple guidelines, to give you an idea. This is a celebration, so keep in mind, that this is a joyous time, between two people that love each other. Don’t get caught up in the order of things, go with the flow, and just enjoy it. Hopefully, you’ll only get married once, and you want the memories of it, to be happy ones, not frustration, because things didn’t go as planned. Nothing ever seems to go as planned, something is bound to happen. Therefore, prepare yourself for it, and just have a good time. If you feel things are getting out of hand, just stop to take a deep breath, relax, and have fun.

Best Man Speech Etiquette

Being picked as the best man is a high honor, and one should feel privileged to do so. However, being a best man also comes with a lot of responsibility. The best man is responsible for the bachelor party, and delivering the groom to the wedding, plus, making sure, he is sober enough to show up. Among the duties and responsibilities, the best man needs to give a wedding speech during the wedding reception party. In order to give a perfect best man speech the best man should have sound knowledge of the best man speech etiquette. Here are some etiquettes that are attached to best man speeches -

When delivering your speech, you want to personalize it. Mention how you and the groom met, and how long you have been friends. Perhaps, mention some comical stories, that you and the groom have experienced together. However, be sure not to mention the partying days, or any ex-girlfriends, those subject matters, would not be appreciated. When delivering your speech, keep in mind, that if you look bad, so does the groom. Therefore, you want to be on your best behavior. Also, try not to drink too much before you deliver your speech. Nothing would be more disrespectful, then delivering your speech, with slurred words, or staggering, while trying to do so.

Mention the bride in your speech, perhaps, tell a story about the bride and groom, or how they met. For, it is her day also, and it will make a good impression, not only on the guests, but to the groom as well. Though best man speeches are primarily focussed on the groom (like maid of honor speeches are focussed on the bride), but the smart best man wouldn't miss the opportunity to praise the bride (and the bridesmaids) and talk a few words about her. If you are the best man and meeting the bride for the first time make sure to gather some information about her from the groom and try to portray a wonderful image of her in your speech.

To finish your speech, you will want to stand up straight, and hold your glass high in the air, and purpose a toast. Give them your best wishes, for a long, and happy future together, then toast them as the happy couple.

As long as your words, are spoken from the heart, then I am confident, your best man speech will be well delivered.

A Good Wedding Speech Video

A Word or Two about Father of the Bride Toasts

Because your daughter's wedding day is such an important day both in your and her life, the speech you give is not something that should be created on the fly during the spur of the moment. It's best to prepare in advance, think about what you want to say and write it out. Counting the number of words and knowing how fast you speak will help you to keep the speech short, sweet and to the point. Once you have written out what you want to say, practice reading it in front of a mirror a few times, read it often enough that it is obvious the words come from your heart. Try not to read on the day of the wedding but do have notes in case you get stuck. Relax and enjoy.

Quick Tips on Maid of Honor Speeches

It's an honor to give the Maid of Honor speech at your friends' wedding., and a time when you can share what makes you love this couple. If you want it to be humorous, sort through your shared times together and choose something funny that happened to use in your speech, then relate how this incident endears your friends to you. Your maid of honor speech will be both funny and memorable if you use the smiles you have generated with your humor to transfer onto the couple by suggesting that everyone hopes they will continue to laugh together for the rest of their lives.


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      8 years ago

      I agree this is one of the better hubs. I will share it with those I know who need a insight on wedding speeches

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      8 years ago

      This is one of the better hubs. I am new to Hubpages, one of my friends found this site for me. And guess what I was looking for both the information shared here. The order of the wedding speeches and the etiquettes related to the best man. Thanks.

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      8 years ago from carthage ill

      smart first class hub read thanks


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