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The 5 Weirdest Divorce Laws

Updated on February 27, 2013

What are the 5 weirdest divorce laws in the United States?

Alienation of Affection
Alienation of affection presumes a conspiracy to steal a spouse, as if a spell has been cast over them and the partner is lured away. If this happens, the person who alienated the affection of the spouse can be sued for ending the marriage. Illinois, Mississippi and several other states have kept this law on the books. If your husband cheats on you and he leaves you for his mistress, you may have the right to sue the other woman for alienation of affection.


Annulments of divorces started with the Catholic Church. The marriage is considered null and void and treated as if it never happened. Annulments are also available for new marriages. Annulments are generally granted when someone gets married under false pretenses or wasn't in the right frame of mind to get married. For example, waking up with a hangover and married can be grounds for an annulment. You can also get an annulment if you found out the other person is still married to someone else. However, annulments can be granted on more exotic basis as well. Delaware allows you to get the marriage annulled if it was all a joke.


No-fault divorce eliminated the prior proof required to get divorced. You used to have to prove adultery, abuse or severe addiction by the other party to get a divorce. In some states, impotence and insanity, too, were legal grounds for divorce. How you treat your in-laws, however, is not considered sufficient reason for divorce in Kansas.


Tina Albrecht had to reschedule her wedding after jokingly answering "no" in response to the question as to whether or not she was marrying her true love. The wedding had to be delayed because Austria requires a 10 week waiting period after such a refusal. In Rhode Island, anyone objecting to the wedding throws a similar monkey wrench into the wedding.


After a divorce, you generally go your separate ways. In rare instances, the couple chooses to reunite and remarry. In Judaism, this is considered a special mitzvah. It must happen often for Kentucky to have passed a law that limits remarriages to the same person to four occurrences.

What does the rest of the world say in terms of divorce?

If you are Jewish and have gotten a "get" or religious divorce, you are not allowed to live with your ex-spouse. There are even limits on where you can live, with some rules prohibiting living in the same apartment building.If you are Muslim, your husband can divorce you just by saying "I divorce you" three times. This is the religious law set by the Koran and law in a number of Muslim countries. He can't take back the divorce decree. You can't go back to him until you've waited three months, married and had sex with someone else, waited three more months and then re-marry him.Catholics can have marriages annulled and treated as if they never happened. Each party is then free to remarry. If the couple gets back together, their second marriage is treated like a first marriage by the Catholic Church.


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