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what do woman really want in man

Updated on September 12, 2009



I think this is among  one of these question that are present in the mind of every man. Although there is no fix answer to that question but somehow there are some certain things which all women would expect from their man. Some things that woman really want from a Man is described below:


Trust is the first step in every relation between a man and a woman. Women are very much emotional about their relationship with man. That’s why she always need a healthy trust from that man.


Confident is also much neededby a woman. Every woman want her man to be confident & bold at every field of life. A confident man will meet all the problems which are faced by a woman.


Jolly fellow personality of a man is really wanted by every woman. It is just because serious attitude of all the time will tense the situation of atmosphere while a person with a happy face will help woman to be relax.


Good looking personality of a person is I think most most wanted fact by every woman. That’s why every woman wants her man to have an attractive personality.


Financial background of a man is also counted by a woman. Woman want to secure her future if any misshap occurs. But remember,a group of thoughts hate that men who show his wealth with no reason and feels proud on it.


Intelligent man is desired by every woman. I have already told you that woman needs that person who can understand her feelings. And this can only be possible if the man would be intelligent.

Caring man is also desired by every woman. Every woman want her man to be much caring. She want from a man to take all of her problem even minute or huge on, seriously.


There are many other things that a woman really want in man but the above facts are much common and needed by every person.


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    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      great hub and you're exactly right. thanks for joining me. creativeone59